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Sanjay Gangal
Sanjay Gangal
Sanjay Gangal is the President of IBSystems, the parent company of, MCADCafe, EDACafe.Com, GISCafe.Com, and ShareCG.Com.

Revolutionizing Design and Innovation: Highlights from the 3DEXPERIENCE World

February 16th, 2024 by Sanjay Gangal

The 3DEXPERIENCE World, a gathering that annually brings together the brightest minds in design and engineering, once again showcased groundbreaking innovations and transformative stories from various industries. This year’s event was no exception, offering a treasure trove of insights into how SOLIDWORKS capabilities are being leveraged to push the boundaries of creativity, efficiency, and problem-solving. Here are some of the standout moments and key takeaways from the event.

A New Horizon: The Narrative of Solidworks CEO, Manish Kumar’s Vision at the 3DEXPERIENCE World

On a stage illuminated by the eager anticipation of innovators, designers, and visionaries, Manish Kumar stood poised to address the gathering at 3DEXPERIENCE World. With a calm demeanor reflective of his profound insights into the future of technology, Kumar embarked on a journey to outline a new horizon for businesses and creators alike.

Manish Kumar, Solidworks, CEO

The auditorium, buzzing with the collective curiosity of its attendees, fell into a hushed silence as Kumar began his narrative. He spoke of a future not far from reach, where businesses transcend the traditional confines of product delivery to offer rich, immersive experiences. This vision, he proposed, was not merely an aspiration but a necessity in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The essence of adaptation, Kumar emphasized, lay in embracing change and leveraging technological advancements to redefine innovation.

As the narrative unfolded, Kumar introduced the audience to the story of Proteus Motion, a beacon of innovation that embodied the transformative power of the 3DExperience platform. Proteus Motion, with its groundbreaking sports science equipment, had revolutionized athlete training and testing, condensing the capabilities of a full-scale lab into a singular, ingenious device. Kumar detailed how the seamless collaboration, design efficiency, and rapid iteration facilitated by the platform had propelled Proteus Motion to the forefront of its field. This tale of success served not only as a testament to the platform’s capabilities but as an inspiration for the potential within every innovator in the room. (More on the Proteus Motion Story is covered later in this article).

The journey continued with Kumar exploring the uncharted territories of design and innovation shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI). With vivid examples, he painted a future where AI-driven initiatives, from virtual twins of homes to AI-generated furnishing proposals, streamline the creative process, inspire new ideas, and expedite decision-making. Kumar’s discourse on AI as a catalyst for design excellence highlighted its critical role in navigating the complexities of modern-day innovation.

As the narrative approached its zenith, Kumar cast a vision of the road ahead. He emphasized the role of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform not merely as a tool for design and innovation but as a cornerstone for business transformation. Urging the audience to embrace these digital solutions, Kumar painted a future where businesses achieve unparalleled agility, deliver profound customer experiences, and foster groundbreaking innovation across industries.

Kumar’s speech at 3DEXPERIENCE World was more than a presentation of facts and figures; it was a narrative that wove together the threads of innovation, collaboration, and digital transformation into a tapestry of potential for the future. As he concluded, the audience was left not just with a sense of awe for what had been achieved but with an invigorated passion for what lies ahead. In the world Kumar envisioned, the boundaries of creativity and technology dissolve, revealing a new horizon of possibilities where every designer, every creator, and every business can thrive.

In the grand tapestry of innovation and digital transformation, the 3DEXPERIENCE World event served as a vibrant showcase, unraveling four distinct yet interconnected stories that epitomize the future of design, collaboration, and technological advancement. From the corridors of healthcare innovation with the groundbreaking PillBot by Endiatx, to the bustling streets of India transformed by Tigoona’s electric tricycle, these narratives embody the spirit of change and the power of human ingenuity. The event also cast a spotlight on the critical role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in fostering a culture of innovation, as eloquently presented by Aneesa Muthana. Meanwhile, the fictional yet insightful MVP Corp’s Soapbox Derby Investigation entertained and educated, demonstrating SOLIDWORKS 2025’s capabilities in a narrative of mystery and teamwork. Each story, whether grounded in reality or woven from imagination, highlighted the boundless possibilities that emerge when technology meets creativity, urging us towards a future where challenges are met with solutions that are as compassionate as they are ingenious.

1. Revolution in Motion: The Proteus Motion Odyssey

In the bustling tech hub of Boston, amidst the clatter of keyboards and the glow of screens, a small yet determined team at Proteus Motion embarked on a mission that would redefine the landscape of sports science and rehabilitation. The company, led by the visionary Paul Vizzio, sought to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to create a product that could do what seemed impossible: condense an entire sports science lab into a single, innovative piece of equipment.

Paul and his team faced a daunting challenge. Traditional sports science labs were equipped with bulky, immovable machinery that required athletes to visit specialized facilities for testing and training. These sessions were not only time-consuming and expensive but often failed to replicate the dynamic conditions athletes face in real competition. The dream was to create a portable, versatile device that could deliver precise, real-time data on an athlete’s performance anywhere, anytime.

The journey began with an idea, sketched on the back of a napkin during a late-night brainstorming session: a compact, intelligent machine that could analyze and improve athletic performance with unprecedented accuracy. This was the genesis of what would become the Proteus Motion system—a 3D resistance machine that could simulate a wide range of athletic movements and provide immediate feedback to users.

Leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS platform was a game-changer for the team. The platform’s cloud-based capabilities allowed for seamless collaboration, enabling engineers, designers, and sports scientists to work together in real time, despite being scattered across different locations. The ability to rapidly iterate designs, simulate the mechanics of human movement, and test the equipment under various conditions accelerated the development process significantly.

The breakthrough came when the team decided to focus on 3D resistance technology. This innovative approach allowed the machine to mimic the unpredictable forces athletes encounter during play, providing a level of training specificity that was previously unattainable. Through countless hours of design, testing, and refinement, Proteus Motion evolved into a sleek, modular system capable of thousands of exercises, each tailored to the user’s unique biomechanics.

The unveiling of Proteus Motion was met with astonishment and acclaim. Athletes marveled at the device’s ability to challenge them in new ways, while coaches appreciated the depth of data it provided. Physical therapists found it invaluable for rehabilitation, offering precise control over resistance and movement patterns to safely rebuild strength and flexibility.

But the journey didn’t end with the product launch. Feedback from early adopters sparked a continuous cycle of innovation. The team used the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to gather insights, make improvements, and roll out updates, ensuring that Proteus Motion remained at the cutting edge of sports technology.

The impact of Proteus Motion extended far beyond the realm of athletics. Its success demonstrated the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and perseverance. For Paul Vizzio and his team, the journey was a testament to their belief that with the right tools and a shared vision, it’s possible to revolutionize an entire industry.

As Proteus Motion continues to evolve, it stands as a beacon of innovation, not just in sports science, but in the broader quest to push the boundaries of what technology can achieve. In the heart of Boston, a small team with a big dream proved that with passion, collaboration, and the right technology, the impossible can become possible.

2. The Voyage of PillBot: A Journey Within

In the heart of Silicon Valley, amidst the buzz of innovation and the relentless pursuit of breaking barriers, a team of visionaries at Endiatx embarked on a mission not to explore the vastness of space, but to journey into the uncharted territories of the human body. Their vessel, the PillBot, a robotic pill no larger than a grape, was designed to revolutionize the world of medicine and telehealth.

Thomas Silva, the head of manufacturing at Endiatx, stood before a gathering of the world’s leading technologists and healthcare professionals, ready to unveil the PillBot. Although the team faced a minor hiccup with a live demonstration, Silva’s passion and the transformative potential of PillBot captivated the audience.

PillBot was born out of a profound desire to address a grim reality: every 39 seconds, a life is lost to stomach cancer worldwide, a disease where early detection could significantly increase survival rates. The traditional method, endoscopy, while effective, was invasive, costly, and fraught with long waiting times. The Endiatx team envisioned a future where such diagnoses could be made comfortably, efficiently, and without the need for invasive procedures.

The design journey of PillBot was as much a marvel of engineering as it was a testament to human ingenuity. Tasked with housing motors, a camera, battery, and intricate circuitry within a tiny capsule, the team leveraged SOLIDWORKS to its fullest. Challenges that seemed insurmountable, such as designing a flexible circuit board that could fit within the pill while ensuring seamless communication and maneuverability, were overcome with creativity and precision.

The flex circuit board, with its islands holding electronic components and a transceiver antenna wrapped around, was a breakthrough, allowing live footage transmission from within the stomach. The lumens, engineered with meticulous attention to fluid dynamics, enabled the PillBot to navigate the complex environment of the human body. Each step of the design process, facilitated by SOLIDWORKS, brought them closer to turning what once seemed like science fiction into reality.

As Silva narrated the journey of PillBot, he painted a future where telemedicine transcends current limitations. A future where a patient, perhaps in a remote village or a bustling city, could simply swallow a pill and provide their physician, potentially thousands of miles away, with a live tour of their inner workings. This leap in diagnostic capability promised not only to save lives through early detection but to democratize access to advanced healthcare.

The implications of PillBot extended beyond stomach cancer diagnostics. The team at Endiatx, fueled by the success and capabilities of their invention, began dreaming bigger. They envisioned a fleet of PillBots, each designed for specific tasks, from targeted drug delivery to performing biopsies, or even minor surgeries—all minimally invasive and patient-friendly.

Though the initial demonstration of PillBot at the SOLIDWORKS event encountered a technical glitch, the story of its creation and the vision it carried was enough to ignite imaginations and inspire a new outlook on the future of medical diagnostics and treatment.

The voyage of PillBot, from concept to reality, symbolized a pivotal shift in healthcare—an odyssey not through the stars, but within ourselves, revealing the power of technology to heal and to hope. As Thomas Silva concluded his presentation, the audience was left in awe, not just of what had been achieved, but of the endless possibilities that lay ahead in the journey within.

3. Wheels of Change: The Tigoona Revolution

In the bustling streets of India, where the heart of commerce beats in rhythm with the footsteps of its people, a revolution was brewing. A revolution on three wheels, aimed at transforming the lives of the country’s most ubiquitous yet overlooked entrepreneurs: the street vendors. This is the story of Tigoona, a beacon of innovation and hope for the countless vendors whose livelihoods color the urban landscape.

Abhijit Bansod, an engineer with a vision as vast as the Indian subcontinent, observed the daily struggles of street vendors. He saw beyond their immediate needs for mobility and visibility; he recognized their innate desire for dignity in their trade. With this insight, Tigoona was conceived—not merely as a product but as a mission to empower.

The journey began in the corridors of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, where frugal innovation met cutting-edge technology. Tigoona was to be an electric tricycle, but not just any tricycle. It was designed to be a mobile stall that was not only efficient and eco-friendly but also stylish and dignified, a far cry from the rickety carts that were the norm.

Abhijit and his team faced a plethora of challenges. How do you design a vehicle that’s robust enough to navigate the chaotic streets and diverse terrains of India, yet affordable for the average street vendor? How do you make it adaptable for the myriad of goods sold, from steaming cups of chai to colorful bangles and books? The answers lay in the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The design phase was a dance of creativity and constraint. Every curve of Tigoona, every compartment, and every wheel was meticulously planned and simulated. The platform allowed for seamless collaboration, enabling the team to iterate rapidly, test extensively, and innovate frugally. The result was a marvel of engineering that promised to change the game for street vendors.

The unveiling of Tigoona was met with wide eyes and hopeful hearts. For the vendors, it was more than a new tool; it was a symbol of respect for their trade and an acknowledgment of their contribution to the fabric of society. The electric tricycle boasted a sleek design, easy maneuverability, and solar-powered panels, addressing practical needs while also considering the environmental impact.

As Tigoona rolled out onto the streets, the transformation was palpable. Vendors who once faded into the background now stood out, their stalls attracting more customers with their improved visibility and professionalism. Women, who were previously hesitant to venture into street vending due to safety and mobility concerns, found new opportunities with Tigoona’s user-friendly and secure design.

But the revolution didn’t stop at the streets. The story of Tigoona, shared far and wide, inspired a new generation of engineers and entrepreneurs. It showcased the profound impact of technology when applied with empathy and ingenuity. It proved that innovation could indeed be frugal, sustainable, and, most importantly, inclusive.

Tigoona became more than a product; it became a movement, a wheel of change driving forward the dreams of countless street vendors across India. Abhijit Bansod’s vision had materialized, not just in the tangible success of Tigoona but in the elevated spirits and improved lives of those it served. In the bustling streets of India, the revolution on three wheels spun a future of empowerment, dignity, and hope.

4. The Great Derby Debacle: A MVP Corp Mystery

In the heart of innovation and camaraderie, the MVP Corp engineering team found themselves at the crossroads of anticipation and trepidation. The annual soapbox derby, an event that tested not only the bounds of gravity and speed but also the ingenuity and teamwork of its participants, was upon them. This year, however, their journey to the finish line was fraught with unexpected twists and turns, culminating in a spectacular crash that left the team bewildered and their soapbox derby car in ruins.

The mystery began with the team’s realization that their meticulously designed car had failed not due to a flaw in their calculations or a lapse in judgment but possibly due to sabotage. The intrigue deepened as Eric, the team’s lead designer, discovered dangling dimensions and anomalies in the assembly drawing. Utilizing SOLIDWORKS 2025’s new feature, Eric attempted to reload the drawing and repair the dimensions, only to uncover a suspicious “red herring bearing” that had no place in their design.

The plot thickened as Mike, the project manager, delved into the bill of materials (BOM) and found unexplained modifications. With SOLIDWORKS 2025, he filtered and organized the BOM by configuration and display states, revealing that someone had tampered with the car’s design under the guise of a routine update. The revelation pointed to a deliberate act of sabotage, but the question of “who” and “why” loomed large.

Amidst the turmoil, Andy, the team’s simulation expert, took it upon himself to validate the car’s design using SOLIDWORKS Simulation. His analysis exposed critical structural weaknesses that directly contributed to the crash. The harmonics and structural simulations painted a clear picture of a design compromised, not by accident, but by a calculated intervention.

As the team gathered to piece together the evidence, they were joined by the enigmatic Renard Rouge, a detective with a flair for solving engineering enigmas. Together, they retraced the steps leading to the derby day disaster, examining every revision, every approval, and every modification with a fine-tooth comb.

The investigation revealed a tangled web of ambition, oversight, and miscommunication. Eric’s passion for lightweight design, Andy’s reliance on meshing over meticulous detail, and Mike’s fervent updates to the product structure—all innocent actions on their own—had created the perfect storm. Yet, amidst the chaos, an unauthorized change to the primary structure assembly pointed to a deliberate act hidden within the guise of routine updates.

As suspicions mounted and theories abounded, the team realized that the saboteur could be among them. Each member faced scrutiny, their actions dissected under the watchful eye of Renard Rouge. The detective, however, urged caution, reminding the team that the true culprit thrived in the shadows of doubt and division.

The MVP Corp’s Soapbox Derby Investigation had become more than a quest for answers; it was a test of trust, unity, and the indomitable spirit of innovation. With SOLIDWORKS 2025 as their guide and their shared resolve as their strength, the team vowed to rebuild, not just their derby car, but their bonds of camaraderie and collaboration.

As the investigation neared its climax, the team stood united, ready to face whatever truth lay ahead. The great derby debacle had taught them that in the race of innovation, the greatest victories were won together, and the most perplexing mysteries solved not by pointing fingers, but by joining hands.

The mystery of the sabotaged soapbox derby car remains a legend within the halls of MVP Corp, a reminder of the challenges and triumphs of teamwork, the importance of vigilance in design and collaboration, and the unbreakable spirit of engineers in pursuit of their dreams.

Looking Forward

The SOLIDWORKS event reaffirmed the critical role of digital tools in driving innovation across various sectors. From healthcare to social empowerment and engineering education, the stories shared showcased the transformative power of SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. As the community looks forward to leveraging these technologies for future projects, the event left an indelible mark on the importance of embracing digital transformation, DEI, and collaboration to overcome challenges and achieve groundbreaking successes.

The SOLIDWORKS event continues to be a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the incredible possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology, design, and human ingenuity.

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