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November 22, 2010
SIMPOE Demonstrates First Plastic Application Integrated with PTC's Creo
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Jeff Rowe - Managing Editor

by Jeff Rowe - Contributing Editor
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SIMPOE, leaders in plastic injection simulation software, announced the integration of its fully-embedded plastic injection simulation solution SimpoePro with PTC's Creo.

The application will be available when Creo begins shipment, currently expected in June 2011.

SIMPOE, a member of the PTC PartnerAdvantage Program at the Gold Tier, was selected as an early adopter of Creo technology and demonstrated SimpoePro at the Worldwide Creo launch on October 28th in Boston. With SimpoePro, PTC customers involved in the design, development, tooling and manufacturing of plastic parts will be able to optimize the design of their plastic parts, minimize tooling as well as manufacturing costs, without ever leaving their familiar everyday Creo graphic user environment.

SimpoePro offers the ease of use, speed and affordability of all SIMPOE solutions, and addresses the complete injection process, from part filling to part warp age.

SimpoePro currently supports Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 (formerly known as PTC Pro/ENGINEER 5.0). When Creo begins shipment customers will have access to the first fully embedded and complete plastic injection simulation solution to optimize the design and manufacturing costs of their plastic parts!

Michael M. Campbell, PTC's Divisional Vice President ,Design and Visualization Products, commented: “SIMPOE's early and successful commitment to the Creo demonstrates the power of our vision. Partners such as SIMPOE play a critical role in extending the value of Creo for customers.”

Thierry LEROY, SIMPOE Chief Operating Officer, said “Porting our software on the Creo was an easier than expected task, which reflects the quality and the openness of the API provided by PTC. The ease of use and scalability of SIMPOE solutions really matches the PTC Creo positioning. With SimpoePro, each person involved in the design, development, tooling or manufacturing of plastic parts can have access to the right simulation tools to perform their task in the product development process, to optimize product design and minimize manufacturing costs.”

Commentary By Jeffrey Rowe, Editor

We met with the SIMPOE folks at PTC's Creo launch and were impressed to see how well SimpoePro was integrated and running inside the new Creo/Elements Pro interface. This is particularly impressive because SIMPOE just became a PTC Gold Partner in August.

From what we observed during the demo, SimpoePro is relatively easy to learn and use - something of a rarity for a plastic design and tooling optimization tool.

With SimpoePro , Creo/Elements Pro users will be able to identify early in the design stage potential manufacturing problems, study alternative solutions, and directly assess the impact on parts or process modification, in the Creo/Elements Pro graphic environment (just as they can now inside Pro/ENGINEER). The integration of SimpoePro with Creo/Elements Pro closes the loop of plastic part design and manufacturing optimization, regardless of the complexity and geometry of parts, including shell parts and simple solid parts.

The SimpoePro software suite includes the following plug-in modules:
  • SimpoePro FILL, the base module, simulates part filling. SimpoePro FILL includes the powerfull pre- and post treatment functionalities developed by SIMPOE, as well as the built-in material library of thousands of references, which can be also customized in a few mouse clicks. With SIMPOE' s algorithms, SimpoePro automatically meshes the part in the blink of an eye. SimpoePro FILL results include visualization of the melt front, weld lines, air traps, temperature and pressure distributions, shear rate and constraints, clamping forces, etc. SimpoePro FILL also includes links to structural analysis, as well as export of the counter-deformed geometry, for mold design optimization.
  • SimpoePro PACK simulates the packing phase, residual constraints, sink marks locations, and optimizes the part manufacturing cycle time.
  • SimpoePro COOL, simulates thermal regulation during the injection process, for defining optimum process time. Channels libraries can be defined in Creo/Elements Pro for a later use with SimpoePro.
  • SimpoePro WARP simulates part deformation after mold opening. Deformations can be visualized in either direction, or globally, and the effects of residual constraints, as well as material shrinkage displayed separately.

  • SimpoePro's design validation helps optimize plastic part design by:
  • Optimizing the design of plastic parts and accounting for manufacturing constraints from the beginning of the product development process.
  • Identifying weld lines, burns, potential short shorts.
  • Suppressing sink marks.
  • Testing new material, without having to stop actual production equipment.
  • Minimizing part warpage.
  • Communicating with subcontractors and suppliers with animated images or video.

  • With SimpoePro, plastic tooling can be optimized by:
  • Performing “what if” anayses, reducing the number of mold prototypes and minimize tooling modifications.
  • Defining optimum gates and locations.
  • Optimizing runner systems.
  • Defining venting locations.
  • Optimizing cooling channels and the efficiency of your thermal regulation system.

  • With SimpoePro, manufacturing can be optimized for maximizing usage of production equipment by:
  • Determining, given available injection equipment, which press is best suited for producing a part.
  • Determining the required press capacity.
  • Determining minimum cycle time to meet part quality requirements.

  • SIMPOE was one of three PTC partners who demonstrated their products working inside the new Creo interface (the other two were Luxion/KeyShot and VISTAGY/FiberSIM). As Creo takes off, and we hope it will, expect to see a lot more vendors become interested in becoming partners for this major CAD development that will launch next year.

    The Week's Top 5

    At MCADCafé we track many things, including the stories that have attracted the most interest from our subscribers. Below are the five news items that were the most viewed during last week.

    Chilean-Miner-Rescue Drills Made with CNCs Programmed by GibbsCAM

    Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM software for programming CNC machine tools and a Cimatron company, congratulated GibbsCAM user Center Rock on its significant role in the October 2010 rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners. Center Rock's Low Profile (LP) Hole Opener drills - which were produced with machine tools programmed with GibbsCAM. Center Rock Inc. has been using GibbsCAM for almost six years. The air drill maker has significantly reduced expenses with multi-task machines programmed by GibbsCAM, eliminating the cost of fixtures and the time and cost of handling and multiple set-ups. Other key reasons for using GibbsCAM include its ease of use and its ability to program all configurations of CNC machining centers, turning centers, mill-turn and multi-task machine (MTM) tools. The integrated GibbsCAM modules open SolidWorks CAD models directly, so that Center Rock programmers can use and manipulate engineers' solid-model geometry to program their seven CNCs. For turning operations, Center Rock uses three Doosan 2-axis lathes. Three-axis milling and rotary milling is done on two Mazak horizontal machining centers, while parts with complex geometry and parts that would otherwise require multiple set-ups on lathes and machining centers are made with two Doosan Puma MX2500 multi-task machine tools. Unlike the drills used by the two other drillers attempting to
    reach the Chilean miners trapped 2,067 feet below the surface, Center Rock's drills use highly compressed air instead of fluids to drive drill bits and clear rock fragments.

    Reverse Engineering.com’s 2011 Software Speeds Up Scanning Tasks on 64-bit Windows 7 Operating Systems Reverseengineering.com announced that their 2011 CAD integrated software plug-in is now shipping. Each plug-in has been optimized for the 64-bit operating system and reverse engineering application users will realize a direct improvement in time and capacity. The 64-bit reverse engineering plug-in is already shipping for Inventor, Pro/Engineer, Siemens NX, Solid Edge, and AutoCAD. A ReverseEngineering.com 64-bit SolidWorks plug-in is in pre-release and ready
    to ship for SolidWorks 2011. New features include:
  • New Laser Scan Alignment that eliminates the time, effort and frustrations often associated with manual alignments. Automatically align laser scan data with just a few clicks of the device.
  • New Laser Scan Point Cloud Thinning that helps speed up design and profile inspection. Simply select an intersecting plane or planes and apply the user-defined values. The ReverseEngineering.com 2011 plug-in instantly calculates the results and displays them in a fully rendered 3D model point cloud.
  • Improved Toggle Commands that enhances point cloud rendering for easier viewing and computer performance.
  • The increased ability to manage large data sets drastically improves speed and reliability.

  • China’s Largest Refrigeration Components Manufacturer Chooses SolidWorks Software To Support New Design Processes

    A leading Chinese air conditioning and refrigeration components manufacturer has purchased SolidWorks software to shorten its product design cycles and improve product quality. Zhejiang Sanhua Co., Ltd. holds a share of over 50 percent in the market for air conditioning and refrigeration unit control valves globally. It is the supplier of some world's leading manufacturers, including Sanyo, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and Emerson. Sanhua is using 115 seats of SolidWorks CAD software, 12 seats of SolidWorks Simulation software, and 35 seats of SolidWorks Enterprise Product Data Management solutions to overhaul its design processes. Sanhua's deployment of SolidWorks solutions marks
    a big leap towards its transformation from a supplier into a R&D-oriented organization that provides high-value design schemes. SolidWorks solutions are conducive to accelerating change management throughout the design and production processes and allow Sanhua engineers to predict the performance of the finished products even during scheme designing.

    STAR-CCM+ v5.06: Now with Discrete Element Modeling

    The introduction of a new Discrete Element Modeling capability into the latest release of CD-adapco's multi-disciplinary engineering software STAR-CCM+ adds the ability to simulate bulk material handling and granular flows. In addition, STAR-CCM+ v5.06 includes a broad range of new features and improvements, including more than 200 customer enhancement requests. The Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) can be used to simulate the motion of a large number of interacting discrete particles, such as the granular flow of sand, food particles, metal powders, capsules, and slurries. DEM tracks the interaction between every particle in a numerically efficient manner, modeling contact forces and
    energy transfer due to collision and conductive and radiative heat transfer between particles. STAR-CCM+ is the first commercial engineering simulation tool to include a DEM capability that is fully coupled with numerical flow simulation in a single software environment.

    ENOVIA V6 Collaborative Innovation Solution Helping LG to Enhance and Integrate Collaboration and Product Data Management

    Dassault Systèmes announced that LG Electronics (LG) has successfully adopted Dassault Systèmes' ENOVIA V6 solution. Designed to enhance and integrate collaboration and product data management, LG's Mobile Communications (MC) Company's deployment of ENOVIA V6 has been implemented in its R&D, manufacturing and purchasing processes by LG CNS, an IT consulting and solutions company, and Dassault Systèmes. To enable a faster and more efficient BOM management system, LG recognized the need for more accurate and consistent data management between its design engineering and BOM solutions, as well as powerful server security. ENOVIA V6 has addressed these issues,
    while also improving product development through the automation of BOM creation, and providing a more systematic means of managing the countless product modifications that take place. In practice, this has made for a more efficient working environment, with staff now better able to share data and understand a product's development history. LG has already documented higher work efficiency among its global business operations thanks to the successful deployment of ENOVIA V6. Beginning with its installation in LG's MC Company, ENOVIA V6 will be gradually extended to include users throughout local subsidiaries in 58 regions and 17 countries.

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    and MCAD Weekly Review. He can be reached at 
    Email Contact or 719.221.1867.

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