East Coast Design & Manufacturing Trade Event Showcases New-to-Market Technologies; Co-located Shows Serve as Total Resource for Design, Manufacturing, and Packaging
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East Coast Design & Manufacturing Trade Event Showcases New-to-Market Technologies; Co-located Shows Serve as Total Resource for Design, Manufacturing, and Packaging

MD&M East 2003

EastPack 2003

Atlantic Design & Manufacturing 2003

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 8, 2003--Product managers, engineers, R&D specialists and manufacturing professionals looking for the latest products and services are invited to attend the east coast's largest design and manufacturing event, June 2-4, in New York's Javits Convention Center. The co-located shows, which include Medical Design & Manufacturing(R) (MD&M) East, EastPack(R), and Atlantic Design & Manufacturing(R), will feature eight expanded product pavilions and a host of new-to-market products and services.

More than 1500 companies have signed on to exhibit at the co-located shows, many of which have planned to introduce new technologies and services. The following list is just a few of the various products featured at the show:

Asahi Intecc Company Ltd. Booth 3010

Asahi Intecc Company, a manufacturer of precision medical components and assemblies for medical OEMs, offers ACTONE Asahi cable tube, a new type of stainless steel cable-like tube that consists of multifilar wires. The smallest outside diameter is 0.012 in. A variety of sizes are available. Some features of ACTONE Asahi cable tube include high-torque transmission, low elongation, and straightened, kink-resistance, and tube structure. Flexibility of ACTONE is in-between a conventional stainless steel hypotube and a conventional stainless steel coil. Applications include guidewires, a control cable for an endoscope, PTCA catheter shaft, and more.

CYRO Industries Booth 2221

CYRO Industries, leading provider of acrylic-based molding and extrusion compounds, is featuring CYROLITE(R) Med 2 acrylic-based multipolymer compound with a superior new level of alcohol and lipid resistance. CYROLITE Med 2 exhibits good impact resistance and ductility, improved clarity over the 1st generation product and retention of properties on sterilization under gamma irradiation and ethylene oxide. CYROLITE Med 2 has excellent processability and can be readily injection molded into thin-walled and difficult-to-mold parts in multicavities. It is designed specifically for medical device applications requiring maximum chemical resistance to isopropanol and lipids.

Delta Industrial Services Booth 2339

Delta Industrial Services, an ISO 9001 certified designer and manufacturer of web handling and packaging systems, will be demonstrating a unique web converting and packaging system. The Delta Crusader(R) Converter features 6 axes, each individually servo driven. The demonstration will show the flexibility and unique capabilities of this modular based system. Pre-printed web will be diecut with registration, island placed, bull nose transferred into the heat seal packager and sheeted.

FeatureCAM / Engineering Geometry Systems Booth 1264

Engineering Geometry Systems, developer of FeatureCAM CAD/CAM software, will be extending their CNC programming technology to include user-defined features (UDFs) as part of FeatureCAM Version 10. Feature-based programming is faster than operations-based programming because the features contain all of the necessary programming information. Features define the shapes used as building blocks for parts. Once a part's features are defined, FeatureCAM automatically selects the tools, calculates the feeds and speeds, generates efficient toolpaths and creates the NC code.

HYTEC Inc. Booth 3030

HYTEC will offer the first cost effective, easy to use, 3D x-ray scanning system for rapid prototyping, mass customization, and product inspection. The FlashCT is an affordable, high-speed, user-friendly, x-ray computed tomography (CAT Scan), 3D imaging system used in manufacturing and inspection of implantable and prosthetic medical devices, and for in-line manufacturing of orthodontic appliances and dental prosthetics direct from original impressions or plasters. The FlashCT offers outstanding image quality, while supporting most file formats.

Lytron Inc. Booth 1964

Lytron will begin selling its Thermocube(TM) recirculating chillers, manufactured by Solid State Cooling Systems, throughout the United States and Canada. The Thermocube is a compact, quiet, CFC-free recirculating chiller which uses thermoelectric modules to precisely control, +/-0.15 degrees C, the temperature of a fluid (typically water or water/ethylene glycol mixture). This fluid is used to stabilize the operating temperature of equipment such as digital X-ray plates or to remove excess heat from lasers and other devices. Typical applications include medical equipment, analytical instruments, electronic components, power supplies, electro-optics, and electrophoresis gels.

Manan Medical Products Inc. Booth 2839

Manan Medical will introduce its new unique "TIP TRAP" safety needle device, designed for vascular access and long style biopsy needles. The "Tip Trap" device will be offered as an option on needles purchased from Manan or as an OEM accessory. The "Tip Trap" has been designed with a special transfer and loading system making the device adaptable to a variety of needle products.

Rubbercraft Corp. Booth 1656

Rubbercraft, a Sanders Industries Company, will be showing its new and existing line of custom integral environmental, EMI, RFI, and ESD seals and gaskets for the medical, communication and commercial industry. These seals excel in areas where moisture and high electronic noise is common, such as cellular phone base station enclosures, amplifiers, and switching equipment. These integral seals and gaskets are precision molded or extruded elastomers with both metal and fabric impregnation, Teflon skin, and combinations of elastomers to meet all environmental and EMI requirements. These seals and gaskets can be molded-in-place prior to delivery.

In addition to the expanded expositions, both MD&M East and EastPack will feature enhanced conference programs covering topics such as Medical Packaging Design, Materials Selection and Evaluation for Medical Devices, and Successfully implementing HUD Blister Pack Bar Code using Current Inline Flexographic Printing Systems.

Produced and managed by CANON COMMUNICATIONS LLC, the New York event is part of the company's worldwide family of trade shows. For more information, please visit www.canontradeshows.com or call 310/445-4200.

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