Apriso Announces FlexNet Integration with PLM
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Apriso Announces FlexNet Integration with PLM

LONG BEACH, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—April 19, 2007— Apriso Corporation, a provider of adaptive software platforms for global manufacturing operations execution, today announced availability of real-time integration between PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and the only true platform-based operations execution solution in manufacturing - Apriso's FlexNet(R). By combining FlexNet's Business Integrator, Global Process Manager and Quality Execution with Advanced SPC capabilities, it is possible to establish a closed-loop synchronized relationship between development and operations, helping manufacturers to achieve shorter development lifecycles, higher quality production and faster 'time to volume' and 'time to global market' metrics.

New Product Introductions (NPI) can be a costly and time consuming endeavor, especially for those manufacturers with distributed, global product development and operations. By integrating Product Lifecycle Management with Manufacturing Operations Execution, it is possible to condense the timeframe required for NPI. This process compression is achieved by implementing platform to platform communications between PLM and Apriso's FlexNet for an efficient transfer of knowledge and data between product design and production.

"The transition from product design to production is typically the most expensive, time-intensive aspect of delivering products. The ability to manage these linkages through manufacturing process management (MPM) initiatives allows manufacturers to continuously improve design and operations," states Marc Halpern and Andrew Hughes of Gartner in a Research Bulletin published January 29, 2007.

Manufacturing processes have grown increasingly complex due to global production, international regulatory requirements and continuous improvement and quality initiatives, such as Lean, TQM and Six Sigma. A successful approach to reducing this complexity may be achieved by integrating FlexNet with PLM to create a combined MES-PLM platform with global business process authoring capabilities, easily adapted for integration across all areas of manufacturing.

FlexNet Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) integrates complex analytics calculations into production, engineering and Quality processes, while providing the results within a single platform to achieve quality assurance program objectives. No longer is it necessary to support multiple 'silo' programs, each designed for a specific task, often lacking real-time data transfer between systems, contributing to further complexity surrounding the launch or update of a production line.

"Continuous Improvement initiatives will benefit from the collection of data when MES has access to 'As-builts' product information. Production performance can easily be correlated with 'As-built' product data to then evaluate which product component or process could be modified to improve output, increase product quality or improve product performance," confirmed by Dr. Michael Grieves within his most recently published white paper entitled Multiplying MES Value with PLM Integration, released in March 2007. This paper has been posted to the Purdue University and University of Arizona research libraries. To obtain a complementary copy of this white paper, please go to: http://www.apriso.com/en-us/Other/library_plm1.htm

Creating an integrated platform between PLM and operations execution shortens the product lifecycle by reducing time spent transferring operations results to product design and engineering. This process consolidation ultimately reduces the critical "Time to Volume" and "Time to Global Market" performance metrics.

About Apriso

Apriso Corporation is a software company dedicated to providing competitive advantage for its customers. It does so by enabling organizations to adapt quickly and easily to market changes and unexpected events. Apriso's FlexNet platform provides visibility, adaptability and real-time control of manufacturing operations across the enterprise and supply chain network. This is accomplished by integrating planning, execution and control, increasing operational efficiency and eliminating errors in the production process. Apriso serves more than 150 customers in 40 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia, powering more than 550 installations worldwide. Its customers include General Motors, Lear, Honeywell, Microsoft, L'Oreal, Lockheed Martin, Becton Dickinson, Rubbermaid, Saint-Gobain, Novelis and Essilor.

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