Gibbs Sponsors BattleBots IQ Program
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Gibbs Sponsors BattleBots IQ Program

Popular BattleBot format encourages students to explore careers in manufacturing.

MOORPARK, CA – September 23, 2004 – Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for programming computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools, announced today that they have become a multi-year, Gold Level sponsor of the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association’s (MPMA) Midwest Manufacturing Educational Resources (MMER) chapter of the national BattleBots IQ program. GibbsCAM is now the official CAM product for MMER BBIQ. All MMER BBIQ kits provided to schools interested in setting up a BattleBots IQ curriculum and participating in BattleBots competitions will include a seat of GibbsCAM.

“Gibbs has invested in numerous educational programs throughout the US to raise a crop of future manufacturing professionals,” states Bill Gibbs, president and founder of Gibbs and Associates. “The BattleBots IQ program is a great way to expose kids to mechanical design and manufacturing. Kids really get wrapped up in the process of designing and building their robot. And putting the robots in a coliseum where they get to stand their own against other schools’ robots is a great way to test their skills.”

“This sponsorship just seemed like a great fit between Gibbs’ on-going investment in the future of manufacturing, GibbsCAM’s ease-of-use, which makes it easy for students to pick it up, and a program that is extremely popular with students,” comments Charles Arnold MPMA’s, Executive Director and MMER co-director. “A number of machine shops which use GibbsCAM have volunteered to be mentors for BattleBots IQ teams. Certainly this whole experience gives the kids a chance to solve problems and get a sense of what product development is all about.”

The Gibbs sponsorship of BattleBots IQ will be officially kicked off at the IMTS 2004 conference at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois on September 8th – 15th, 2004. There, BattleBots IQ will be featured at the Student Summit in Room S103. Along with displays, BattleBots IQ exhibition matches will be held in a 15’ x 16’ reduced version of the 40’ x 40’ GibbsCAM Coliseum used in official competitions.

About MMER BattleBots IQ
MMER and MMER BattleBots IQ is a campaign designed to challenge boys and girls to use the creative power within them to seek real knowledge and understanding. Through the use of contextual learning programs, like BattleBots IQ, Supermileage and Solarboat MMER is implementing activities that encourage advanced achievement in math, science and engineering. Focusing on these projects, the imaginations of students are captured as they design, build and compete their different creations. As a take-a-way from these programs student have a better understand of manufacturing and begin to realize the opportunities that are available for a high paying and challenging career. For more information the MMER website will be live by November 15, 2004.

About BattleBots IQ
BattleBots IQ, an educational program that includes curriculum, teacher training and an exciting robotics competition, seeks to inspire, educate and engage students through the art of robot building. A spin-off of the commercially successful BattleBots program, BattleBots IQ provides middle school through college students with a well structured framework in which to design, construct, test and deploy their robots. The BattleBots IQ program was viewed as such a unique approach to promoting manufacturing technology careers that the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) recently became the Founding Sponsor, encouraging local NTMA chapters, other manufacturing trade associations and manufacturing companies interested in developing a skilled manufacturing workforce to also get involved. For more information about the BattleBots IQ program, visit their website,

About Gibbs and Associates and GibbsCAM
Celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2004, Gibbs and Associates has been a leader in providing cutting edge CAD/CAM technology, while maintaining its signature ease-of-use and productivity. Powerfully Simple, Simply Powerful is the guiding philosophy at Gibbs. Gibbs believes in empowering the NC programmer, machinist, and manufacturing engineer, not eliminating them. Gibbs’ goal is to introduce manufacturers to new technologies and new ways of working that makes their machining easier and their businesses more profitable. To achieve this goal, Gibbs creates tools that are naturally intuitive, graphically interactive, extremely visual, associative, and just plain enjoyable to use. Gibbs provides a total quality solution with the service and support successful customers require.

The current GibbsCAM product line supports 2- through 5-axis milling, turning, mill/turning, multi-task simultaneous machining and wire-EDM. GibbsCAM also provides fully integrated manufacturing modeling capabilities that include 2D, 2.5D, 3D wireframe, surface, and solid modeling. GibbsCAM has received Microsoft’s “Designed for Windows XP/2000” certification. GibbsCAM is also certified under the Autodesk Inventor Certified Application Program, is a Solid Edge Certified Select application, and is a SolidWorks Certified CAM Application. GibbsCAM is either offered or endorsed by a number of leading worldwide control and machine tool manufacturers, including GE Fanuc, Siemens, Fadal, Haas, and Mitsubishi. Gibbs and Associates distributes its products worldwide through a network of international Resellers. For more information about Gibbs and Associates and its CAM software packages, call 1-800-654-9399, or visit the company on-line at

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