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Date : October 10, 2006 10:29
Title : Re: Does CAD/CAM Technology Diminish Quality of Life and Quality in general?
Body :I see where you are coming from, and fond memories of being on the "board" and "communicating" with those faceless people who were going to create your work of art comes flooding back.
Thank you, that is what I needed.
CAD drafting does not encompass all, if you cannot think "3D" then CAD won't do it for you.
The only saving I have found in CAD over the last 26 years is in "corrections". Admittadly, if a good CAD manager sets the department up properly i.e. standards, blocks etc., savings are to be made, but my experience is that this procedure is rare.
I work with a person who has taught CAD, yet does not know how to re-align axis when they have been set to a "non- X_Y" orientation. SCARY!
I give myself another year or so, and then I will retire and watch the "engineers" (who know all) just grind Western know-how into the ground and the Asian nations will (as they are begining to) take over. Goodbye Western Engineering/ Manufacturing.
What are our children/ grand children going to do? Be Salespeople?
The reliance on Technology scares me, I have used it since 1980, but I rely on gut instinct, an art seemingly being lost/ eroded.