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Free Pro/ENGINEER Tips offers free tips and tutorials for Pro/ENGINEER (Pro/E 2001, wildfire, wildfire 2.0, Wildfire 3.0). Share Pro/E knowlege, Pro/E skills and design capability among Pro/E user.
ANSYS Workbench 11.0 Tutorial
The ANSYS Workbench 11.0 Tutorial links below contain all the directions and data files required to complete the tutorial. Each exercise offers step-by-step instructions and includes the data files covered. These tutorials are a great way for beginners to get up-to-speed with ANSYS Workbench 11.0. Experienced users can explore specific topics with selected exercises.
FE Models for ANSYS Fatigue
FE Models for ANSYS Fatigue Module Tutorial (7.0 MB)
ProE Tutorials
ProE Tutorials offer tutorials for the manufacturing modules of Pro/ENGINEER.
Geometric Dimensioning
The ETI Learning Center from Effective Training Inc. provides expert online training in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The Fundamentals of GD&T online course provides training that's interactive, professional, and similar to an actual classroom setting. The course teaches the symbols, modifiers, rules, and concepts of GD&T. Recommended for all individuals who create or interpret engineering drawings.
T-splines is a recently developed surface modelling technique which is a generalization of B-splines and allows true local refinement.
Part Number Generator
Part Number Generator
Online Training in AutoCAD,
Get the Online Training in AutoCAD, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical, Unigraphics Nx, CATIA, ProEngineer Wildfire, CATIA V5, COSMOSWorks, Mold Design, MSC SimOffice, Plastic Part Design, TeamCenter Engineering For further details visit the link given below: Online Training:
Tutorial : Pro/ENGINEER Tryout
Download the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 Tryout Edition
Coupling modeFRONTIER
A simple self-teaching case study is described in this tutorial step by step. You will become more familiar with modeFRONTIER and ANSYS Workbench functionalities.
Introduction to Thermal
SINDA/G (Systems Improved Numerical Differencing Analyzer /Gaski) was designed to be a general purpose thermal analyzer. SINDA/G is more than a program, it's a software system that can be customized to meet most needs in thermal modeling. It is capable of solving lumped parameter representations of physical problems governed by diffusion-type equations. The thermal system to be modeled is divided into thermal masses (thermal capacitance's) and conductors. This forms a conductor-capacitor or G-C network that is solved by SINDA/G. The full structure of SINDA/G will be explained through the use of an example problem in the next section of this tutorial.
FlexPDE 5 User Guide
This document attempts to introduce the reader gradually to the use of FlexPDE in the solution of systems of partial differential equations. We begin with a discussion of the basic character of FlexPDE. We then construct a simple model problem and proceed to add features to the model.
Virtual Classroom Brings
Training is critical to getting the most out of any CAD/CAM system. However, it is often a challenge to deliver training in the most timely and effective manner. Any busy shop manager can tell you that there is precious little time to sit down with a training manual and struggle to learn the software on your own or, worse, send an important team member out for a week of classroom training.
Registering Origin /
Registering Origin / FLEXlm License Files
Introduction to Dynamic
This interactive tutorial will demonstrate how to perform different types of dynamic analysis using MD Nastran and Patran. First, it shows how to create a simple cantilevered plate model that will be used for different types of dynamic analysis. Then, it demonstrates how to perform normal modes analysis, direct transient response analysis, and frequency response analysis. Ability Level: Beginner
Adaptive T-spline Surface
Surface fitting refers to the process of constructing a smooth representation for an object surface from a fairly large number of measured 3D data points
Implicit Advection in
A powerful implicit advection technique has been incorporated into FLOW-3D®, Version 9.2. This paper illustrates uses of this technique to show its advantages, but also indicates certain limitations related to the accuracy of implicit methods.
Coupling modeFRONTIER
At the end of this tutorial you will be able to couple modeFRONTIER (the multi-objective design optimization software) with ANSYS classic.
Improvement on the Dimensions
A T-mesh is basically a rectangular grid that allows T-junctions arising from T-spline ([3], [4]). T-meshes are formed by a set of horizontal line segments and a set of vertical line segments.
Introduction to SINDA
SINDA/FLUINT is a comprehensive software package used by over 400 sites in the aerospace, energy, electronics, automotive, aircraft, HVAC, and petrochemical industries for design, simulation, and optimization of systems involving heat transfer and fluid flow. It is the NASA-standard analyzer for thermal control systems.
SINDA/G User’s
SINDA, the Systems Improved Numerical Differencing Analyzer, is a software system that possesses capabilities which make it well suited for solving lumped parameter representations of physical problems governed by diffusion-type equations. The system is designed as a general thermal analyzer accepting conductor-capacitor (GC) network representations of thermal systems. SINDA/G can solve other types of problems that can be represented as G-C networks.
COMPRESS Pressure Vessel
COMPRESS Pressure Vessel Tutorial
Downloads mental ray
mental ray® is the leading rendering engine for generating photorealistic images, built into many 3D graphics applications. This book, written by the mental ray software project leader, gives a general introduction into rendering with mental ray, as well as step-by-step recipes for creating advanced effects, and tips and tricks for professional users. A comprehensive definition of mental ray's scene description language and the standard shader libraries is included and used as the basis for all examples.1
Creating 3D Surface and
3D Plotting Creating 3D Surface and Contour Plots from XYZ Worksheet Data (2.6MB)
2D to 3D modeling
Bringing in a 2D dwg and creating a 3D solid.
Power NURBS How To Tutorials
Power NURBS How To Tutorials - these video tutorials focus on how to do a specific task.
With little more than a week until the National Association of REALTORS conference and expo, SentriLock, LLC (Cincinnati, Ohio) had a winning product concept, but it did not have any production quality demonstration units. It was critical to announce its new REALTOR Lockbox at the expo, so SentriLock turned to Morris Technologies, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio) for mechanical engineering, design and prototyping. Relying heavily on Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS) from EOS, Morris Technologies delivered a functional prototype unit that spurred a successful product launch.
Power NURBS Primitives
NEW!!! Power NURBS Primitives Tutorials - these video and PDF tutorials show the new sketch primitives such as Power Box, Power Rectangle, etc..
Video Tutorials for CATIA V5. Try it today.
Design Engine Education:
Industrial Design - Engineering Training: proe training... We are hands down the world leader in delivering high-impact courses for 3D Professionals: Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers. Draftsman, Mechanics, and Game Designers alike. We are less about the software and more about technique and for this we found higher software comprehension. "We don't just teach the software, we teach design and engineering." Be it Maya Training, Pro/E training or Alias Studio training or Rhino training we can help you become the expert consultant. We encourage you to visit and tour our downtown loft, a state-of-the-art training center. We have a proven track record for training over 2000 engineers and designers that are working at Motorola, Caterpillar, John Deere, Harley Davidson, and NASA to name a few. Call today to inquire or to speak to one of our recognized instructors and don't forget to inquire for past student references. 312.226.8339
SINDA/G Library Reference
The SINDA/G library is a large collection of subroutines designed to be compatible with the SINDA/G system. These subroutines cover a wide variety of subjects and permit the user to construct SINDA/G operations blocks with a minimum of programming knowledge.
How to Import/Render/Re-Export 3D LEGO Model Parts & Models from the LDraw .dat, .ldr and .mpd files.
Advanced Construction
Advanced Construction Tutorials - these video tutorials demonstrate advanced construction of actual objects such as a camera, couch, car hood, etc.
Online Training
The Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME) now has courses designed exclusively for Internet access.
Download Free Product:provides free downloads of 3D models of standard mechanical and electromechanical parts, in native CAD formats. Contains more than 680,000 parts
AutoCAD Exchange
Exchange 3D models, techniques, and collaborate with fellow AutoCAD users on this web based community.
Create a Sample Thermal
Video Training on Fluid Streams
Power Trans Pro - Importing
Power Trans Pro - Importing and cleaning up models - A Must See for New Power Translators Users!
This tutorial Reviews the workflow of importing an assembly from Inventor to Max

* Selecting files to import
* Setting viewport mesh quality
* Navigating assemblies
* Removing parts from assemblies
* Size dependent and view dependent mesh options
* Orienting surface normal’s
* Repairing surfaces.
* Multi-Subobject materials
BMW Investigates Ways
LMS International, working in conjunction with BMW, FH Aachen and MAKROSS, has developed an analytical process that allows predicting the durability performance of vehicle doors. The scope of this project comprises the use of virtual simulation to predict the ability of components to withstand door slams. It combines explicit Finite-Element (FE) analyses using modal superposition techniques, and durability simulations to convert the obtained local stress histories into fatigue-life predictions. When further elaborated and optimized, this approach has the capacity to provide reliable insights in the durability performance of body and door components, before physical prototypes become available. In the future, this way of working may potentially replace or complement BMW’s current approach, which includes performing physical tests on vehicle prototypes.

continued …
STHENO/PRO - Professional
Case Study: From High Tech Product Design to Custom Delivery Drawing in one Integrated Move …
Converting Random XYZ
3D Plotting Converting Random XYZ Data to a Matrix using Random XYZ Gridding Methods (1.2MB)
SinapsPlus® (pronounced “synapse plus”) is a complete graphical user interface and model debugging environment for the SINDA/FLUINT thermal/fluid simulation package. SINDA/FLUINT is a comprehensive software package used by over 400 sites in the aerospace, energy, electronic, automotive, aircraft, HVAC, and petrochemical industries for design and simulation of heat transfer and fluid flow problems.
Adding Additional Free
How to download and install additional free "gPlug" importer modules from the PTC WEB site (such as Alias .wire, IronCAD .ics and Raindrop Geomagic .wrp).
Workbench: Projects and
Workbench: Projects and Code Editing with Wolfram Workbench Tutorial
Liebherr Uses LMS Multibody
LMS motion simulation technology played a critical role in the design of an innovative mining truck that carries 320 short tons, almost twice its own weight.
Convert DWG to DXF, DWG
AnyDWG offers DWG Converter and DXF Converter, let you convert DWG to DXF, DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, DWG to DWF, DXF to DWF, DWG to TIF, DWG to JPG (JPEG), DWG to BMP, DWG to TIFF, DXF to JPEG (JPG), DXF to BMP, DXF to TIF (TIFf) and GIF/PNG/PCX/TGA/WMF/EMF. No AutoCAD application is required to run these software. Please visit for details.
Flying High with STHENO/PRO
Introducing a new CAD system invariably has a major impact on the everyday workings of any design department, especially when it involves the transition from 2D to 3D. In order to avoid an endless war of attrition, organisations must protect their existing knowledge, ensuring the easy, continuous use of historical data.

Bucher Leichtbau AG, a Swiss public company which supplies the airline industry with custom fittings, deploys Pro/ENGINEER® with the integrated drafting system STHENO/PROTM, a complementary combination which allows the company to achieve significant time and costsavings.
Magnificent Metal
Viry France and MEDUSA4 - The Sky is the Limit
CADLearning is your training site for all Autodesk products. Avaliable Online or CD, the professionally developed tutorials for Inventor, Electrical, AutoCAD, ADT, LDT and more can be used as continuing education after the classroom or as stand alone eLearning. The online learning centers can also be private labeled and hosted for your cusomized, corporate CADLearning.
Sound and Snow - LMS
Anybody can bolt an engine and sled together to build a snowmobile and then stuff in insulation so the vehicle squeaks by government noise regulations. At Arctic Cat, however, sound is not an attribute merely to be damped out by trial and error but rather tuned during design to contribute to the overall riding experience. The goal is an Arctic Cat specific sound when the engine is revved up - a sound that adds to the thrill of the ride - and a vehicle so quiet you can talk to fellow riders when the engine is idling.

continued …
16343 is a location for quality training for the CAD community. Our goal is to train design professionals to utilize MCAD, CAE, CAM and PLM applications more efficiently through on-line training courses, interactive DVD and seminars. We are not dealers or salesman for any company, so you will receive non-biased information and training.
An Introduction to Fluid
Video Training on Fluid Streams
Basic introduction to
Architecture Tutorial
Modeling in 3D
A video on Conceptual Design using a minimal amount of sketching to make parts quickly.
RAND Worldwide Training
Over the last two decades, RAND has offered the most extensive, high quality professional development programs in the industry. Today we offer curriculum for CATIA, SMARTEAM, DMU, Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/MECHANICA, and Pro/INTRALINK applications.

All of our training solutions are designed to suit your organization's individual and unique needs. Each class provides you with a certified Technical Training Engineer (TTE). Each TTE has gone through RAND's vigorous training certification program so you get a knowledgeable expert that can answer your application-specific questions with technical knowledge and real-life industry experience.
Snippets Formulas
Power Solids Basic Tutorials
Power Solids Basic Tutorials - these video tutorials show the basic usage of Power Solids Tools such as sketch, extrude, boolean, fillet, etc.
Introduction to QuadriSpace
Introduction video covers the solutions available in the Document3D Suite of products.
Pages3D Bill-of-materials - Understand how to add an interactive bill of materials to a 3D document.
Single Pole Low Pass Filter
Emulates a single pole analog low pass filter. The single pole analog lowpass filter is implemented in the digital domain using the impulse invariant technique.
The basics of creating a blend between surfaces or an edit as blend on a solid.
Open Source PLM software
Aras enterprise open source software solution is the most advanced Product Life Cycle Management [PLM] suite available with comprehensive functionality for BOM, parts, document management, enterprise change workflows, product costing, NPDI, stage / phase-gate dashboards, quality & environmental compliance, CAD / EDA integration suite and much more. Aras customers include Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Delphi, Rolls-Royce, Freudenberg, ACCO Brands, L-3 Communications, and the US Army. Get Case Studies and PLM Software Download >>
Complexity v's Manufacturability
The rapid development of modern 3D CAD systems have enabled the evolution of product design, and as a result, a move to more organic forms and ever increasing geometry complexity. Just think about the change in design from the conventional box shaped vacuum cleaner to the modern Dyson. This paper focuses on design fundamentals and the impact they have on the manufacturing and production processes.
Introduction to Motion
This tutorial will demonstrate how you can setup a model and perform motion analysis within the SimXpert motion workspace, displaying motion of the model under conditions specified and results charts. Ability Level: Beginner
World Leader Generates
Atlas Copco Energas GmbH, world leader in generators, compressors and turbo expander technologies, has reached an enviable degree of efficiency in its plant development and construction programs. To get to where it is today, Atlas Copco needed not only a strong corporate vision, but also an outstanding CAD strategy.
Basic introduction to
Product Tutorial
Publish 3D PDF
Pages3D Professional Publish 3D PDF - Quickly publish a Pages3D document to PDF. The PDF file opened and interactive 3D capabilities are explored.
Tutorial Project-1: Initial
Tutorial Project-1: Initial Tour (2 KB)
KOMPAS-3D User Group
KOMPAS-3D Discussion Forum has been launched by ASCON. International Forum provides perfect communication base, exchange of views and advices for CAD experts, professionals, beginners and students. Forum targeted for all those interested in Mechanical CAD alternative solutions for 3D Solid Parametric Modelling and 2D Drafting. The official language of KOMPAS Discussion Forum is English.
VariCAD Tutorial
In this section of manual there are examples of 2D drawing and 3D modeling. Each example contains an animated flash, set of related images and description. Some of the flash frames or separate images contain labels displaying which key or mouse button will be pressed in the next step. Clicking only the VariCAD objects is described; obvious behavior like a left click icons or buttons is omitted. Description of zoom, pan or 3D view rotation is omitted, too. The printed version of the manual contains only static images and description.
Lance Armstrong Goes
Trek uses StudioTools to create faster bikes while cutting development time…
Computer Simulation Helps
When recent rule changes required Formula One racecars to incorporate a new roll-hoop structure for improved safety, Ferrari was quick to respond thanks to advanced computer simulation technology.
Audi Moves Forward with
LMS Solutions are Key in Accelerating Durability Engineering Process

AutoCAD 2006 Preview
Imagine AutoCAD without a command line. Before you cry “I can’t live without it” imagine preferring AutoCAD without a command line.
Product styling
In the electronics industry, technology is largely at parity – offerings from electronics companies are similar in general, and every innovation in features or functions that is introduced can be copied quickly. In addition, model supply chains have become tightly linked and highly competitive.
Using t-junctions to
Model a simple iguana using polygons.
Exploring Power NURBS
Exploring Power NURBS - these video tutorials by one of our developers explore a specific tool or technology in Power NURBS such as tangent control handles, capping objects, etc.
Turn ToolManual 3DSMax
The manual for TurnToolBox for 3D Studio Max and Autodesk Viz is available in the folowing formats.
Creating a 3D Scatter/Trajectory
3D Plotting Creating a 3D Scatter/Trajectory Plots (1.8MB)
Tutorial Project-3: Rectangle
Tutorial Project-3: Rectangle & Rounds (6 KB)
Adding 3D Markups to
Using 3D Markups
Mastercam X3 Debugger
Introduces the new post debugger program. Includes lessons on how to enable the debugger, start a debugging session, create watch lists, set break points, and more.
The Rapid Prototyping Report
The monthly Rapid Prototyping Report is an independent monthly newsletter devoted to rapid prototyping
Metalforming Online
Monthly publication that offers a special focus on mold and die design each month, along with technical and how-to articles; application case histories; training; safety, and managerial topics.
Computer-Aided Design
Computer-Aided Design is an established international journal that provides engineers, designers and computer scientists in academia and industry with key papers on research and developments in the application of computers to the design process.
CAD/CAM Online
A UK-based online publication offering an integrated guide to design and production
Autodesk Manufacturing
The Manufacturing Community site provides you with the support, resources and reassurance you need to be successful with all Autodesk manufacturing products. This new site allows you to contact and stay in touch with other industry professionals, keep up-to-date with latest industry developments, and share best practices. Membership is free.
Sulzer Pumps Worldwide
Case Study: When it's time to innovate, it's all hands to the pump at Sulzer's product research and development centres …
Turn ToolManual ArchiCAD
The manual for TurnToolBox for ArchiCAD
Online Help Documantation
Help Documantation
Stability and Competitiveness
How transition to work with electronic tools, especially in the field of 3D design, influence upon economic indices of an enterprise? Experience of JSC "Zavod Phiolent" (Simferopol, Ukraine), where for more than five years ÊÎÌPÀS-3D system has been used, shows that influence can be exactly calculated, and efficiency of investments in modern CAD facilities can be evaluated.
SolidWorks Online Training
i get it is an online training portal for CAD softwares. It is one of the quality online training facility available at lowest prices. You can get the 10% OFF / discount on SolidWorks Online Training courses by using Coupon Code: RES-10-PARD. For further details on SolidWorks Online Training visit following link: For details about How to used coupon code for 10% discount visit following link: Keywords:SolidWorks Online Training, online training solidworks, igetit, i get it, promo code igetit i get it, coupon code igetit i get it
Articles on AutoCAD Customization,
To read articles on: AutoCAD Customization: AutoLISP: VisualLISP: AutoCAD VBA: SolidWorks VBA: SolidEdge VBA: Freelance Websites:
Drift Model for Two-Component
In fluids composed of multiple components, e.g., fluid/particles, fluid/bubbles, fluid/fluid mixtures, where the components have different densities, it is observed that the components can assume different flow velocities. Velocity differences arise because the density differences result in non-uniform body forces. Often the differences in velocities can be very pronounced, for example, large raindrops falling through air or gravel sinking in water. Under many conditions, however, the relative velocities are small enough to be described as a “drift” of one component through the other. Examples are dust in air and silt in water. This paper discusses how the drift model in FLOW-3D simulates these processes.
Using Patran and MD Nastran
This interactive tutorial will demonstrate how to perform finite element analysis with Patran and MD Natran. Ability Level: Beginner
Using SimXpert and MD
This interactive tutorial will demonstrate how to use SimXpert and MD Nastran to perform finite element analysis. Ability Level: Beginner
COMPRESS Heat Exchanger
COMPRESS Heat Exchanger Tutorial
Finite Element and Simulation Web Portal. Includes: Knowledge base, articles, howto.s, discussion forums, toolbox, reviews, software resources: Nastran, Ansys, Marc, Algor, Pam-crash, Patran, Ideas, Femap etc.
Engineers Edge
a great site for mechanical designers, engineers, quality and manufacturing professionals. Offers a wide range of free practical design and engineering resources.
CAD/CAM Publishing
publishers of The CAD Report, The Rapid Prototyping Report, and The PDM Report. An independent resource for keeping abreast of developments and advances in rapid prototyping, product data management and CAD.
technical work forums for engineering professionals
Cadopolis is an online resource that includes CAD related Productivity Software, Shareware and Links. is evolving to fulfill the needs of the AutoCAD® users community.
SolidWorks User Group
American Society of Civil Engineers
Machine Design
Machine Design provides a complete information source for design engineers. Covers how-to editorial, as well as technical news coverage, application case histories and personal, professional and management information.
Synergis Training for
Synergis has helped thousands of design professionals transition to computer aided design and improve their productivity through classroom training and individual mentoring. Our instructor-led, hands-on training gives students the knowledge, strategies, and techniques they need to apply AutoCAD to real-world production environments. Our teaching methods and courseware make it easy for students to progress quickly and grow their skills beyond the classroom.
Cosworth Technology &
LMS ATV Technology Enables More Efficient and Faster Noise Predictions
ZF Steps Up Speed and
System Supplier Strategy Leads to New Emphasis on Durability Engineering
VP HybridCAD ® V9
softelec gmbh (hereafter called softelec) grants a limited, non-exclusive right to use the software installed on computers (PC’s) - workstations or a network server. In addition, softelec grants the right to only one (1) user or - in the event of network licenses - to the number of user stated in the network license agreement to activate and use the software at any one time once the user of the software has registered with softelec and thereafter received the corresponding authorization code.
Change History
Change History
Tutorial Project-2: Drill
Tutorial Project-2: Drill Mania (4 KB)
CADD Edge, Inc.
CADD Edge offers a variety of SolidWorks training in our Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, & Pennsylvania certified SolidWorks offices. In addition, we are the first SolidWorks reseller to provide onsite 3D CAD training, with the use of a Mobile Learning Center (MLC). The Mobile Learning Center is a 40' bus that has been retrofitted into a self-sufficient SolidWorks classroom. Our Mobile learning Center travels to your company from Maine to West Virginia. CADD Edge serves the SolidWorks community in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia and we can handle all your SolidWorks training needs.
The Sheet Metal Feature
Once you have created a Base Flange, you will notice two items added to the FeatureManager design tree.
How to convert a black
This video tutorial is a general overview of how to use Scan2CAD to convert a raster file to vectors. It covers the whole process from opening the raster file in Scan2CAD to saving it as a scaled DXF file.
How to convert a color
If you want to convert color drawings, view this video. If you view this video you should also view the palette reduction video above.
Conceptual Design
A longer tutorial on turning a simple model into a streamlined part.
Elementary Programming
Elementary Programming in Mathematica Tutorial
All about CadCamCae in Spanish , PLM, 3D Scanning, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Animation, AEC & Plant Design
SolidWorks Training
SolidWorks, Simulation, CAMWork, PDM, CAMWorks, classroom traning, DVD and on-line. 11 locations-CA state funding available
Developing Sustainable
Developing Sustainable Designs for Enduring Value - White Paper developed by White Paper focuses on using a multi-faceted approach to developing designs with examples using SolidWorks CAD. Authored by the Technical Team at EGS India - SolidWorks Reseller Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India
Office Designer Tutorials
We have created a series of tutorial videos to help introduce new users to ThreeDify Office Designer. These tutorial videos demonstrate basic operations like creating Designer instances in Microsoft Office documents, and customizing your office toolbars to allow you to work in Design Mode. Each Tutorial video is between two and a half and four minutes long.
CFD Online
This is a collection of links to electronic information related to Computational Fluid Dynamics. The aim is to give an overview of the vast resources available on the net for people working with CFD.
a valuable resource for all engineering disciplines. Includes a helpful search engine, useful academic section and an expanding products and services marketplace.
The Product Development Forum
The Product Development Forum, sponsored by DRM Associates, provides a source of information on new product development (NPD), concurrent engineering (CE), integrated product development (IPD), and more. Also includes valuable resources and references for new product development in its New Product Development Body of Knowledge.
Right Hemisphere
is a leader in graphical information management, offering visual communication solutions that help companies unlock and leverage their complex 2D and 3D data. Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration CAD Modules Simplify the Repurposing of CAD Data for Training, Collaboration, Visualization, 3D Web Delivery and Technical Documentation.
"a great site for technology-oriented people--it covers a diverse, fun mix of "News for Nerds". Topics are all over the map, from peer to peer computing to rapid prototyping to cryptography to Legos to Linux and more." - Tom Gill, MCADVision contributing editor
The Rapid Prototyping
The Rapid Prototyping Association of SME (RPA/SME) focuses on the technologies and processes that help conceive, develop, test, revise, and manufacture new products to cost-effectively bring them to market faster.
Time Compression Technologies
offers the latest product news on ground-breaking technologies available to help reduce new product development time.
Automotive News
automotive news and articles
The Largest and Best Collection of CAD Shareware, Freeware and Free Trial Software
CATIA Operators Exchange
CoCreate America
American Design Drafting Association
CATIA Operators Exchange
Association of Professional Design Firms
Design News
Covers the latest tools, components, and materials used in mechanical and electromechanical design of a broad range of products. Articles feature successful engineering projects and new technologies that will spark ideas and assist its readers in the design of new products
Mechanical Engineering
Along with selected feature stories from the print version, the goal of ME Online is to provide updated late-breaking technical and industry-related mechanical engineering business news every week, filled with important links, along with discussion forums and more
A monthly magazine covering the latest in design technology for CAD leaders
a monthly magazine covering a wide range of CAD-related topics including hardware, software, CAD management and more
Netlearn Learning Systems
Introduction to AutoCAD2000 - This free course is an overview of AutoCAD and its uses. Topics covered include, The AutoCAD interface, How AutoCAD commands work, Basic Drawing, Basic Editing, and Basic Printing.
3DCADTips is an independent and objective information resource for 3D CAD users, administrators, and managers sponsored by eDocHelp ( and Cadalyst Magazine ( The site is especially helpful for those considering the transition from 2D to 3D CAD.
Resinate Corporation
Alliant TechSystems' ATK Ammunition & Related Products Group experienced a continuing product wear and component fit deficit with a critical munitions safety component. The current component had traditionally been machined using a metal alloy material, which was thought to be the cause of the excess wear on surrounding components. Additionally, this component was expensive to manufacture, since the material was costly and the machining process is time consuming and required significant post-process finishing.

The engineering & design teams at ATK focused on reducing manufacturing costs associated with machining the components, reducing direct materials costs associated with the high performance metal alloy, reducing time to market for a revised product and producing a surface finish that would interact more favorably with the other moving components in the assembly.

continued …
Richard Childress Racing
RCR uses new form of reverse engineering to fine-tune engines
TradiantCAD provides low-cost 3D & 2D Auto CAD Drawing, 3D Home Renderings and 3D Animation services for clients in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate industries from Memphis, Tennessee.
Adaptive T-spline Surface
Surface fitting refers to the process of constructing a smooth representation for an object surface from a fairly large number of measured 3D data points
Create Stored Views
Snippets Create Stored Views
Data Mask
Snippets Data Mask
Standalone Client
Standalone Client
Technical Talks
Technical Talks - these videos are in depth technical exploration of the tools by one of our software developers.
Importing Models Dialog
This tutorial Reviews all of the options in the Import Dialog window:

* Selecting files to import
* Import dialog options
* Setting viewport mesh quality
* Importing models for rendering
* Size dependent and view dependent mesh options
* Two sided surface option
* Assembly handling options * Sorting by color * Orienting surfaces
Power Solids for Rhino
Boolean Operations - New! Advanced Boolean Operations - New! Boolean Operations with Automatic Filleting - New! Boolean Operations and Mesh Editing - New! Face Replacement - New! Power Fillet - New! Power Shell - New! Surface Filleting
Turn ToolManual Scripting
This manual show you how to script the TurnTool Viewer and is available in the folowing formats.
Application Connectivity Automation Server - LabVIEW™ (6.4MB)
Implicit Advection in
A powerful implicit advection technique has been incorporated into FLOW-3D®, Version 9.2. This paper illustrates uses of this technique to show its advantages, but also indicates certain limitations related to the accuracy of implicit methods.
Pages3D Quick Start
Pages3D Quick Start - How to import a 3D model and get started creating a 3D document.
Create a template
Pages3D Create a template - Quick tutorial focused on template creation.
Leading Russian Automobile
Leading Russian Automobile Manufacturer AVTOVAZ equipped over 350 workplaces with KOMPAS-3D Mechanical CAD solutions from ASCON.
Printing Chemicals, Printing
Printing Chemical - Manufacturers of textile auxiliary chemicals, textile auxiliaries, textile processing auxiliaries, textile processing chemicals, textile auxiliary, textile dyeing chemicals, desizing agents, fabric dyeing chemicals, and much more…… +91 9443139381
BIM Outsourcing, Building
BIM Outsourcing is one of the largest global BIM Solutions Company in Kolkata, India. We are one of the fastest growing service provides with high quality, low cost global outsourcing services. +91 983017085
The Independent Resource for Users of Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing, and 3D Printing
PartnerTech bolsters
PartnerTech, one of Europe’s leading contract manufacturing companies, selected an X-Tek X-ray inspection system to test high-complexity boards featuring BGAs and CSPs. The company installed the inspection system at its 2,700 square meter UK manufacturing facility at Poole in Dorset. The new kit will further improve PartnerTech’s capability of providing customers with fast-turn builds of highly complex electronic and mechatronic products featuring devices such as BGAs and CSPs. Last year, Metris acquired X-Tek, the British manufacturer of X-ray and computed tomography (CT) inspection systems.
PSA Peugeot Citroën
After upgrading optical metrology equipment with a handheld Metris ModelMaker D (MMD) scanner for non-contact 3D measurement, PSA radically increased scanning productivity. Featuring 100 mm laser stripe width and all-digital operation, the MMD enables PSA metrology engineers to complete detailed geometric scans of small to large vehicle body parts in record time. They take the portable systems to any location or site, set it up and measure parts on the spot. The perfect interaction between localizer, scanner and software speeds up scanning throughput and trims down post-processing and analysis work. Fast turnaround scanning additionally enables PSA to systematically digitize body frames, doors, windscreens and other parts, and use the acquired data to validate numerical calculations, ultimately contributing to fewer mechanical prototypes.
Qualis makes smart moves
One year ago, Qualis – a specialized contract metrology firm in Germany – started off with its CMM-operated laser scanner from Metris. Where tactile measurement falls short on fragile, flexible or complex parts made of metal, plastic or composite, the non-contact laser scanner accurately and efficiently digitizes the complete geometry of parts. The acquired 3D scans help Qualis metrologists assist customers in optimizing product design and verifying serial production quality. Straightforward CMM programming and automated inspection and reporting in Metris Focus software enable them to turn around inspection jobs quickly. Also for tactile inspection jobs, Qualis customers increasingly request laser scanning and associated interactive reporting to gain deeper and more complete insight.
Finite Element Analysis Consultancy and Training Services. Over 30 years experience with NASTRAN in industry. 12 years experience in creating and teaching FEA courses including MSC/NEi/NX Nastran, FEMAP, PATRAN. Specialist courses in Dynamics, US Navy DDAM, Nonlinear, Statics, Composites
Pages3D Setting up a
QuadriSpace™ Pages3D™ 2008 is an easy-to-use page design product that leverages existing 3D models to create multiple-page documents.
Managing Parts Lists
Managing Parts Lists
DADiSP Product Demo
A quick introduction to DADiSP: Displaying Data, Function Wizard, GUI, etc.
The Base Flange
Use the Base Flange command to create the first flange of your part. In the CommandManager, pick the Sheet Metal button to display the Sheet Metal Tools.
Parallel Processing in
This paper aims to remove the marketing hype surrounding parallel processing and its performance impact on CAM systems. Delcam’s research to date helps to separate the fact from the fiction and gives you a true understanding of parallel processing in the CAM environment. In particular, this paper addresses the following questions: • What is parallel computing? • What influence does hardware configuration have on toolpath calculation times? • How does parallel computing really benefit end users? • How will Delcam continue to harness the power of the latest multi-core processors to benefit all aspects of CAM programming?
Searching for the optimal
3D optimization study of the velocity profile during first phase shot sleeve process (IOSO - FLOW-3D)
Using MD Adams to Perform
This interactive tutorial will provide an introduction to MD Adams and the process of performing motion simulation via MD Adams. Ability Level: Beginner
Automated Coded Targets
How to run an automatic project with RAD coded targets and offset points. Automatic marking and automatic referencing described as well.
Created in response to the automotive industry's demand for accelerated v ehicle performance evaluation, The SmartSim Community has been established to research and develop effective methods for sharing and using engineering data th rough integrated physical and virtual prototyping.
Open Archive Systems is a B2B corporation that offers document management software and solutions for the engineering and office environments. This web site provides detailed product information as well as IBM and other vendor white papers, case studies and published articles about managing engineering drawings and documents.
John Dvorak's home page
technology writer John Dvorak writes for numerous publications about both technology and the business of technology. Contains a useful directory to his online columns and other valuable sites.
a website for 'nerds' that includes a number of new features: nerd life, nerd store, and nerd wide web, as well as assembly web discussions, a chat bulletin board, events calendar, nerd quizzes and surveys, nerd favorites and more!
Personal Technology column,
Walt Mossberg's column, which appears every Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, reviews and explains new products and technologies in plain English. Also check out his PC Buyer's Guide. A valuable column and resource for all!
Wohlers Associates, Inc.
a useful resource for articles, links and general information on rapid prototyping technologies. Wohler's Associates provides technical, marketing, and strategic consulting on the new developments and trends in product design, prototyping, tooling, and manufacturing.
a marketplace for professionals in the automotive industry
"has some interesting, if not occasionally outrageous articles on the automotive industry" - Tom Gill, MCADVision contributing editor
Blue Oval News
primarily oriented towards Ford Motor Company but also offers other automotive industry insider information
Wards Automotive
automotive press releases
Air & Waste Management Association
American Center for Design
American Chemical Society
American Electronics Association
American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, Inc.
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Association of Iron and Steel Engineers
American Productivity & Quality Center
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Non-Destructive Testing
American Society of Safety Engineers
American Welding Society
Fluid Power Society
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Industrial Designers Society of America
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
National Association of Corrosion Engineers
National Society of Professional Engineers
Optical Society of America- OpticsNet
Society of Automotive Engineers
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Society of Plastics Engineers
The International Society for Optical Engineering
Society for Protective Coatings
TMS OnLine
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
United States Association for Computational Mechanics
The Aluminum Assoc.
Aluminum Association, Inc.
American Bearing Manufacturers Association
Association of Edison Illuminating Companies
American Gear Manufacturers Association
Aerospace Industries Association/National Aerospace Standards
American Iron & Steel Institute
Electronic Industries Alliance
Fluid Power Distributors Association
Material Handling Industry of America
Metal Powder Industries Federation
Mechanical Power Transmission Association
Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valves and Fittings Industry
National Association of Manufacturers
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
National Fluid Power Association
National Lubricating Grease Institute
National Tooling & Machining Association
Precision Metalforming Association
Power Transmission Distributors Association
Robotic Industries Association
Rubber Manufacturers Association
American National Standards Institute
American National Standards System Network
American Society for the Testing of Materials
British Standards Institution
Canadian General Standards Board
Canadian Standards Association
Din Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V.
Department of Defense Scientific and Technical Information Program
International Electrotechnical Commission
International Organization for Standardization
Advanced Technology Program
Manufacturing Extension Partnership
National Institute of Standards & Technology
Quality Program
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Standards Council of Canada
Underwriters Laboratory
Association for Computing Machinery
American Center for Physics
American Institute of Physics
American Mathematical Society
American Physical Society
American Society for Engineering Education
Fluid Power Educational Foundation
Mathematical Association of America
National Academies of Science, Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Automotive Engineering Online
the online supplement to Automotive Engineering International, which explores applications and advancements in automotive technology
Desktop Engineering
Desktop Engineering focuses on the latest hardware and software for design and mechanical engineers in the process and manufacturing industries.
NASA Tech Briefs online
check this valuable resource to learn about the latest research findings affecting engineering solutions for design and manufacturing
Computer Graphics World
Computer Graphics World is a monthly magazine that covers innovative graphics technology and applications. Articles discuss how 3D modeling, animation and visualization are used in architecture, scientific visualization, special effects, digital video, film, interactive entertainment, and CAD/CAM/CAE.
American Machinist
Since 1877, American Machinist has covered significant developments in manufacturing technology. The magazine is dedicated to serving the machine tool market completely and offers readers the most up-to-date information in the methods and practices of Metalworking, including cutting, forming, tooling, materials, robotics, quality assurance, cleaning and finishing, and plant operation. Published monthly.
EDM Europe
is a European-wide publication focused specifically on sourcing solutions for companies that use and need Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) processes. The editorial package is designed to provide decision-makers with the most precise, up-to-date and easy-to-understand content on sourcing, industry and technology news, special-sector product updates, and more.
European Tool & Mould
is a European-wide publication focused specifically on sourcing solutions and is dedicated exclusively to the tool and mold making industry. The editorial package is designed to provide decision-makers with the most precise, up-to-date and easy-to-understand content on sourcing, industry and technology news, special sector product updates, and more.
Tool & Mold Making Product
is an easy-to-read tabloid size magazine that brings to its readers a central information place to make sourcing easier for North American tool & mold makers.

Effective sourcing is extremely important to cut time, improve quality and become more profitable. That is why a good product news publication is an essential part of the sourcing process. Until now, this type of publication has not been available to the industry.
Multipurpose shopping store aimed at educators. Includes CAD tools in addition to many other offerings.
Offshore software development
Offshore software development outsourcing to India, MaintecTechnologies. Our offshore services include Software development, Web design, Web hosting, Domain registration, IT consulting, Web marketing and much more. We are best known for the cost effective Offshore outsourcing services
Dynamic TWAIN
Dynamic TWAIN ActiveX control enables you to acquire images from any TWAIN compatible devices. With the carefully designed interface, and the built-in wizard mode, Dynamic TWAIN is very easy to use. You can typically do your TWAIN job in several lines of code. At the same time, Dynamic TWAIN is very powerful. It is compatible with TWAIN specification V1.9. It has built-in JPEG and TIFF codec.
COSMOS University
The COSMOS™ suite of design analysis products are ideal for instructional use. Easy to learn and use, COSMOS products can be readily incorporated into an existing 3D CAD solid modeling class, or used in a stand-alone analysis course. SRAC invites all accredited colleges and universities to participate in our COSMOS University Program. This cost-effective program allows you to prepare your students for meaningful engineering careers by introducing them to the most advanced analysis technology available.
Database Connectivity
Snippets Database Connectivity
iProperty Validation
Snippets iProperty Validation
Reporting and Exporting
Reporting and Exporting
Users and Groups
Users and Groups
Origin Overview
Origin Overview (New Users) (5.5MB)
Microsoft® Excel
Microsoft® Excel Data in Origin
Publisher3D Quick Start
Publisher3D Publisher3D Quick Start - Quick over view of the Publisher3D product and user interface.
Pages3D Model Editing
Pages3D Pages3D Model Editing - IMPORTANT: If you are using Pages3D, view this tutorial before viewing any of the 3D Model Editing tutorials below.
cad design software and offers state-of-the-art tools for creating and editing CAD drawings. Both 3D and 2D autocad software, both Macintosh (Mac) and PC.
Janicki Industries utilizes
Since 1994, Janicki Industries pioneers innovative composite tooling and leverages its expertise to develop and produce large-scale lightweight prototype parts for major OEM aircraft manufacturers worldwide. "Our metrology engineers used Metris Laser Radar to accurately measure the detailed geometry of the fuselage section of an all-composite fuselage section of a new groundbreaking composite superliner aircraft," stated John Janicki, Vice President of Janicki Industries. "The use of any other metrology equipment would have put delivery time at serious risk.”
Witte qualifies huge
A vehicle door, an aircraft reinforcement segment, or a cell phone cover – numerous new components are mounted on Witte fixturing systems to accelerate accurate design development. Using modular, high-tensile aluminum bars and cubing units, Witte assembles workpiece clamping systems of any size and shape to meet specific customer needs. To monitor the dimensional accuracy of fixturing systems up to 12 meter long, Witte runs automated inspection on giant Metris LK CMMs in Germany and Singapore. High-quality Witte fixturing systems help customers worldwide reliably measure and tune part shapes as well as investigate system assembly and spacing, before committing to serial production.
RCR deploys Metris iGPS
All three Richard Childress Racing (RCR) teams qualified for the Chase for 2007 NASCAR Nextel Cup. On top of this exceptional accomplishment, RCR’s Kevin Harvick won the famous Daytona 500, Jeff Burton won in Texas, and Clint Bowyer finished third overall in the Chase. To step up success rate in 2008, RCR recently transformed its new facility for race car body fabrication into a large-scale metrology environment RCR teams use simultaneously. Adding higher precision and throughput to the fabrication process of race car body increase the competitive edge of RCR. Faster fabrication and validation create surplus aerodynamic engineering time in between race days, while increased repeatability drives consistent duplication and tuning of successful race car bodies.
Power Solids Basic Tutorials
video tutorials show the basic usage of Power Solids Tools such as sketch, extrude, boolean, fillet, etc.
Pages3D Working with
QuadriSpace™ Pages3D™ 2008 is an easy-to-use page design product that leverages existing 3D models to create multiple-page documents.
Documenting Illustration
Documenting Illustrations
WorldBuilder 4! Tutorials
This is Part 1 in a 4-part tutorial. In this guided tour, we will explore some of the basic features of the program. We’ll also build a simple scene.
Cross Correlation
The cross-correlation is used to determine how similar two series are to each other. XCORR performs correlation by computing the direct convolution of the input series.
Two-Dimensional Graphing
Two-Dimensional Graphing Tutorial
Workbench: Debugging
Workbench: Debugging and Profiling gridMathematica using Workbench Tutorial
Vero helps 'smart' tooling
Based in Hertfordshire, BK Tooling is a thriving sub-contractor specialising in the design and production of mould tools and prototype/low volume plastic injection mouldings. BK Tooling has developed a 'smart' production method that covers all aspects of tool design and manufacture, and is applied to every job regardless of complexity.
Hiding and Showing Entities
Ability Level: Beginner
Using Marc & Mentat to
This interactive tutorial will provide an introduction to Marc & Mentat and the process of performing nonlinear finite element analysis. Ability Level: Beginner
JK Mold Design
JK Mold Design is a leading provider of high-end, complex mold designs for plastic injection-molded parts and aluminum and zinc die casting. Until the late 1990s, the contract design firm used the CADKEY® 2D design package to create engineering drawings for mold designs that customers use to manufacture products and components. According to John Kreutzberger, owner of JK Mold Design, 2D tools were adequate until he began receiving a variety of 3D design data. He discovered he was spending an inordinate amount of time rebuilding models in 2D, and started landing projects requiring increasingly complex mold designs.
Outdoor Technologies Inc.
Outdoor Technologies Inc. (OTI) manufactures vinyl fencing, decking, and railing products. The company originally used AutoCAD® 2D design tools, but believed it could increase productivity and improve product visualization for its customers by moving to a 3D CAD system. OTI initially chose the Autodesk Inventor® 3D CAD package in 2003. Because the company had used Autodesk® software, it believed upgrading to Inventor represented the most economical option due to discounted pricing, according to Stan Hathorn, engineering/technical manager.
Barry-Wehmiller International
Barry-Wehmiller International Resources (BWIR) provides design and manufacturing systems consulting services to some of the world’s top manufacturers, including Barry-Wehmiller Companies. In 1998, Barry-Wehmiller Companies began to challenge traditional 2D design methods and investigated available 3D design tools. Lost productivity resulting from file conversions, data compatibility issues, and errors in the design of parts within moving assemblies prompted Barry-Wehmiller Companies to engage BWIR to study standardizing on a 3D system, according to Senthil Kumar, BWIR director of engineering services.
Barry-Wehmiller International
Barry-Wehmiller International Resources (BWIR) provides design and manufacturing systems consulting services to some of the world’s top manufacturers, including Barry-Wehmiller Companies. In 1998, Barry-Wehmiller Companies began to challenge traditional 2D design methods and investigated available 3D design tools. Lost productivity resulting from file conversions, data compatibility issues, and errors in the design of parts within moving assemblies prompted Barry-Wehmiller Companies to engage BWIR to study standardizing on a 3D system, according to Senthil Kumar, BWIR director of engineering services.
Samson Design Associates, Inc.
Samson Design Associates, Inc. specializes in helping clients develop concepts involving human interaction – such as exercise equipment, medical products, and safety systems – into actual products that clients can manufacture and sell at a profit. In response to tighter client budgets and shorter delivery deadlines, the firm investigated ways to streamline its development processes, including the use of integrated modeling and design analysis capabilities to save time, reduce prototype cycles, and cut costs, according to Nick Smith, mechanical engineer.
FlexPDE 6
This section introduces the reader gradually to the use of FlexPDE in the solution of systems of partial differential equations. We begin with a discussion of the basic character of FlexPDE. We then construct a simple model problem and proceed to add features to the model.
Finite Element Solid
This demonstration shows how to create a block with 5 cylindrical holes using AMPSolid - The AMPS solid modeling program designed for FEA analysis.
Meshing and Finite Element
This AMPS demonstration shows how to load a model into AMPSolid Mesh the model Use AMPView to add FEA parameters Solve the model and View the results with AMPView.
Create Geometry Tutorial
The following sample problem was designed to familiarize you with the basics of solving heat transfer problems using WinTherm. This is just one possible solution path for solving the problem. As you become more familiar with WinTherm, you will develop your own methods for solving problems such as this.
ThreeDify Grapher Tutorials
We have created a series of tutorial videos to help introduce new users to ThreeDify Grapher. These tutorial videos demonstrate basic operations like creating 3D graphs in your Excel worksheets, customizing and beautifying your graphs, and customizing your office toolbars to allow you to work in Design Mode. Each Tutorial video is between two and a half and four minutes long.
The Role oF Product Data
Research on today’s manufacturing environment makes three things clear. The first is that manufacturers must innovate to capture their share of lower sales volumes. The second is that they must bring products to market faster to combat hungry, global competitors. The third is that manufacturers are running very lean due to price pressure from customers and the recent economic downturn. The combination of tough markets, reduced headcount, tight budgets, and aggressive new product development targets means that manufacturers need to be able to design and develop products extremely efficiently to get the most out of their engineering efforts.
Adept Engineering Document
Guntert & Zimmerman is a small company that competes and thrives in the highly competitive construction equipment market. What’s their secret? They have built a core business on solid principles. They care for their customers. They have carved out a niche that larger companies don’t or can’t own. And finally, they have leveraged technology that lets them bring products to market faster. Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) of Ripon, California ( offers a complete line of high performance, state of the art concrete highway, airport and canal construction equipment. To help them streamline, they’re using SolidWorks 3D modeling and Adept engineering document management software from Synergis Software.
Adept Engineering Document
Adept engineering document management software helps you find, manage, share and control engineering, CAD and business documents throughout their lifecycle. Adept integrates with the world’s most popular CAD and business programs, including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, MicroStation, and Microsoft Office. Adept provides document and drawing control, engineering change management and advanced 2D / 3D visualization capabilities that extend the benefits of engineering document management throughout the business enterprise.
Plasma-Therm Completes
In January 2009, four Plasma-Therm managers pooled their resources and bought controlling interest back. During that period, the engineering manager had to organize an entire engineering department, and replace the document management solution from the former owner’s PLM system as quickly and seamlessly as possible. “We knew we needed to purchase some sort of product data management system due to the complexity of our product and the dynamic nature of our business,” said Pizzo, engineering manager. “Our systems have anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 parts on them. Trying to manage Inventor assemblies with that number of parts along with their various revisions and changes is impossible to imagine without some sort of a document management system.”
sd card recovery
Photo recovery software is an easy to use setup that ensures safe data revival that saves the restored data at user defined location.
SoftInWay Announces Turbomachinery
BURLINGTON, Massachusetts, June 24, 2011. SoftInWay Inc., a global leader in turbomachinery design software, flow path design, redesign consulting and education has scheduled educational events for the second part of 2011. In response to a growing demand for engineering training, the company continues to add new events to its calendar, including classroom based courses, online training, seminars and webinars. SoftInWay’s classroom training is dedicated to engineers seeking a comprehensive theoretical background and practical skills of turbomachinery flow path development. The more detailed information on the training contents, registration and specials is available at
barcode inventory software
Simple and effective 2d barcode retail software design significant barcode labels for products using linear fonts styling.
Accelerating with Shafts,
The parametric design capabilities of Autodesk® Inventor® not only provide stunning visualizations, but they make it possible to truly realize a product, long before it is physically produced. The resulting shorter time-to-market, and increased profitability, have led designers in a variety of industries to choose Inventor’s powerful 3D digital prototyping. They have benefited from hundreds of features that save hours, days, or even weeks of design time. In addition to these now expected benefits of digital prototyping, Autodesk Inventor goes a step further with its accelerators.
Swedish manufacturer
Plico Chooses 3D MCAD Software from ASCON A new success story with ASCON' customer.
German metalwork producer
ASCON' customer - Wolfgang Buscher Metallbau’ success story
Innovative Australian
ASCON customer,Mick Murray Welding, success story
KOMPAS-3D helps emergency
ASCON customer Customer success story: Engineering center of Fire systems Co. Ltd.
bar code generation
Barcode software designs barcode images that can be easily read by Two dimensional printers, Linear printers and Laser printers.
Knowledge Based Engineering
Knowledge based engineering (KBE) is a technique that provides ways to capture and deploy knowledge across the complete product realization value chain. A proper implementation roadmap and maximum control at hands of engineers are the key factors for successfully leveraging KBE. Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) can be seen as a tool for capturing and reusing knowledge during the product development. It focuses on how to capture and formalize knowledge so as to enable shorter product development time.
PLM Neutral Customization
A Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application is same for any organization's product information as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application is to the organization's human and transactional information. Proper selection of the PLM application and its effective implementation help the organization to manage multiple products efficiently. All PLM applications provide generic features mainly from product data management perspective. PLM vendors also provide Application Programmer Interfaces (API) and customization hooks to extend, configure or tweak the out‐of‐the‐box (OOTB) functionality in order to fulfill the business objectives of the organization. However, these APIs and customization processes are proprietary to the PLM vendor.
A New Instructor for
First class as a SoftInWay Teacher will be Axial Compressor Fundamentals. Mr. Joseph Veres has over 40 years experience in design, analysis and optimization of axial and centrifugal compressors and turbo pumps. His extensive turbomachinery experience consists of research and management positions at NASA Glenn Research Center, Dresser-Rand (formerly Dresser-Clark) and Teledyne Brown (formerly Teledyne CAE). During his time at these research and manufacturing icons, Mr. Veres developed and worked on an impressive number of new tu rbomachines for Defense, Propulsion and Petrochemical application as well as participated in various Environmental and Educational initiatives. To know more about Mr. Veres and other SoftInWay teachers, visit:
LMS helps BSH Bosch und
The article I would like to submit discusses how BSH Bosch used cutting-edge sound engineering and acoustic testing technologies from LMS International to design a quieter dishwasher for consumers.
Turning designs into
The role of design has become critical in the 21st century of innovation and knowledge based economy. Research also indicates that around 70% of the product cost is committed during the design stage itself. Hence, it is important to design and provide ideas for changes in designs at an early stage, in order to make it easy and cost effective during the manufacturing process. ‘Design for Manufacturing’ is the process of proactively designing products to optimize all the manufacturing functions; and assure the best cost, quality, reliability, safety, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction. In this paper, we describe how good designs can be manufactured with ease, the primary tool being a good CAD system accompanied by a virtual design assistant tool for DFM. It showcases how Creo and DFMPro give the designers the freedom and flexibility to create innovative designs; at the same time ensuring that it is in accordance with the recommended manufacturing guidelines.
Work More Efficiently
Customizing the user interface and hotkeysis useful for improving the efficiency of working with ZW3D.
AutoCAD Cheat Sheet
The AutoCAD Cheat Sheet is a list of the most useful command aliases for doing generic drafting in AutoCAD.
Christofóli Reduces
A Brazilian manufacturer finds a great reduction in production time with the use of Edgecam's waveform technology.
RevPart is a company that provides rapid prototyping services. RevPart has created a blog called RevBlog. The RevBlog covers many rapid prototyping topics.
Technical Requirements
Democratization of numerical simulation through the development and deployment of Smart Engineering Simulation Apps is gaining momentum; however such apps must satisfy several important technical requirements to ensure the level of reliability needed for professional use by experts and no-experts alike.

SolidCAM: Patented Wizard to optimal feeds & speeds

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