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June 20, 2011
PTC Delivers First Creo Apps
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Jeff Rowe - Managing Editor

by Jeff Rowe - Contributing Editor
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PTC announced the availability of Creo 1.0 and delivery of the first set of Creo apps. The release of Creo marks another industry first for PTC, whose tradition of technology innovation began with the introduction of the industry’s first 3D parametric modeling software. The Creo breakthrough technology enables enterprise wide participation in the product design process to unlock potential for creativity, teamwork, efficiency and value.

“Since we unveiled our Creo product strategy last October, we’ve seen incredible customer interest in Creo,” said James Heppelmann, PTC’s president and CEO. “Based on the reaction of the marketplace, we believe that Creo has the potential to deliver the renaissance in CAD innovation that we had predicted at the launch.”

Creo is designed to solve the unaddressed problems remaining in the mechanical CAD market: usability, interoperability, assembly management and technology lock-in. Creo provides a scalable suite of interoperable, integrated design apps- built on a unique architecture with patent-pending technology, to meet the needs of the wide spectrum of users that form a company’s extended product development team. By more fully engaging these users throughout the product lifecycle, companies can increase productivity and improve operational efficiencies, getting better products to market faster.

“We participated in the Creo beta program and in all customer events aimed at Creo development. We believe that Creo delivers capabilities that will help increase the productivity of everyone involved in System S.p.A.’s product development process,” said Roberto Dolci, Chief Information Officer of System Group. “By allowing a broader set of people across the company to access product data in a way that fits their role, and by introducing 3D direct modeling to speed up new product development, Creo helps accelerate our business agility, which drives our success.”

The first set of Creo apps are designed to optimize engineering, manufacturing and service processes. Role-based packages are designed to help increase productivity for everyone from service planners, technical illustrators and industrial designers to engineers who have historically driven product design processes using 3D direct or parametric modeling, while also benefiting CAD users in the extended enterprise.
  • Creo Sketch –for simple “freehand” drawing of ideas and design concepts in 2D
  • Creo Layout – for capturing early concepts layouts in 2D that ultimately drive 3D design.
  • Creo Parametric – for powerful, 3D parametric modeling capabilities currently available in Creo Elements/Pro (formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER). Extensions deliver a broader range of seamlessly integrated 3D CAD/CAID/CAM/CAE capabilities. New extensions offer more design flexibility and support for legacy data adoption.
  • Creo Direct – for fast, flexible 3D geometry creation and editing using a direct modeling approach. Provides unprecedented levels of interoperability with Creo Parametric for greater design flexibility
  • Creo Simulate - delivers capabilities an analyst needs for structural and thermal simulation
  • Creo Schematics - for creating 2D routed systems diagrams for piping and cabling designs.
  • Creo Illustrate –for 3D technical illustrations, providing capabilities to communicate complex service and parts information, training, work instructions, etc. to improve product usability and performance graphically in 3D.
  • Creo View ECAD - for viewing, interrogating, and marking up electronic geometry
  • Creo View MCAD - for viewing, interrogating, and marking up mechanical geometry

  • Additionally, Creo offers a highly flexible and open solution that helps companies obtain maximum business value from their CAD investments. For many companies Creo provides the opportunity to divest from a heterogeneous CAD environment and consolidate on a single design platform. However, the AnyData Adoption technology of Creo ensures that consolidation is a choice and not a requirement. Creo respects and protects existing investment in data and working methods - enabling access to data from any CAD system.

    “With the delivery of Creo 1.0, PTC is spearheading an unprecedented transformation of the CAD industry for the second time in history,” said Brian Shepherd, executive vice president, product development, PTC. “Creo’s role based apps make a typically closed process open and inclusive, enabling more people to make a meaningful contribution to product designs. This is a huge advance that will help our customers create better designs, and ultimately better products.”

    The majority of Creo1.0 apps are available now in ten languages. Creo Sketch and Creo Layout are planned to be available later in late July and late fall 2011 respectively.

    Commentary By Jeffrey Rowe, Editor

    What seemed a mysterious and curious MCAD technology announcement a year ago called Project Lightning has become a reality known as Creo. Last year PTC heralded it as a “revolutionary” technology set that would influence CAD for decades, but relatively little concrete information was forthcoming until last week. The products, known as Creo apps were officially launched at PTC's annual user conference to quite a bit of fanfare, but also some questions left unanswered, at least for now.

    Since the Creo brand was announced last fall, I initially had a difficult time with why change well-established product lines brand and identities? I'm guessing to provide a clearer sense of purpose for what the various products do (such as Sketch, Illustrate, Simulate, etc.), all with a Creo prefix. This new nomenclature provides a little better commonality between the various products, but did the consolidation go far enough? For example, since they basically do the same thing why not combine Creo Sketch and Creo Layout into one 2D tool. The same goes for Creo View ECAD and Creo View MCAD; to just Creo View for Mechatronics? Obviously, the reason is to sell more product,
    but on the customer side, I'd prefer fewer, more comprehensive choices. On the other hand, splitting the products (actually known as role-based apps with specific functionality) is a welcome departure from PTC's historic tendency to offer monolithic software applications that were often overkill for many users based on an over-abundance of features that few of them used – tough to learn, tough to use. Too many features also contributed to many of PTC's products having labyrinthian user interfaces with confusing commands and endless cascading menus. Hopefully, Creo is addressing this major usability issue.

    The launch of Creo brings a number of questions to mind:

  • What about the level of Creo integration with industrial design and CAM? Especially CAM, because it is so closely related to the Creo CAD apps.
  • How will Windchill integrate and interact with Creo? Admittedly, Windchill is a totally different ballgame. Will it ever have a Creo-like moniker and branding?
  • To what degree does Creo Parametric (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) possess direct modeling capabilities and to what degree does Creo Direct (formerly CoCreate) possess parametric capabilities?
  • Ultimately, will Creo Parametric and Creo Direct become one app? I know that gets back to the monolithic thing, but having direct and parametric modeling capabilities in one package can be a good thing.
  • What is the upgrade path and associated cost for current PTC customers?
  • How long will current pre-Creo PTC products be supported?
  • How consistent is the UI across the various Creo apps with regard to look, feel, and behavior?
  • How does Creo fit with its acquired publishing arm, Arbortext?

  • Creo may well be the biggest gamble that PTC has ever undertaken. With risk comes potential for great opportunity and success, but at this stage of the game, the opposite can also be true. Will customers jump on the Creo bandwagon, or wait and see how it evolves? Because PTC's customers are typically a fairly conservative lot, I'm betting on the latter, at least for the time being. However, that could change relatively quickly if some of PTC's marquee customers make the switch and report positive results.

    To relive the “good old days” of the 1990s when it revolutionized the CAD process and industry with Pro/ENGINEER, PTC really needs to hit a home run with Creo. It doesn't have to happen tomorrow, but it has to happen. Will Creo bring some needed excitement to its staffers and customers? Hard to say, but I hope it does because the MCAD industry as a whole is in need of some excitement.

    I'm anxious to try out some of the Creo apps and judge for myself.


    The Week’s Top 5

    At MCADCafé we track many things, including the stories that have attracted the most interest from our subscribers. Below are the five news items that were the most viewed during last week.

    PTC Sets New Standard for Managing Hardware and Software Development Lifecycles with MKS Integrity Acquisition 

    PTC acquired MKS Inc., developer of MKS Integrity, a platform for software application lifecycle management (ALM). MKS Integrity coordinates and manages all activities and artifacts associated with developing software-intensive products, including requirements, models, code and test, ensuring comprehensive lifecycle traceability. Software has become an integral, embedded component of most products manufactured today.

    SolidWorks Helps Thule Tackle Sports Gear Transport Challenges

    Thule has standardized on SolidWorks to design products for transporting bicycles, boats, skis, snowboards, and luggage. Thule tests its racks to be strong enough to carry the appropriate cargo, plus whatever the customer has loaded on top of it, at 90 mph, in buffeting crosswinds, and on bumpy, twisty roads. A recent breakthrough product developed with SolidWorks is a new “foot” – the piece of the carrier that attaches to the car. The foot includes an integrated AcuTight Tensioning Tool , a built-in torque gauge, to ensure the rack is tight enough without over tightening. Thule saves time by sharing designs with business areas around the world in the SolidWorks
    native file format those units use. At its headquarters in Sweden, Thule’s product development department has used SolidWorks since 1996. Thule engineers further ensure quality by efficiently communicating with product managers and other non-CAD users by creating animations in SolidWorks and by sharing designs over email using eDrawings software.

    Company uses CCE’s CAT5Works to Collaborate with OEM For Translations of Files Between CATIA and SolidWorks 

    Magnuson Products manufactures superchargers for car, truck, motorcycle OEMs and for the automotive aftermarket. The company has been manufacturing superchargers for over 40 years and uses the SolidWorks to design, analyze and manufacture its products. One of Magnuson’s customers uses CATIA and routinely provides large data files in CATIA format to Magnuson. Magnuson uses CCE’s CAT5Works product to exchange CAD files between SolidWorks and CATIA. CAT5Works is a bi-directional SolidWorks/CATIA data translator, which allows file translation from within SolidWorks. The latest version of CAT5Works is compatible with SolidWorks 2009, 2010 & 2011 on 32-bit and 64-bit
    versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. CAT5Works enables design collaboration between CATIA V5 / CATIA V4 and SolidWorks systems. CAT5Works can import CATIA V5 Release 6 to 20 part (*.CATPart) / assembly (*.CATProduct) files to SolidWorks, and export SolidWorks files to CATIA V5 part (*.CATPart) / assembly (*.CATProduct) files. CAT5Works supports batch translations for handling bulk data. It supports transfer of CATIA V5 FT&A entities into SolidWorks. CATIA data can be filtered by entities and layers before conversion into SolidWorks.

    Bombardier Aerospace Adds Altair's HyperWorks to its Strategic Solutions for Computer Modeling of Airframes 

    Altair Engineering announced that it has signed an agreement with Bombardier Aerospace under which the aircraft manufacturer will expand its use of the HyperWorks suite of CAE tools for computer modeling airframes and conducting finite-element analysis. Bombardier Aerospace will expand the use of HyperMesh and HyperView, two technologies within the HyperWorks suite, for finite-element modeling of aircraft structures, from the component level to the full aircraft. In addition, Bombardier will join other aerospace manufacturers who use Altair's OptiStruct and HyperStudy to optimize aerospace structural designs for weight reduction, robust design and design efficiency.  

    CIMdata Releases 2011 Executive PLM Market Report 

    CIMdata 2011 Executive PLM Market Report, the first of five modules of the CIMdata PLM Market Analysis Report (MAR) Series was released and provides detailed information and in-depth analysis on the worldwide PLM market during 2010. It contains analyses of major trends and issues, leading PLM suppliers, revenue analyses for geographical regions, industry sectors, and historical and projected data on market growth. The CIMdata PLM Market Analysis Report Series is packaged as five modules:
  • The CIMdata 2011 Executive PLM Market Report provides an overview of CIMdata’s complete global analysis.
  • The CIMdata 2011 PLM Industry Review and Trends Report is mainly qualitative in nature, and focuses on key issues facing the global PLM ecosystem of solution providers and end user organizations.
  • The CIMdata 2011 PLM Market and Solution Supplier Analysis Report details measures of and forecasts for the overall PLM market and key segments, including Tools, cPDm, and Digital Manufacturing.
  • The CIMdata 2011 PLM Market Geographic Analysis Report provides an additional view of the 2010 market results, by major geography.
  • The CIMdata 2011 PLM Market Industry Analysis Report provides an industry segmentation view of the 2010 market results for eight different industry sectors: aerospace and defense; automotive and other transportation; electronics/ telecommunications; fabrication and assembly; process-packaged goods; process—petrochemical; utilities; and construction, infrastructure and shipbuilding.


    Jeffrey Rowe is the editor of
    MCADCafé and MCAD Weekly Review. He can be reached at
    Email Contact or 719.221.1867.


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    Geomagic and Nikon Metrology Partner to Offer Integrated Scanning Solution for 3D Reverse Engineering and Inspection

    HighRES Releases Reverse Engineering, Point Cloud Processing and Laser Scanning tools for Creo

    NetIDEAS Now Offering PTC's Windchill 10.0 in the Cloud

    SME Tech Group Honors Award Winners for Innovation, Improvements and Excellence in Composites Manufacturing

    Free TurboViewer Is First 3D DWG Viewer on iPad

    iBASEt Announces New PLM Execution Strategy for the Extended Enterprise at PlanetPTC Live

    ETRAGE LLC Announces the Release Plot Service for Windchill 10 and Creo

    Catalog Data Solutions CAD Model Search Engine included in PTC Creo™ Design Software – “A Model at Every Click”

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    Companion Apps Now Available in AutoCAD 2012

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    Polestar Simulates Winning Racecars With MSC Adams

    Panther Racing Demonstrates STAR-CCM+ Simulation Leads to Engineering Success


    CIMdata Adds CPDA Resources to Consulting Team

    Students Race To Win Ferrari’s World Design Contest with Autodesk Software

    Delcam launches new web site for PowerMILL CAM system

    Gerber Technology Automates Transfer of webPDM data to YuniquePLM with Yunify – A Powerful Data Migration Tool

    Simulation Driven Product Design with Enmesh and SpaceClaim Direct Modeling

    VISTAGY’s FiberSIM Software Wins Top Marks in DLR Composites Study

    AMD and Leading Software Vendors Continue to Expand Offerings Optimized for OpenCL(TM) Standard

    MecSoft Announces VisualXPORT for Autodesk Inventor 2012

    DE-STA-CO Offers 3D Product Models through TracePartsOnline.net

    e-dynamics: win an iPad2 or a Cervélo racing bike - Cd-adapco

    MBDA Missile Systems Selects VISTAGY’s FiberSIM® Software as Part of Company’s Global Improvement Plan

    CIMdata Publishes “Visual Components for Factory Simulation”

    Catalog Data Solutions and Ecreativeworks Announce Partnership

    Cambashi to Sponsor ISA

    Paperless Parts Announces Upcoming “Tech Day”

    Dassault Systèmes Adds Design Data Management Capabilities to Synopsys Custom Designer

    NorthRidge Software Releases Advanced Search Solution for Aras PLM Software Suite

    ETRAGE LLC Announces Visible Edge, Inc. as a Reseller of Products and Services

    Mirae in South Korea is sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D

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    Engines Start in the Automotive Sector -- Research Report on Ford Motor Company and General Motors

    MathWorks HDL Tools add Xilinx FPGA Hardware Verification

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    Lightning Strikes and Thermal Effects with latest ElecNet release from Infolytica

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    Mentor Graphics Delivers Essential New Capabilities in TSMC Analog/Mixed Signal Reference Flow 2.0

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    Manufacturing Technology Suppliers Commend President’s Skills Initiative

    Manufacturing Mentoring Program Part of President Obama’s Plan for High-Skilled Workers

    Petrovietnam Marine Shipyard Company Standardizes on Intergraph SmartMarine 3D

    Vector Aerospace Announces First Quarter 2011 Results

    New Ford Focus Electric Keeps Its Cool When the Temperature Heats Up

    Corporate Moves

    SGI Names Praveen K. Mandal Senior Vice President of Engineering

    SEMATECH Hires Semiconductor High-Tech Veteran Richard Young as Vice President of Manufacturing


    Industry Events

    Malcolm Panthaki, Founder of Comet Solutions Inc., joins the Keynote Line-up for PLM Road Map 2011

    IMAGINiT Technologies Hosts Inaugural BIG I.D.E.A.S. Virtual Event

    SpaceClaim Webinar :SpaceClaim for Bid Modeling

    MachineWorks launches Polygonica at CAD’11

    Air Force Research Labs and Honda Aircraft Company to Deliver Keynotes at 2011 Aerospace Engineering Conference Co-Hosted by LMS and dSPACE

    CimatronE's New Motion Simulator for Die Designers on Show at Blechexpo

    Software Factory to Showcase Add-ons and Customizations for Creo Elements/Pro and Windchill at PlanetPTC Live in Las Vegas

    Apriso to Speak on Bridging the Gap between Manufacturing and Engineering at PlanetPTC™ Live Conference

    SpaceClaim Webinar : Simulation Driven Product Design with Enmesh and SpaceClaim Direct Modeling

    Concepts NREC Advancing Clean and Efficient Turbine Technology at ASME Turbo Expo

    Apriso to Speak on Bridging the Gap between Manufacturing and Engineering at PlanetPTC™ Live Conference

    UKTI and EEF to hold “Growth through Export” event at Delcam

    Hankook Delcam supports Doosan at the DIMF

    Free SolidWorks Webinar : CAD/CAM SLAM ! : CAM for SolidWorks featuring CAMWorks Jun 21 2011

    LMS Announces Final Agenda for FREE Automotive Conference

    ETRAGE LLC AND TWI to Present Lean Product Development Tools at PlanetPTC Live, Las Vegas

    GstarCAD Europe Tour: Austria, Poland, and Italy

    Interstate Specialty Products To Exhibit at Atlantic Design & Manufacturing Show

    Hankook Delcam to show complete open implantology at SIDEX

    LMS to present latest transmission engineering process at VDI 2011

    Delcam to show higher productivity orthotics CADCAM software at Foothealth

    SGI to Unveil Groundbreaking HPC Solutions at 2011 International Supercomputing Conference

    Stratasys to Present at the Annual William Blair Growth Stock Conference


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    -- Jeff Rowe, MCADCafe.com Contributing Editor.

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