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August 04, 2008
PTC Reports Q3 2008 Revenue Up 25%
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Jeff Rowe - Managing Editor

by Jeff Rowe - Contributing Editor
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PTC recently reported results for its fiscal third quarter ended June 28, 2008. C. Richard Harrison, president and chief executive officer, commented, “We achieved 21% year-over-year non-GAAP revenue growth in the third quarter reflecting contribution from the CoCreate Software business acquired on November 30, 2007, organic revenue growth and favorable currency impact. Importantly, we achieved double digit license revenue growth in every region except the Pacific Rim.” GAAP year-over-year revenue growth for the third fiscal quarter was 21%. Our third quarter non-GAAP revenue excludes the effect of purchase accounting on the acquired deferred maintenance revenue balance of CoCreate
of approximately $1 million.

Harrison added, “In the third quarter, PTC received orders from leading organizations, including Airbus, Bang & Olufsen, Gamesa, Raytheon, Sumitomo Wiring System, LTD., Toyota Motor Corporation, and Volvo Group. There were 13 customers from which we recognized more than $1 million of license and services revenue in Q3. This compares to 16 customers last quarter and 17 in the same period last year. We recognized $35.6 million of license and services revenue from such customers in Q3, compared with $37.6 million last quarter and $34.7 million in Q3 of last year.”

Neil Moses, chief financial officer, commented, “We delivered 21.3% non-GAAP operating margin in the third quarter, an 860 basis point improvement from the same period last year. Our year-to-date non-GAAP operating margin of 20.2% is up 610 basis points over the same period in fiscal 2007.” GAAP operating margins for Q3 of 2008 and the first nine months of fiscal 2008 were 11.7% and 10.1%, respectively. The Company’s non-GAAP tax rate in the third quarter of 2008 was 32% and its GAAP tax rate was 42%.

Moses continued, “During the quarter we recorded a $3.8 million restructuring charge related to our ongoing globalization initiative as we transition certain back-office functions to lower cost regions. We also recorded a one-time non-cash loss recorded to other income (expense) of $6.2 million during the quarter as we liquidated certain legal entities related to previous acquisitions. Both of these items are excluded from our non-GAAP results.”

Moses added, “Cash flow from operations was $53 million for the third quarter and $181 million year to date. We used $54 million in Q3 to repay amounts borrowed under our revolving credit facility to finance the CoCreate acquisition, leaving an outstanding loan balance of $110 million as of the end of the third quarter. Additionally, we used $5 million of cash during the quarter to repurchase our common shares under our current $50 million authorization. We have $45 million remaining under that authorization. Cash and cash equivalents were $242 million at the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2008.”

  • Q3 non-GAAP Results: Revenue of $272.7 million and EPS of $0.33
  • Q3 GAAP Results: Revenue of $271.7 million and EPS of $0.12
  • Q4 non-GAAP Guidance: Revenue of $290 to $300 million with EPS of $0.38 to $0.42
  • Q4 GAAP Guidance: Revenue of $289 to $299 million with EPS of $0.21 to $0.25
  • FY 2008 non-GAAP Guidance: Revenue of $1,070 million with 22% operating margin
  • FY 2008 GAAP Guidance: Revenue of $1,065 million with 12% operating margin

  • Q4 Outlook

    “Looking forward to Q4, we are currently expecting non-GAAP revenue to be between $290 million and $300 million,” said Harrison. “Non-GAAP earnings per diluted share are expected to be between $0.38 and $0.42.” PTC expects GAAP Q4 revenue between $289 million and $299 million, and GAAP earnings per diluted share between $0.21 and $0.25. The Q4 guidance assumes a non-GAAP tax rate of 35% and GAAP tax rate of 37.5%.

    The non-GAAP revenue guidance for Q4 excludes the effect of purchase accounting on the acquired deferred maintenance revenue balance of CoCreate of approximately $1 million. In addition, the Q4 non-GAAP earnings guidance excludes approximately $11 million of stock-based compensation expense, $10 million of acquisition-related amortization expenses, $5 million of restructuring expenses related to our continued globalization program and the related income tax effects.

    FY08 Outlook

    For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2008, PTC currently expects non-GAAP revenue to be approximately $1,070 million with non-GAAP earnings per diluted share in the range of $1.28 to $1.32. PTC expects GAAP revenue to be approximately $1,065 million with GAAP earnings per diluted share in the range of $0.58 to $0.62 for the fiscal year. The full fiscal year guidance assumes a non-GAAP tax rate of 34% and GAAP tax rate of 39%.

    The non-GAAP revenue guidance for the full fiscal year excludes the effect of purchase accounting on the acquired deferred maintenance revenue balance of CoCreate of approximately $5 million. In addition, the non-GAAP earnings guidance excludes approximately $44 million of stock-based compensation expense, $35 million of acquisition-related amortization expense, $20 million of restructuring expenses primarily related to our continued globalization program, $2 million of in-process research and development expense related to acquisitions completed in the first quarter of 2008, $6 million of a non-cash loss recorded to other income (expense) resulting from the liquidation of certain legal
    entities related to previous acquisitions, and the related income tax effects.

    Harrison concluded, “While we continue to remain mindful of the potential impact of a slowing economy in 2008, we are confident in our ability to achieve our Q4 and fiscal 2008 revenue and earnings targets. We are expecting modest sequential increases in our maintenance and services lines of business. We are expecting a modest year-over-year increase of license revenue in Q4 as we continue to expand and increase the effectiveness of our reseller channel, which accounts for more the 30% of our license revenue, and as we see strength in our pipeline for new license opportunities worldwide.”

    Commentary By Jeffrey Rowe, Editor

    This Q3 financial results announcement indicates that PTC had its second best performing quarter in its history and the best quarter in the last nine years, so the good news was a long time in coming. PTC’s results were above expectations and street consensus, and the Company raised its guidance for the year (from $1,060 million to $1,070 million), so it becomes a member of the “billion-dollar club,” joining Autodesk, Dassault, and Siemens PLM Software.

    PTC reported Q3 revenues of $77.6 million, up 25% over a year ago (based on GAAP accounting) – although North American sales were up just 4%, Europe grew 14%, and sales in Japan were up 86%. In the U.S., generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), are accounting rules used to prepare, present, and report financial statements for a wide variety of entities.

    The company gives three primary reasons for its good fortune in Q3:
  • Favorable” (whatever that means) currency impact, meaning a low U.S. dollar compared with other currencies, such as the Euro. However, this can make prices disproportionately expensive for countries outside the U.S.
  • Revenues from CoCreate, acquired late last year.
  • Organic growth, meaning natural internal growth, not counting acquisitions.

  • The question I have is how much of the 25% is attributable to the weak dollar, and how much is for other tangible reasons, such as product and services?

    During Q2, PTC launched Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and added 4,400 new Pro/E seats in Q3, down from 5,000 last quarter but up from 4,150 in Q3 of last year. PTC says it now has approximately 134,000 active maintenance paying Pro/E seats in the market; this is up 5% year over year.

    I’m somewhat surprised at the impact and mention that Pro/ENGINEER had and found it a little ironic, because a couple months ago Jim Heppelmann, PTC’s executive VP, software products, and chief product officer, said that it is the 130,000+ Pro/E maintenance customers that drive the company.

    While it has downplayed MCAD somewhat, PTC really emphasized the importance and significance of managing data and collaboration with the acknowledgement of two new products – Product View and Windchill ProductPoint (more about them later). Data management in and of itself is fine, but what about the creative process? After all, the data to be managed has to come from somewhere.

    PTC launched Windchill 9.0 in Q1 2008, and itsData Management and Collaboration license revenue was up more than 40% year over year in Q3. PTC says it added 34,700 new seats of Windchill during Q3, up from 25,500 new seats last quarter, and up from 16,400 in Q3 of last year. It now has more than 580,000 active maintenance paying Windchill seats in the market; up 29% year over year.

    During the third quarter PTC announced the following new products:
  • Windchill ProductPoint 1.0, a new “lighter” version of Windchill based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. This product is targeted primarily for SMBs. It will also provide larger enterprises with a SharePoint strategy the ability to extend their product development system to broader user communities. ProductPoint will enable users to manage and share structured product content in multiple CAD formats and to present Windchill information to users in a SharePoint portal. ProductPoint is also integrated and will work with Windchill. According to the company, because Windchill ProductPoint does not overlap Pro/INTRALINK or Windchill PDMLink capabilities, PTC does not plan to develop
    migration tools or enable license transfers that would enable customers to switch to Windchill ProductPoint. ProductPoint is expected to be available sometime during Q4 2008.
  • The next version of Windchill, 9.1, is scheduled to be released by the end of 2008. In addition to usability improvements, this release will include incremental improvements to some of the new functionality in 9.0, such as MPM Link for integration with SAP and Oracle, as well as extended configuration management capabilities. Windchill 9.1 will also offer new capabilities enabling outsourced design to help coordinate with suppliers and partners.
  • ProductView 9.1 enables visual product interaction with 3D thumbnails, visualization of lightweight product viewables, and Web-based markup tools for redlining designs. According to Heppelmann, “During this past year, PTC has been working to consolidate its Division and InterComm products under the umbrella of ProductView, providing customers one complete platform for visual collaboration.” ProductView 9.1 is scheduled to be available in September 2008.
  • CoCreate 2008 was launched. Some of the major features include enhanced surface editing capabilities, more flexible work-in-process capture and faster cross-sectional modifications. PTC says it is pleased with its progress on integrating CoCreate into the mix and says it is on track to complete the organizational integration by the end of 2008. The company has also begun planning phase work to integrate CoCreate products with Windchill.

  • By lines of business, license revenues of $78 million were up 25% year over year. Every region except the Pacific Rim posted double-digit year-over-year license revenue growth. The strongest performance was in Japan, which was up over 200% year over year.

    Services revenues of $64 million were up 7% year over year. PTC had solid services revenue growth in all geographic regions except for North America, which saw a 10% year-over-year decline in services revenue, which the company believes reflects the economic environment in the region.

    Maintenance non-GAAP revenue of $131 million was up 27% year over year and 7% over Q2. Q3 was PTC’s biggest maintenance quarter ever. GAAP maintenance revenue was $130 million for Q3 2008. For the full year it is expecting better than 20% year-over-year growth. PTC expects to complete fiscal 2008 with more than $500 million in maintenance revenue.

    PTC continues to expand its reseller channel, with $70 million, or 26%, of total revenues coming from the channel in Q3. This is 48% year-over-year growth, and up 4% from Q2, reflecting both expansion from the CoCreate reseller channel and organic expansion. Year-over-year, channel revenue grew in all geographic regions: 125% in Japan, 70% in Europe, 11% in the Pacific Rim, and 1% in North America. Q3 Direct account revenue, including Strategic Account Management (SAM) accounts, grew 14% year over year, and was up 6% from Q2.

    Although various PTC executives have publicly said otherwise, I feel that PLM for SMBs takes a back seat. I say this because PTC’s Heppelmann has said that during the most recent fiscal year, 76% of the company’s sales were direct, whereas the remaining 24% went through the channel. PTC deals directly (sales and support) with companies that have sales greater than $700 million, and deals that are greater than $1 million for products and services. Anything smaller (SMBs) goes through the reseller channel. Although PTC keeps saying that it appeals to SMBs, most of PTCs message seems aimed toward big companies and their needs. While I’ll agree that there is a huge potential market
    for SMBs employing at least some level of data management, I don’t see PTC placing a huge amount of emphasis on PLM for SMBs.

    As for PTC’s outlook for Q4, the company is expecting non-GAAP revenue between $290 million and $300 million. It expects GAAP revenue to be between $289 million and $299 million.

    Although one quarter is only one quarter, PTC seems to feel good about its business. It did, in fact, have a strong quarter and a solid outlook, despite a soft economic environment in the U.S. and uncertainty about the strength of the global economy. Knowing that companies are continuing to globalize their engineering and manufacturing workforces and processes, PTC believes that the necessity of PLM applications is increasing, and PTC is positioning itself to capitalize on the opportunity. Will good fortune continue to shine on PTC? Ask us next quarter.

    The Week’s Top 5

    At MCADCafé we track many things, including the stories that have attracted the most interest from our subscribers. Below are the five news items that were the most viewed during last week.

    Corel Unveils Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4

    Corel Corp. unveiled Corel Designer Technical Suite X4 technical graphics software. Created specifically to address the technical illustration workflow, the suite enables users to create technical documentation, instructional manuals, maintenance references, and technical diagrams. Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4 provides file compatibility, including 3D design formats and AutoCAD DWG and DXF, with precise tools for illustration, bitmap-to-vector tracing, and professional photo editing. This comprehensive suite also offers an optimized workflow, multi-language support, and network deployment. The latest version of the suite includes Corel DESIGNER X4 for precise technical illustration and layout; CorelPHOTO-PAINT X4 for professional image editing; Corel PowerTRACE X4 to convert bitmaps and legacy paper documents into vector graphics; Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration 5.5 CSE to convert 3D CAD models into accurate 2D graphics; and Corel CAPTURE X4 to create screen captures, an integral component of many technical documents. Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4 also includes Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6.4; barcode and duplexing wizards, ANSI, DIN, ISO, engineering and architectural templates; and comprehensive symbol libraries containing over 4000 manufacturing, electrical, and architectural symbols. Suggested retail pricing
    for Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X4 is $999 USD for full product and$499 USD for the upgrade. You can download a free multi-lingual (English, German and French) trial version from

    Siemens PLM Software Ships Version 4 of Teamcenter Express cPDM

    Siemens PLM Software announced that Version 4 of Teamcenter Express is shipping worldwide. Teamcenter Express is the collaborative product data management (cPDM) component of the Velocity Series. The latest release adds an embedded project management option and a new shop floor access client. Two new modules help SMBs streamline their engineering resources and widen access to their product data for project managers, lead engineers, and shop floor users. For project managers and lead engineers, Teamcenter Express Version 4 delivers an embedded project management option that is integrated with the existing standard document management, project-based security and workflow capabilities in Teamcenter Express. This module improves collaboration and control by managing the scheduling of multiple projects and their related tasks, together with resource allocation and the ability to import and export project plans to and from Microsoft Project. For shop floor users, Teamcenter Express Version 4 delivers a lower cost, optional web client. This streamlined Shop Floor Viewer is specifically targeted at shop floor use cases and delivers the access to product data that industry analysts estimate saves engineers 10-12 percent of their time. It includes engineering data searches, "where used" queries to determine product usage and viewing/printing.
    The comprehensive visualization capabilities include viewing a wide variety of 2D document file types and 3D models as well as the ability to measure and view cross-sections.

    Spatial Advances CAD Interoperability and 3D Modeler to Drive CAD/CAM/CAE Innovation

    Spatial Corp. announced availability of 3D ACIS Modeler and 3D InterOp Suite Release 19 (R19). The latest release of the geometric modeling kernel and multi-CAD interoperability components delivers key capabilities for developers bringing products to market across a wide range of industries using 3D applications. The release includes the first version of Spatial’s Product Documentation in wiki-format. Modeled on Wikipedia, Spatial’s fully accessible, on-line documentation puts new technical information at customers’ fingertips and provides an additional forum through which customers contribute ideas. R19 provides the foundation
    for the recently introduced industry-targeted components--EDA 3D Analysis Suite for accelerating development of 3D analysis tools in EDA applications and 3D Springback for the pressed metal tooling industry--and includes the following modeler advancements:

  • New functionality and Enhancements: Additional large radius blending support; improved feature retention during modifications; more agile local operations handling with increased performance; sheet body offset function; new APIs for improved workflows; expanded “tolerant-hot” Boolean capabilities for improved handling of imported data; 3D edge offset for CMM applications; fixed-axis sweep option to simulate 2.5-axis milling paths in CAM applications; supported on a wide variety of 32- and 64-bit platforms
  •  Expanded 3D CAD Interoperability: Generic Inventor Reader, generic SolidWorks Reader.
  • Advanced CAD Interoperability: SolidWorks 2008 files, Inventor 11 assembly files, Parasolid 20.0 files, CATIA V5 flag notes (ACIS/Generic CATIA V5 Reader Manufacturing Option), ACIS assembly format (import/export monolithic ASAT files), Additional Pro/E PMI display information, reading assemblies from sub-folders (CATIA V5, SolidWorks)
  • U.S. Navy Purchases KeyCreator Software

    Kubotek USA announced that the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) has purchased an additional 12 licenses for Kubotek USA’s KeyCreator CAD software. This latest purchase brings the Navy’s total active licenses to 39. The Navy uses KeyCreator to design mechanical fixtures needed to perform repairs and routine maintenance of various aircraft types serviced by the FRCSW artisans and squadron personnel. “KeyCreator is cost effective, flexible and precise,” said Scott Sweeney, Vice President of Kubotek USA. “Aerospace applications, especially aircraft maintenance and repair, benefit from our technology because it allows users
    to work quickly, accurately and with data from other design programs. We feel our software technology helps the Navy work more efficiently.”

    Siemens PLM Software Ships Version 6 of CAM Express

    Siemens PLM Software announced that Version 6 of CAM Express software is shipping to customers worldwide. CAM Express is the numerical control (NC) programming software component of the Velocity Series portfolio. It covers a wide variety of programming requirements from high-speed machining to multi-function mill-turning to 5-axis machining. In feature-based automation, CAM Express 6 brings Tecnomatix software technology to feature recognition and rule development to enable feature-based machining driven by configurable rules. Incremental process steps are defined and organized in a new Machining Knowledge Editor, without writing code or editing
    scripts. CAM Express also maintains production run quality with special support for measurement functions. CAM Express 6 provides direct programming of Renishaw probing cycles, including the support of special solid tool representations and machine simulation of probing cycles. CAM Express 6 includes more capabilities across the critical 3-axis machining application space, including specific high-speed machining approaches, to enable:
  • Simplified tracing cuts with new cutting strategies for curve/edge and 3D profile cutting.
  • Ten percent faster roughing cuts with the optimized corner rounding techniques.
  • Smoother finish cuts with specialized point distribution in 3-axis surface milling.
  • More effective toolpaths with new editing and dividing techniques that apply shorter, stouter tools for deep cavities.

  • Jeffrey Rowe is the editor of
    MCADCafé and MCAD Weekly Review. He can be reached at
    Email Contact or 408.850.9230.

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