NGRAIN Software Brings 3D Capabilities to Product Knowledge Management
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NGRAIN Software Brings 3D Capabilities to Product Knowledge Management

Enhancements to NGRAIN Knowledge Module and Mobilizer deliver improvements in the way companies capture, manage and communicate product knowledge for training, maintenance and service applications

VANCOUVER, BC—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Nov. 3, 2003— Responding to a growing need for more effective ways to support product knowledge management within organizations, NGRAIN(TM) Corporation, a leading interactive 3D visualization and simulation software developer, today announced significant advances in its innovative products, Knowledge Module 2.1 and Mobilizer 2.1.

NGRAIN revolutionizes the way organizations maintain and communicate complex product and equipment knowledge. This allows employees to easily embed knowledge within 3D models, resulting in Knowledge Objects that are deployable to users with desktops, laptops or Tablet PCs. NGRAIN Knowledge Objects provide a powerful visual index to reference materials and knowledge, through an on-demand virtual product experience available to anyone, anywhere.

"NGRAIN has extended its knowledge-capture capabilities and - for the first time - allows users to integrate NGRAIN 3D graphics content directly into familiar applications like Microsoft(R) Word and PowerPoint(R). With these capabilities, users can easily access and understand product knowledge, wherever and whenever they need it - in the classroom, on the factory floor or out in the field," said Gabe Batstone, General Manager, NGRAIN Product Knowledge Management.

Leading organizations are looking for ways to raise their services and operations to new levels and continually improve the processes that their businesses depend on. NGRAIN's capabilities extend the return on investment of an organization's existing 3D assets, such as CAD drawings, and enable the reuse of this data across multiple application areas, within the organization and beyond.

"We're constantly seeking ways to improve support to our e-Learning customers," stated Dane Mullenix, Senior Scientist, Alion Science and Technology. "NGRAIN helps us achieve that goal, with the added benefit of potential cost savings that result from the inherent reusability of NGRAIN-derived content across sales, tech support and training applications."

Knowledge Module 2.1 allows employees with no 3D background or programming experience to add links, logic and animation to 3D models in minutes. This powerful tool allows users to easily transform 3D models into interactive Knowledge Objects by enabling the capture of complex product information and expert product knowledge.

Mobilizer 2.1 brings interactive 3D to standard computer systems, without the need for graphics acceleration hardware. Users are able to access and manipulate Knowledge Objects as an interactive, visual index to complex product knowledge. This capability dramatically improves the way users locate critical information and - due to its interactive nature - increases retention and comprehension.

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NGRAIN Corporation develops visualization and simulation solutions that enable the modification and manipulation of complex 3D data in real-time on common PCs, such as Tablet PCs and other computing platforms. NGRAIN adds new capabilities to interactive 3D visualization for entertainment, medical, manufacturing, education, aerospace and defense applications. More information is available online at

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