VISI Mold Webinar
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VISI Mold Webinar

VISI Mold Webinar, August 25, 2010, 1:30 PM EDT
Vero - CAD/CAM/CAE Software - Molds, Tools, Wire EDM, Laser Cut

VISI Mold enhancements include an improved integration with CADENAS PartSolutions V9, faster interference checking between bodies and improvements to User Elements with a new family option and a new loading option with 'smart' positioning. This exciting webinar will cover these features:

CADENAS will shortly release version 9 of PARTSolutions. VISI18 has already integrated this new version while retaining compatibility with version 8.
CADENAS PARTsolutions have over 500 library suppliers, covering thousands of components for multiple market sectors. The integration of CADENAS PARTsolutions will enable users to shorten design times by providing access to readily available standard components for their mold/die assemblies

User Elements
The saving and loading of User Elements has been redesigned for VISI 18. Based on the new 'merge', it is possible to see a component preview and list the Assembly Manager attributes before loading. Smart positioning had also been introduced during the loading of a User Element. The position point can be edited after an initial selection by selecting another application point or
by an incremental movement / rotation dialog.
When creating User Elements, it is also possible to manage 'families' of elements that have the same code and description, but different sizes - exactly as we do with screw families.

Interference Checking
The 'Body & Holes Interference' has been redeveloped for VISI 18 with a new super-fast algorithm. Similar to the old command, it is possible to check for geometry interferences, touching faces and the minimum distance between bodies.
To help the analyses, it is possible to move or copy the interfering body groups into a specific layer, extract a copy of touching faces and to obtain the intersection geometry (wireframe and solids).

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