VIEWPOINT - A Quarterly Newsletter from Vistagy, Inc. - April 2009
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VIEWPOINT - A Quarterly Newsletter from Vistagy, Inc. - April 2009

    VISTAGY Viewpoint Newsletter                                     
       A Quarterly Newsletter from VISTAGY, Inc.
April 2009     

This edition of VISTAGY Viewpoint is all about our focus on innovation, starting with the announcement of Premium AEROTEC’s purchase of  FiberSIM® software. In commenting on the purchase, Reinald Pfau, head of engineering and a member of the board of management of Premium AEROTEC,
said, “Our decision to expand the use of FiberSIM was based on the combination of the software’s maturity, reliability and flexibility along with the knowledge, experience and responsiveness of the people at VISTAGY.”  Read more >>

In Strategies for Success, we detail all of our recent product innovations, including the introduction of FiberSIM® 2009, the debut of AeroSuite™ and the renaming of the Airframe Development Environments™ to SyncroFIT™.

In Ask the Expert, VISTAGY President & CEO Steve Luby discusses the need to take a new approach to providing a unified environment for designers and analysts to work in, while in Trends in Engineering, we discuss how FiberSIM is providing the wind energy industry with innovative new solutions.

Finally, in our Product Tip, you will learn how FiberSIM’s Laminate Projection capabilities can aid the process of designing multi-laminate composite parts containing core.

We hope that this edition of VISTAGY Viewpoint will get you thinking about how you can improve your composite engineering and airframe development processes, and we encourage you to Email Contact with questions, story topics and suggestions. Thank you for your continued support.

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Date: Thursday, April 30
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On the Road with VISTAGY

April 20-22
COE 2009 Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair
Seattle, Washington

April 21-22
MSC.Software 2009 Virtual Product Development
Conference - Americas

Phoenix, Arizona

April 29-May 1
Composites Manufacturing 2009
San Diego, California

May 12-13
2009 MSC.Software Virtual Product Development
Conference - EMEA

Munich, Germany

May 19-21
SAMPE 2009
Baltimore, Maryland

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STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS: VISTAGY Launches New Solutions for Complex Engineering Challenges

Learn more about VISTAGY's new FiberSIM 2009
Learn more about VISTAGY's new solutions: SyncroFIT

As the composites and airframe assembly markets continue to grow and the engineering challenges become more complex, VISTAGY has remained focused on continuously delivering innovative and flexible solutions to meet the demand. In keeping with this trend, VISTAGY made three significant product announcements during March, including: The introduction of a new version of its leading-edge FiberSIM® composites engineering software; the rollout of AeroSuite, the first comprehensive solution for designing, assembling and validating aerostructures, and the renaming of Airframe Development Environments™ to SyncroFIT to enhance brand recognition in the rapidly expanding airframe assembly market.
Learn more about:      >>FiberSIM®    >>AeroSuite     >>SyncroFIT

ASK THE EXPERT: Partnership Enables Analysts and Designers to Find Common Ground

Read Steve Luby's article in Desktop EngineeringTraditionally, analysts and designers have worked in different environments so it was difficult to promote collaboration between them. The partnership between VISTAGY and MSC.Software has changed that. Now analysts and designers can work in parallel so they can go through many more iterations in a given time, enabling them to optimize parts and save time and money. Learn more about the significance of this partnership by reading an article by Steve Luby, VISTAGY president and CEO, that recently appeared in Desktop Engineering entitled, “Flying Solo Falls Short Working with Composites."

TRENDS IN ENGINEERING: The Winds of Change Blow Strongly with FiberSIM® Software

Trends in EngineeringWind energy observers agree that long term growth will require technical innovation to make wind even more competitive with other forms of energy. However, as the size of the blades continues to grow (the longest blades now reach 150 to 200 feet), current materials, design methods and manufacturing processes are reaching their limits due to weight, cost, and reliability issues. The wind industry requires new design tools and manufacturing methods to rapidly develop and produce larger blade designs that are cost effective and reliable. That’s where FiberSIM® software comes in. Read more >>

Product Tip:  FiberSIM® Laminate Projection Tool
Learn how FiberSIM® can help you streamline the process of designing multi-laminate composite parts containing core.

Partner with VISTAGY
Find out how we work with other companies to develop industry-leading software and solutions.


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