DesignCon 2009 February Newsletter
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DesignCon 2009 February Newsletter


February 2009 Issue
Welcome to the DesignCon 2009
Post-Show Issue
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View from the Back of the Room
Barry Sullivan By Barry Sullivan
DesignCon Program Director

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Another DesignCon is now behind us. Like a lot of things these days, the weeks leading up to the event were filled with uncertainty. Sure, the pre-registration numbers looked good—best ever, in fact—but would the people actually show up? Would the program meet everyone’s expectations? Would questions about how the electronics industry is faring in the current economic climate overshadow everything?

To those who attended DesignCon 2009, the answers were obvious. Whatever the climate might have been outside the Santa Clara Convention Center, inside it was buzzing with the latest on electronic design tools and technology.

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Sponsored White Paper
A Simple Via Experiment
As presented at DesignCon 2009

Co-authored by:
Michael Steinberger, Signal Integrity Software, Inc.
Chong Ding, Divya Gopinath, Steve Scearce, and Doug White, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Vias play a critical role in the high frequency electrical behavior of packages and printed circuit boards. Although measured data and electromagnetic solvers can be used to study via electrical properties, a clearer description of the underlying physics would make engineering judgment concerning vias more effective.

This paper introduces a simple experiment and corresponding textbook solution for radial TEM waves which demonstrates the physics of vias. Extensions of this experiment show how the underlying physical model can be used to explain the behavior of differential vias, ground vias, and via antipads.

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DesignCon 2009 Video Interviews

Brought to you by DesignCon 2009 Media Sponsor, PCB Design 007…

PCB Design 007 video View video >>
News Coverage from DesignCon 2009

Serdes about to get extreme makeover
EE Times , February 10, 2009

Analysis: Plug-and-play IP goal remains elusive
EE Times , February 09, 2009

Three enablers to drive IC innovation
EE Times , February 08, 2009

High speed systems defy test, tools
EE Times , February 05, 2009

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DesignCon Exhibitor Podcasts
Hear about some of the exciting products and technologies featured on the DesignCon 2009
exhibit floor!

eSilicon Exhibit Podcast
Ethernet Alliance Exhibit Podcast
Gigatest Labs Exhibit Podcast
Molex Exhibit Podcast
SiSoft Exhibit Podcast

Secure your exhibit space for 2010!

DesignCon 2010 exhibit space is now available! Featuring the new PCB Summit and IP Summit, DesignCon is the premier annual Silicon Valley event for the electronic design and semiconductor industries.

Exhibitor Prospectus

Christine Paplaczyk
Exhibit Sales Director
DesignCon 2010
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DesignCon 2009 Keynote Addresses

Mark Gogolewski


IP Summit Chairperson
Mark Gogolewski
Chief Technology Officer
Denali Software

View Keynote Video

Walden Rhines

Walden Rhines
Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer
Mentor Graphics

View Keynote Video

Paolo Gargini

Paolo Gargini
Technology Strategy

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DesignVision Award Winners
DesignVision Award

Join Us in Congratulating the 2009 DesignVision Award Winners!

View Winners >>

ANNOUNCEMENT! Don't miss the first-ever DesignVision Awards Gala next year!

The IEC will honor the achievements of the most innovative semiconductor companies, the most prominent visionaries, and the most successful design tools.

Announcing the WINNER of the 2009 Chiphead Video Contest
And the winner is…
NEC with their video production: SHOWDOWN at DesignCon Corral

View their winning video on YouTube >>

A special thanks to all those that participated in our first-ever YouTube Chiphead Video Contest!

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