Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Engineering Fluid Dynamics e-News September 2008
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Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Engineering Fluid Dynamics e-News September 2008

AEG (Milwaukee) Electric Tools GmbH Creates Cool Power Tools Faster with EFD.Lab Flow Simulation

AEG Electric Tools GmbH, one of the market-leading manufacturers of heavy-duty portable electric power tools for professionals, uses EFD.Lab fluid flow and heat transfer simulation software for optimizing airflow and cooling effects in their power tools.

"On a recent project we used EFD.Lab and we were able to get the engine running 20% cooler, and also we obtained this improvement much faster than before," said Markus Wörner, design engineer at AEG. "Because power tools are getting more compact, we investigate airflow and cooling issues to better understand the effectiveness of the method used. We used to rely on our prior experience or on the results from physical prototype testing. But now we use EFD.Lab to complement information we have gained from experience; therefore, we have a much better idea of how our products will perform well in advance of the physical testing stage."

Recognized as a member of the "Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in Germany's SME Sector," AEG's product portfolio includes more than 100 different types of tools for the professional market including hammers, percussion and diamond drills, angle as well as straight grinders and jig- and circular saws. AEG products are meticulously tested before market introduction to ensure high quality and reliability.

Whitepaper: Optimizing Gas Mixing Processes with CAD-Embedded Engineering Fluid Dynamics Simulation

The mixing of gases is important in a wide range of applications. For example, gas mixing in flues is often critical to the operation of emissions control systems. Gas mixing in packed columns and other types of chemical reactors affects throughput and variability of the process. Gas mixing has a major impact on the performance of rotary kiln incinerators used to treat hazardous wastes. Gas mixing in respiratory airways influences the performance of aerosolized medications. An improvement of just a few percent in mixing efficiency can substantially reduce the energy consumption and emissions of a low-NOx burner.

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September 08 
01-04 Electronics SIP Conference:
Greewich, London
04 EFD.Pro Seminar:
Frankfurt, Germany
09 EFD.Lab Workshop:
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09-10 EFD.Pro Training:
Orsay, France
10 EFD.V5 Workshop:
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16  CFD for HVAC:
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