SolidCam August 2007 Newsletter
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SolidCam August 2007 Newsletter

Newsletter August 2007



SolidCAM at the EMO show

SolidCAM acknowledges DPS Software

High-Speed Machining in Latin America

SolidCAM at SolidWorks World Australia


SolidCAM at the EMO show

At the EMO Show SolidCAM will present the upcoming version SolidCAM2008 R12. Some of the new features included are a new unified user interface, automatic feature recognition for pockets and enhancements for High-Speed milling and 5 axis simultaneous machining.

Visit us in
Hall 6, Booth J02

Together with its partner, the DMG Training Academy, SolidCAM is also engaged in a Special Youth Show "Mechanical Engineer - A Job with Power". Here, the capabilities and job opportunities for tomorrow's professionals in Mechanical Engineering are presented.

More about the Special Youth Show...

Dear Reader,

EMO, the leading European trade fair for the metalworking industry, will take place in Hannover/Germany from September 17 to 22. SolidCAM will present at this event the upcoming version SolidCAM2008 R12. This version will be the most powerful and complete version SolidCAM has ever launched. New features will include a new unified user interface, automatic feature recognition and machining of 2.5D pockets and major enhancements for High-Speed machining and 5-axis simultaneous milling. Also for the first time, SolidCAM will support APIs (Application Program Interfaces) to better integrate external applications like PDM or Tool Management systems.

The EMO show is also an excellent opportunity to exploit new business opportunities. SolidCAM is constantly looking for additional resellers, especially in Finland, Portugal and some Eastern European countries (Bulgaria, Ukraine and Belarus). If you would like to join our successful reseller network, please feel free to contact us or visit us at the EMO show.

We look forward to meet you in Hannover.

Emil Somekh
Managing Director
SolidCAM Ltd.

  • SolidCAM acknowledges DPS Software

  • DPS Software, Europe`s biggest reseller for SolidWorks & SolidCAM, invited its customers for the annual customer day to Leinfelden/Germany. The main focus has been the Launch of SolidWorks2008 and the presentation of related partner products. More than 300 visitors attended the customer day.

    At this event, DPS Software has been acknowledged by SolidCAM for its excellence in CAM services. DPS runs a specialized "CAM Competence Center", which not only sells SolidCAM software, but also provides all kind of services including training, post processor development, CAM project support, consulting and systems integration. Joerg Rudig, head of the DPS CAM Competence Center (see photo right), emphazised the importance of integrated CAD/CAM. "Most of our customers do more than only design - they manufacture real products and therefore need manufacturing automation tools like SolidCAM. DPS Software provides a complete solution for the manufacturing industry, including SolidWorks & SolidCAM software, knowhow and CAD/CAM services."

    See the photo gallery of the DPS customer day...

  • High-Speed Machining in Latin America

  • The Brazilian company Forjas Taurus is successfully using SolidCAM´s High-Speed Machining module. Being part of the Taurus industrial companies, Forjas Taurus manufactures forging parts weighing more than 5 kg, using raw material such carbon-steel, titanium, aluminum and others. A main customer is the sister company Taurus Guns, one of the biggest gun manufacturers in the world.

    The forging dies are manufactured at the shop floor in S©o Leopoldo in Rio Grande do Sul, utilizing High-Speed Cutting machines of the sister company Taurus Wotan. Senor Morales, process manager, explained: "As our products become more complex and demand a higher surface quality, we must always apply the best CAD/CAM technology available on the market. We are using SolidWorks successfully for design, but our former CAM system has not been integrated in SolidWorks and also was not able to generate High-Speed toolpaths for our Wotan machine." After intensive tests, Forjas Taurus replaced the old CAM system with the powerful SolidCAM solution, seamless integrated in SolidWorks, and later became the first company that implemented SolidCAM´s High-Speed Machining technology in Latin America.

  • SolidCAM at SolidWorks World Australia

  • On Sep, 10, SolidWorks World Australia will take place in Melbourne, Australia. The main highlights of the new SolidWorks2008 version will be demonstrated. Intercad, the SolidWorks & SolidCAM reseller for Australia and New Zealand, will also present the new features of SolidCAM, seamlessly integrated in SolidWorks. About 400 visitors are expected to attend this event.

    Scott Frayne, Managing Director of Intercad (see photo), stated: "The impact on the manufacturing industry in Australia of increased global competition is well documented; however at Intercad we are seeing companies ignore this trend through focussing on delivering true value by getting better products to market faster. Driven by the mining, medical and niche tool making sectors, manufacturing in Australia is successfully emerging into the world competitive environment. Truly integrated design and manufacturing technology is a crucial aspect of shortening product development cycles. SolidWorks and SolidCAM allows our customer's to speed their time to market and reduce the potential for errors."

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