SolidWorks Express July 10, 2007 Newsletter
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SolidWorks Express July 10, 2007 Newsletter

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July 10, 2007  
CAD Tips Fun and Games Engineer to Engineer
>> In select company: A number of ways to create a selection set
>> Be more selective: Tips on selecting a set of objects
>> Lost layers: Using the function of Qselect
>> One more Qselect quickie: Selecting blocks
>> Paper Pilot: Join the game and get some tips on how to make your plane better
>> Robot Challenge: There can be only ONE robot master
>> COSMOSudoku: Have some fun and challenge a friend in sudoku
>> Video: Increasing capacity and reducing costs in precision components, assemblies, and machinery
>> Podcast: One user's experience with a new release
>> Case Study: Factory Five Racing supercharges its designs
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