STAR-CCM+ v5.06: Now with Discrete Element Modeling
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STAR-CCM+ v5.06: Now with Discrete Element Modeling

NEW YORK, NEW YORK AND LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -- (MARKET WIRE) -- Nov 05, 2010 -- Editor's Note: There are 2 photos included with this press release.

The introduction of a new Discrete Element Modeling capability into the latest release of CD-adapco's multi-disciplinary engineering software STAR-CCM+ adds the ability to simulate bulk material handling and granular flows. In addition, STAR-CCM+ v5.06 includes a broad range of new features and improvements, including more than 200 customer enhancement requests.

The Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) can be used to simulate the motion of a large number of interacting discrete particles, such as the granular flow of Sand, Food particles, Metal powders, Capsules and Slurries. DEM tracks the interaction between every particle in a numerically efficient manner, modeling contact forces and energy transfer due to collision and conductive and radiative heat transfer between particles. STAR-CCM+ is the first commercial engineering simulation tool to include a DEM capability that is fully coupled with numerical flow simulation in a single software environment.

Potential industrial applications of DEM include:

  Transport of granular materials                                           
  Rock mechanics                                                            
Oil and Gas:                                                                
  Transport through pipes                                                   
  Tablet coating                                                            
Agriculture and Food Production:                                            

Improved CAD integration

STAR-CCM+ v5.06 also includes new CAD clients for CATIA V5, Solidworks, Pro/E and NX. Each of these STAR-CCM+ CAD clients enables engineers and designers to manage multi-disciplinary engineering simulation from the comfort of their chosen CAD environment, an approach that delivers a number of compelling benefits over the traditional simulation process:

  Communication between various members of a project team is enhanced, as   
  designers and engineers can share models and results.                     
  The simulation is directly associated with the geometry, enabling         
  parametric "what-if" design evaluations                                   
  Associativity with parametric CAD models allows easy modification of parts
  without the need to redefine units, materials or boundary conditions,     
  saving time and improving productivity.                                   

Co-simulation with Abaqus FEA from SIMULIA

Although STAR-CCM+ offers a comprehensive suite of multiphysics capabilities, there are occasions in which it is beneficial to tightly couple with a third party simulation tool, such as Abaqus, WAVE, OLGA and GT-Power. For the first time STAR-CCM+ v5.06 includes direct connection to Abaqus FEA, delivering fully coupled, two-way, fluid-structure interaction. Using direct co-simulation coupling provides efficiency and reduced overhead associated with tasks such as file-based coupling or use of external middleware software. The direct coupling between STAR-CCM+ and Abaqus will bring fluid-structure-thermal calculations within the reach of all simulation engineers, making FSI a standard part of the engineering design process.

Aeroacoustic Far Field Propagation

CD-adapco is committed to expanding and enhancing the aeroacoustic capabilities in STAR-CCM+. The new release includes far field propagation using the Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings method. This method, coupled with the already extensive analysis tools, provides a complete feature set for aeroacoustic analysis in STAR-CCM+.

Try it today

For complete information on all new features in STAR-CCM+ v5.06 or to download it today please visit CD-adapco's user services site or contact your local office.

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