Roland & SensAble Technologies Deliver Complete "Art to Part" Solution
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Roland & SensAble Technologies Deliver Complete "Art to Part" Solution

Roland & SensAble Technologies Deliver Complete "Art to Part" Solution

Designers can scan, design and prototype parts in three easy steps.

Roland SIGGRAPH booth #3422

San Diego, CA July 28, 2003 Roland DGA Corporation has teamed up with
SensAble Technologies to offer a seamless RP solution that lets engineers
scan, design and prototype parts in three easy steps.

"This is a revolutionary art-to-part workflow," said Gerald Hilller, Roland
Sales Manager. "After designers scan physical objects with the LPX-250 laser
scanner, they can design anything from consumer products to extremely
complex, injection-molded plastic parts with SenseAble's FreeForm´┐Ż software.
Then, they mill functional prototypes with a Roland SRP (subtractive rapid
prototyping) device. It's never been easier or faster to get a product to

At its SIGGRAPH booth (#3422), Roland will use the SIGGRAPH alien theme to
demonstrate all three phases. At one side of the booth, the full-scale
Martian model will be scanned with the LPX-250. In the middle, it will be
scaled down, designed and edited with SenseAble software. At the other side,
the MDX-650 SRP device will mill a manufacturable prototype for
manufacturing alien toys. Roland will also give away the toys, which were
designed by David Perteet of Pyrus Design.


The LPX-250 3D laser scanner captures all the geometric complexity and
artistic expression of the physical world and brings it into the virtual
world. It lets engineers, animators and game developers digitize objects
economically and accurately right in their own office. It captures side cuts
and cavities at up to 0.008 inches resolution and scans entire objects at up
to 1800 steps per revolution. Complete with powerful software and an
industry-low price of $9,995, it provides total control over the scanning
process. The LPX-250 has a 10-inch (diameter) by 16-inch (height) scanning


After scanning with the LPX-250 and converting to STL, the data can be
imported into SensAble Technologies' FreeForm Modeling system. The system
includes the touch-based PHANTOM´┐Ż Desktop device that allows the
artist/designer to feel and carve the model as if it were clay or wax. If
designing for animation, the user can then lay out tight NURBS patches over
the model. If designing for manufacturing, the model can be drafted,
shelled, parted and converted to mold cores and cavities. The virtual model
or mold prototype can then be exported for milling.


Roland's SRP process allows designers to create precise, smooth prototypes
from a wide choice of non-proprietary, inexpensive plastics. Powered by AC
Servo motors on all three axes, Roland MDX Series benchtop devices mill up
to 200 inches per minute. They have a mechanical resolution of 0.00039" and
turn out smooth, precise prototypes. When a prototype is done, it requires
little or no hand finishing. Compatible materials include polyurethane, ABS,
modeling wax and aluminum. The MDX-650 can be fitted with the Roland
Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) and/or 4th Rotary Axis. Together, these
optional accessories let engineers automatically mill the full circumference
of 3D objects. The MDX-650 has a maximum work area of 25.563" (X) x 17.688"
(Y) x 6.167" (Z). The MDX-500 has a maximum work area of 19.625" (X) x
12.938" (Y) x 4.125" (Z).

The MDX-20 and MDX-15 are desktop models with the ability to scan as well as
mill 3D objects. Roland customers use the devices for a variety of product
design tasks, including reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, jewelry and
model making, and small lot production. Select the spindle tip for
state-of-the-art SRP milling, or select the Roland Active Piezo Sensor for
precise 3D scanning. Maximum work area for the MDX-20 is 8" (X) x 6" (Y) x
2.375" (Z). Maximum work area for the MDX-15 is 6" (X) x 4" (Y) x 2.375"

About SensAble Technologies

With 1500 systems worldwide, SensAble Technologies is a leading provider of
3D touch-enabled digital solutions for product design and research. SensAble
and its products have won numerous awards and have been featured in
publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business
Week and Fortune. SensAble's customers include: Adidas-Salomon, Bandai, ECCO
Design, Fisher-Price, Hallmark, Hasbro, Levolor, Mattel, New Balance, Nike,
Playmobil, Price Pfister, Reebok, Unitec, Wedgwood and leading universities
and research facilities worldwide. For information, please visit or call (781) 937-8315.

About Pyrus Design

By combining experience and state-of-the-art technology, Pyrus Design offers
an array of practical and creative services to a wide variety of clients.
Pyrus can handle everything from concept design to finished product. With
designers like David Perteet, the Pyrus resume includes models for Spy Kids,
Six Feet Under and Xena. For more information, visit

About Roland DGA

Roland DGA Corporation is the North and South American marketing, sales and
service arm of Roland DG Corporation - a worldwide leader in the fine art,
photography, sign making, graphic arts, engraving and 3D modeling
industries. Established in 1983, Roland DGA serves as a two-way bridge
between the manufacturing of dynamic technologies and the creative
professionals who put these products into action.

Roland DGA is ISO-9002 certified, and Roland DG is ISO-9001 and 14001
certified. Major products include the Pro II Series of inkjet printers and
printer/cutters, ColorCAMM thermal transfer printer/cutters, CX series vinyl
cutters, EGX series engravers, and 3D scanning and milling machines. Roland
DGA headquarters are located in Irvine, CA, with international headquarters
in Japan. For more information, please call (800) 542-2307 or visit the
website at