New Fluid Flow Software Release Offers Full CAD/CAE Associativity and Expanded Analysis Capabilities
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New Fluid Flow Software Release Offers Full CAD/CAE Associativity and Expanded Analysis Capabilities

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PITTSBURGH, PA – July 15, 2003 – ALGOR, Inc., a leading maker of software for mechanical engineers, announced that its fluid flow analysis software now includes full CAD/CAE associativity supported by the capability to produce fast, hybrid (bricks on the model surface and tetrahedra inside) FEA meshes for fluid domains defined in leading CAD solid modelers. ALGOR has also added the ability to consider flow through porous media. These new features further expand ALGOR’s affordable, feature-rich fluid flow analysis software, which provides the capability to determine steady and unsteady flow patterns for both laminar and turbulent flow.

“The new CAD/CAE associativity and flow through porous media capabilities for fluid flow analysis improve the ease with which fluid scenarios can be modeled and expand the range of scenarios that designers and engineers can consider,” said ALGOR product manager, Bob Williams. “These improvements demonstrate our commitment to expanding the fluid flow modeling and analysis options within the ALGOR family of products.”

"ALGOR’s fluid flow analysis software gives me the ability to imagine and design the inside of a product that is impossible to analyze any other way," said Bill King of Hewlett-Packard. “The process of analyzing fluid domains defined in CAD solid modelers will be faster now with this new CAD associativity.”

The new flow through porous media capability supports both isotropic and orthotropic materials for engineers simulating fluid flow through media such as filters and catalyst beds. ALGOR’s fluid flow analysis software also now includes improved convergence controls that make fluid flow models easy to set up and faster to analyze.

ALGOR provides InCAD technology for direct CAD/CAE data exchange with Autodesk Inventor, CADKEY, Mechanical Desktop, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge and SolidWorks; full associativity with each design change for Autodesk Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge and SolidWorks; CAD support for Alibre Design and Rhinoceros; and support for CAD universal files including ACIS, IGES, STEP and STL. In addition, ALGOR and Alibre, Inc. of Richardson, Texas have partnered to offer Alibre Design Basic, a parametric, feature-based modeling system for creating 3-D solid models, within all ALGOR Professional core packages.

Bill King of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Company in Boise, ID, used ALGOR’s fluid flow analysis software to optimize flow through the ink feed channel in the manifold of HP’s inkjet cartridges. The fluid flow model shown here features a hybrid mesh created directly from a STEP CAD universal file.
ALGOR’s unique automatic hybrid solid FEA meshes combine the accuracy of eight- or 20-node brick elements on the surface with the speed of tetrahedral elements inside. The capability to use hybrid meshes in a fluid flow analysis enables engineers to produce fast, accurate FEA meshes on the first pass.

ALGOR customers with a current software upgrade subscription can get these new capabilities at no charge by requesting the latest software updates. For more information, contact ALGOR or visit

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