ACUITIV Takes CFD Visualization Software to the Next Level
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ACUITIV Takes CFD Visualization Software to the Next Level

V3.3 of ACUITIV CFD Visualization Software Adds Significant Enhancements to Industry-Leading Architecture

BATAVIA, Ill.--July 14, 2003--ACUITIV(TM) Software, the leading
provider of next-generation Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
visualization software, today announced the availability of ACUITIV
v3.3. As the only industry offering with a new, cutting-edge
architecture that utilizes the state-of-the-art VR Juggler(TM) and
OpenGL(TM) libraries, ACUITIV v3.3 provides unmatched decimation,
intuitive navigation, seamless integration with immersive
environments, full 3D graphical capabilities, and CGNS reading. With
today's announcement, ACUITIV introduces the first true 21st Century
CFD visualization software solution for numerous industries, including
automotive, aerospace & defense, chemical processing, and energy.
With deep standards expertise, ACUITIV has a laser focus in
providing the only enterprise-class CFD visualization software
solution. ACUITIV provides customers with the immediate ability to
uncover new opportunities, improve designs, accelerate decisions, and
shorten time to market that maximizes the full potential of CFD.
"ACUITIV has the benefit of introducing a next-generation
visualization solution by building on an architecture that can better
support today's business demands including, faster time to market,
reduced costs, higher reliability, and increased collaboration," said
Mark Bryden, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State
University. "Using ACUITIV, customers can gain a competitive advantage
by giving them the flexibility to easily and efficiently move in and
out of their data in a completely 3D environment, as well as give them
the user-centered solution the market has been demanding."

Introducing ACUITIV(TM) v3.3

ACUITIV v3.3 is the only visualization software package designed
from the ground-up using today's cutting edge technology. Programmed
in C++ object oriented language, ACUITIV provides the most flexible
offering. Because of ACUITIV's next-generation architecture, it can
also seamlessly integrate with C3, C4, and even C6 CAVEs(R) without
the use of TrackD. ACUITIV v3.3 is also the only CFD visualization
software solution with a Virtual User Interface (VUI). This unique
menu-driven feature, gives the user a simplified and intuitive method
for developing, analyzing, and examining designs.

V3.3 Key Features/Benefits

-- Decimation - Unprecedented polygon reduction of individual
geometry groups for today's increasingly more complex designs.

-- Navigation - As the only CFD visualization software package
that is completely menu driven, novice and expert CFD users
can easily and elegantly develop, examine, and modify designs.

-- Virtual User Interface (VUI) - Complete immersive environments
have proven invaluable to determining and better understanding
the intricacies of various designs across all industries.
ACUITIV offers the only CFD visualization software package on
the market that seamlessly integrates with CAVEs with no
requirement of TrackD. Additionally, users can change the data
sets, in real-time, without the need to exit the 3D
environment in 3, 4, and even 6 wall CAVEs.

-- Unmatched graphical capabilities - With its next-generation
architecture, ACUITIV is able to offer customers detailed
graphical capabilities in a completely 3D environment. Users
are able to build the most realistic and finite designs with
in a fraction of the time.

-- CGNS Reader - CFD General Notation System allows the broad use
of ACUITIV across the CFD community.

"Our goal is to deliver an enterprise-class visualization solution
that can immediately and impactfully improve our customer's
bottom-line. With the capabilities we have built into v3.3, ACUITIV
has taken rigorous steps in ensuring we can fully accommodate our
customers, across all industries, in the development, analysis, and
reporting of critical data," said Bill Panepinto, general manager of
ACUITIV Software. "This latest version of our software presents a
level of flexibility, immersiveness, and graphical power that has not
yet been available in this market, which is due to our unique product
architecture. Combine this with our strong financial and distribution
partners, as well as our domain expertise, and ACUITIV is well poised
to quickly become a significant player in the CFD visualization

Pricing and Availability

ACUITIV v3.3 is available August 1, 2003. Pricing starts at $6,900
for an annual license and $17,200 for a perpetual license. Both
options include a 1-year maintenance agreement. Volume discounts will

About ACUITIV Software Group

ACUITIV(TM) Software, based in Batavia, IL, is a leading provider
of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Visualization Software. As a
division of Fuel Tech, Inc., a leading energy company focused on air
pollution control, process optimization, and advanced engineering
services, ACUITIV has the resources and expertise necessary to offer
customers the first true next-generation visualization software
solution that provides immediate and impactful business benefits. As
the only visualization software package architected with the
state-of-the-art OpenGL(TM) libraries developed by SGI and the world
renowned VR Juggler(TM) created at Iowa State University by CAVE(R)
inventor, Carolina Cruz-Niera, the ACUITIV offering provides customers
in several industries including automotive, aerospace & defense,
chemical processing, and energy with the unmatched ability to uncover
new opportunities, improve designs, accelerate decisions, and shorten
time to market.

Bill Panepinto, 630-845-4464
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