Matereality ? Launches Materials Data Delivery Service
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Matereality ? Launches Materials Data Delivery Service

Data Delivery Service allows secure, same-day delivery of test results to client’s desktop

Ithaca, NY July 10th 2003: Matereality(tm) material data management (MDM) system announces the availability of the next generation Data Delivery ServiceSM for materials testing laboratories to deliver test results to their clients over the Internet. Using Matereality(tm) secure web-based pipelines, data generating laboratories can bring efficiencies and cost reduction in data delivery, while enhancing their services with fully electronic data delivered on the same day, directly to client PC in paperless (non-pdf) format.

Summary of Benefits:
  •         Secure, same day delivery of test results
  •         Fully electronic, non-pdf format
  •         Meets requirements for paperless storage of test results
  •         On-line archival of client’s data
  •         Ability to handle highly diverse material data, simple and complex
  •         Ability for clients to search and browse all their material data in a single location
  •         Ability to view, print, export data using Internet Explorer or Netscape
  •         Powerful tools to visualize material data, examine dependencies, assess variability and establish authenticity via data certificates
  •         Ability for clients to selectively share their data with other MaterealityTM users
  •         Ability for companies to publish their data at Matereality(tm)
  •         Option for companies to consolidate all material data from multiple sources into their own material data management (MDM) system

    Matereality(tm) is a web-based Material Data Management (MDM) solution for global access and organized sharing of diverse traceable properties of any materials in a secure manner within and across enterprises. Companies use Matereality to securely store and share their material data across a distributed development platform of internal users, external collaborators and clients. For more information, visit or call 1-888-328-2422; email Email Contact