Materialise Adds CAM to its Automated Tool Design Solution, Boosting Toolmakers' Productivity
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Materialise Adds CAM to its Automated Tool Design Solution, Boosting Toolmakers' Productivity

Materialise announces the release of its latest innovation in software for the tooling industry. The Magics Tooling range of products has been completed with integrated CAM software, 'Magics Mill'. Magics Mill is powerful 3D CAM software that generates optimum roughing and finishing CNC tool cutter paths for even the most complex shapes. Optimised for High Speed Milling this software generates efficient tool cutter paths, maintaining cutter contact and machining pressures. With the addition of CAM software to its tooling software product line, Materialise now offers dedicated applications for each step in the tooling design and manufacturing process.

Fast, automated and integrated CAD/CAM solutions for tooling
Magics Mill1 is the latest addition to the range of integrated CAD/CAM solutions that Magics Tooling offers to toolmakers. With design automation being the key to Magics Tooling, the software enables fast tool manufacturing by delivering high quality tool design in the shortest lead-times. Magics Mill now offers the automation of post-processing. Macros allow for automated post- processing of several tool components in just a few mouse clicks. In keeping with the Magics philosophy, along with automation the user has the option to manually post-processing and edit if desired.

The Magics Tooling product line provides a comprehensive solution to the tool design and manufacturing process. From part analysis and tool quotation; through the design of parting planes, cores, cavities, inserts and electrodes, to the generation of the final tool cutter path. Working with a standardized data model throughout the whole process significantly reduces training time and boosts productivity.

Efficient and high-quality machining, optimised for High Speed Milling
The Magics Mill software has been developed to optimise CNC machine cutter paths, reducing overall machining times, whilst improving cutter life and surface finish. Reducing lead times and costs from production cycles is an important fact of life in the mould, tool and die business. With Magics Mill toolmakers can achieve this as the software is proven to generate fast and efficient tool cutter paths. Philip Kilburn, manager of RapidParts: "Since we started using Magics Mill in our tool shop, our productivity has been significantly boosted when compared to previously used CAM programs. Magics Mill is easy to use offering a complete range of machining strategies and built-in manufacturing experience. We save not only time, but also costs as tool life and machine tool motion have been improved. We are now capable of taking full advantage of the benefits offered by both HSM and conventional CNC machining."

Features that count:
Specifically designed to handle the most challenging requirements of the mould, die, and tool making markets, Magics Mill provides you with a powerful set of tools and a large selection of machining cycles for roughing, finishing, and re-machining. Magics Mill is ideally suited for the rapid generation of many tool paths required by modern HSM machines. The efficiency of Magics Mill makes it viable not only for companies wishing to exploit HSM techniques, but also for those looking to generate the most efficient tool cutter paths for conventional CNC machines quickly. Let Magics Mill's power and intelligence speed you through the everyday tasks!

1 Magics Mill is based on machining STRATEGIST (VERO Inc.)