Global Software Publishing Strengthens Product Offering with Mathsoft's Award-Winning StudyWorks!; Agreement Brings Together Two Leading Names in the Educational Software Market
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Global Software Publishing Strengthens Product Offering with Mathsoft's Award-Winning StudyWorks!; Agreement Brings Together Two Leading Names in the Educational Software Market

NEW YORK and CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 2003--Global Software Publishing (GSPNA), North America, exclusive publisher of Dorling Kindersley CD-ROMs, today announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Mathsoft Engineering & Education, Inc. to publish its award-winning StudyWorks!(R) software product line. Adding StudyWorks math and science software allows GSP to extend its educational mix from its signature Pre-K - 6th grade market base into the middle and high school levels, where students are faced with more complex curriculum challenges. Under this arrangement, StudyWorks will be sold alongside the Dorling Kindersley software products.

"It is a dovetail fit," says Wayne Zimmerman, vice president of Global Software Publishing, North America. "Our other major offering, the Dorling Kindersley line, is well recognized as top quality software that primary school educators respect and parents trust. By adding the best math and science software brand on the market to our list, GSP reaffirms its commitment to quality educational software for all student grade and ability levels."

The StudyWorks family has earned numerous awards and recognition from respected organizations such as the Association of Educational Publishers, Mercomm, Technology & Learning, Children's Software Review and the National Parenting Center.

"Partnering with GSP is a strategic move on the part of Mathsoft," said Chris Randles, president and CEO of Mathsoft. "StudyWorks is a proven product with an excellent reputation with students, parents, and teachers. Partnering with GSP is a great opportunity for Mathsoft because we can now focus all our efforts on the corporate engineering and higher education markets."

The StudyWorks releases for the 2003-04 school year will be published in July 2003 with potential product expansion of the line to come as GSP works with Mathsoft to update, revise and introduce new titles, particularly as schools begin to meet the demands of the new federal No Child Left Behind standards. This new era of mandatory testing will create new possibilities for StudyWorks/GSP to supplement classroom instruction with educational software.

The 2003-2004 pricing and availability is as follows:

StudyWorks Teaching Pro: Mathematics Complete 
(formerly Mathematics Deluxe)

Consumer Version - A0836M2W - $39.99
School Pack 2 CDs - A6371SVW - $59.99
Lab Pack 5 CDs - A6395LPW - $149.99
Site License 30 CDs - A6388SLW - $699.50
Add'l license seats - A6401PSW - $22.00

StudyWorks Teaching Pro: Middle School Math and Science 
(formerly Middle School Math Deluxe)

Consumer Edition - A0874M2W - $29.99
School Pack 2 CDs - A6456SVW - $39.99
Lab Pack 5 CDs - A6470LPW - $89.99
Site License 30 CDs - A6463SLW - $459.99
Add'l license seats - A6487PSW - $14.99

StudyWorks Teaching Pro: Middle & High School Mathematics

Consumer Edition - A0850M2W - $19.99
School Pack 2 CDs - A6418SVW - $29.99
Lab Pack 5CDs - A6432LPW - $69.99
Site License 30 CDs - A6425SLW - $359.99
Add'l license seats - A6449PSW - $10.99

StudyWorks Teaching Pro: Science Complete (formerly Science Complete)

Consumer Edition - A1017M2W - $39.99
School Pack 2 CDs - A6494SVW - $59.99
Lab Pack 5 CDs - A6517LPW - $149.99
Site License 30 CDs - A6500SLW - $699.50
Add'l license seats - A6524PSW - $22.00

Starting July 23, 2003, these titles are available to schools through educational resellers or directly from Global Software Publishing or through their website. Consumers may purchase from their local retailers or through the GSP website:

About the StudyWorks Product Line

The award-winning StudyWorks product line includes the most complete educational math and science software titles and online resources for helping students and adults alike learn, explore and understand key subjects in a powerful but easy-to-use environment. The software uses patented technology to offer the simple look and feel of a written page, combined with an environment that features live examples, colorful multimedia displays, and step-by-step lessons. In addition, all StudyWorks titles offer innovative Internet features and access to Web services.

The StudyWorks Online Advantage

StudyWorks Online ( is a free Web learning site delivering proven, innovative and engaging learning tools that help students develop an understanding of math and science concepts traditionally taught in grades six and up. StudyWorks Online gives students, parents and teachers access to high-quality content, interactive activities, real-world examples, diagnostic testing, monitored learning forums and personalized homework help. Unlike other academic Web sites, StudyWorks Online provides comprehensive materials that bring math and science to life. Both StudyWorks Online learning and Technical Support information will be available on the Mathsoft website through 2004 and will be linked through the website.

About the GSP - DK Line

Global Software Publishing is the exclusive publisher of the highly respected Dorling Kindersley educational CD-ROM titles. Critically acclaimed and a best-selling leader in educational software for nearly a decade, the DK software brand continues with GSP which is also the home of other outstanding CD-ROM products from Emme, one of the most artistic and technologically innovative producers of educational and entertainment software.

Global Software Publishing brings the best of educational software and quality children's entertainment multimedia to teachers, librarians and parents who want to provide outstanding learning aids, reference materials and family-friendly fun games for children and young adults. From the best-selling "I Love" learning series, to the popular children's character, Rainbow Fish, to award-winning encyclopedias and reference tools, it's all here at Global, a world of lifelong learning!

About Mathsoft Engineering & Education, Inc.

Mathsoft Engineering & Education, Inc. is the only provider of calculation solutions that drive best practices for engineers and engineering organizations. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Mathsoft Engineering & Education, Inc. has additional offices in the U.K. and Japan and distributors in over 50 countries. The company can be found on the Web at

Mathsoft is a trademark and StudyWorks! is a registered trademark of Mathsoft Engineering & Education, Inc. All other names or marks may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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