CAM Software Market Leaders Named
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CAM Software Market Leaders Named

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, June 16, 2003—CIMdata recently named EDS PLM Solutions, IBM/Dassault Systemes, CNC Software, and Open Mind Technologies as the 2002 worldwide CAM software market leaders. Each was a leader in a different ranking used by CIMdata to position NC software vendors. EDS PLM Solutions was identified as being the largest CAM software supplier on the basis of the dollar volume of NC software and services revenues received by a vendor.

IBM/Dassault Systemes (IBM/DS), however, is the largest vendor on the basis of end user payments for NC software and services. This grouping not only includes the revenues received by the vendor, but also the revenues retained by business partners or resellers. CNC Software continues to be the market leader on the basis of number of software seats sold and installed in both the industrial and educational markets. This ranking measures the pervasiveness of the product. OPEN MIND, a German firm, was named as the most rapidly growing vendor among the significant NC software suppliers.

CIMdata estimated that EDS PLM Solutions received $109 million in CAM related product and services revenues in 2002, making them the worldwide largest software vendor by these criteria. The remaining vendors in the worldwide top five listing of NC software providers were IBM/Dassault Systè­¥s, PTC, Hitachi Zosen, and Delcam.

CIMdata estimated that the end user payments for CATIA manufacturing related products and services were $127 million in 2002. End user payments include revenues received by IBM business partners as well as that of IBM. On this basis, IBM/DS is positioned as the worldwide largest CAM vendor. Following IBM/DS in this grouping were EDS PLM Solutions, PTC, Hitachi Zosen, and Delcam. Hence, the same suppliers comprised the top five for both of these revenue rankings, but with EDS PLM Solutions and IBM/DS changing places as the industry leader.

CIMdata again named CNC Software as the market leader on the basis of CAM seats shipped, as more seats of Mastercam were sold in 2002 than that of any other CAM product. CIMdata estimates that CNC Software shipped 3,945 seats of Mastercam into industrial environments and an additional 3,180 seats into the education market. PTC, EDS PLM Solutions, IBM/Dassault Systemes, and Hitachi Zosen followed CNC Software in the ranking of suppliers by industrial seats shipped.

OPEN MIND was estimated to be the most rapidly growing vendor in 2002, with a revenue increase of 17.9% over that of 2001. This growth rate is remarkable, especially considering the difficult economic conditions being experience in the manufacturing sector in 2002. However, Vero International, an English company, followed close behind with 16.5% revenue growth rate. Other firms in the top five listing of most rapidly growing companies were IBM/DS, Missler, and DP Technology.

This information is contained in the recently released Version 12 edition of the CIMdata NC Software and Services Market Assessment Report. This is a 222 page report that measures and segments the CAM software market, ranks NC software suppliers, and identifies and discusses market and technology trends. It can be purchased from CIMdata, a consulting and market research firm.

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