Concepts NREC Offers Multidisciplinary Optimization for Turbomachinery Design
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Concepts NREC Offers Multidisciplinary Optimization for Turbomachinery Design

June 12, 2003 -- Concepts NREC, a world-leader in turbomachinery design, development and manufacture, is pleased to announce several new options for automated optimization capabilities in our Agile Engineering Design System. Each of the new optimization packages is built upon iSIGHT, the award-winning integration, automation, and design improvement software, from Engineous Software, Inc.

Two levels of stress and vibration capabilities can be added to STRESSPREP to allow optimization of impeller mechanical properties such as stress and vibration. The new optimization packages are optional add-ons to STRESSPREP that allow the designer to optimize an impeller shape using stress levels, displacements, temperatures, and vibration frequencies as design targets or constraints. Design variables that the optimizer can work with are any of the geometrical parameters that can be adjusted within the STRESSPREP user interface such as backface shape, bore shape, and blade fillets. In addition, if CCAD is part of the design system, the blade and flow path shapes controlled by CCAD can be optimized together with the impeller geometry controlled by STRESSPREP. An additional optimization level has been added to the combination of CCAD and Pushbutton CFD to allow optimization of CFD predicted fluid dynamic performance.

When combined, these aero/hydraulic and mechanical optimization options allow true Multidisciplinary Optimization (MDO) capabilities in the Agile Engineering Design System. The MDO packages offered by Concepts NREC represent the world’s first out-of-the-box MDO system for turbomachinery design.

Concepts NREC and Engineous Software, Inc have seamlessly packaged the programs and optimization algorithms to create a true MDO system; however, creating an effective MDO system is not simply a matter of piecing together the appropriate codes in an optimization loop. To unleash the real power of MDO, an organization’s design rules and practices must be captured and translated into optimization goals and constraints. Concepts NREC has been working with customers in the area of optimization since 1998 and will be happy to assist any organization to create effective MDO procedures.