LMS Launches New Subsidiary Company
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LMS Launches New Subsidiary Company

NOESIS Solutions to Focus on Process Integration and Design Optimization

Leuven, Belgium and Troy, MI - June 9, 2003 - LMS International, the worldwide leader in Testing systems, CAE software and engineering services for functional performance engineering, today announced the launch of a new subsidiary company, NOESIS Solutions. The new company will focus on the Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) market, a segment predicted to be one of the fastest growing in the mechanical design automation market over the next decade. NOESIS Solutions will further build on the strong capabilities of the LMS Optimus product that support engineers in automating their analysis processes, in quickly investigating multiple design options, and finding the most robust designs for product lifecycle quality.

"Major manufacturers around the world adopted LMS Optimus and recognize it as an excellent product and a superior technology platform for the PIDO market", says Dr. Urbain Vandeurzen, Chairman and CEO of LMS, International. "Creating a separate company with its own identity and a clear focus will assure an aggressive drive to become the market leader in the segment. Unlike most start-ups, NOESIS Solutions will have the benefit of a mature technology, a strong customer base and a worldwide distribution in place, right from the start."

"NOESIS, the ancient Greek word for knowledge and understanding, reflects the mission of our new company - empowering our customers in gaining deeper insight in their design, and quickly finding the most optimal and robust design option", says Hans Wynendaele, President of NOESIS Solutions.

Hans Wynendaele has entrepreneurial experience as a founder of Numerical Integration Technologies, which was acquired by LMS in 1993, and subsequent senior management experience in a number of key positions within LMS, including Vice President of the CAE Division.

NOESIS Solutions will continue to leverage LMS distribution into the major mechanical industries but, in parallel, develop additional channels into new markets. LMS International will further market the Optimus technology, and will integrate Optimus functionality in LMS Virtual.Lab, its integrated environment for functional performance engineering.

About LMS Optimus

LMS optimus is an open software environment for capturing and automating analysis processes and design-space navigation. LMS Optimus empowers the intuitive capturing and automation of any data or simulation-based design process. Design drivers, such as Design-Of-Experiments (DOE), multidisciplinary design optimization and quality-engineering techniques, give more insight in the behavior of designs and provide better and higher-quality designs faster than before.

About LMS International

LMS enables customers to engineer functional performance targets into their products, creating and maintaining distinctive brand values. LMS' unmatched understanding of the product development process is captured through a unique combination of products and services supporting physical and virtual product development: Test systems, CAE software products and engineering services. Critical attributes such as noise and vibration, ride, handling, motion, acoustics and fatigue are turned from problems to competitive advantage. LMS, a Dassault Systè­¥s Gold Partner, is a global company with the vision, resources and commitment to significantly impact product development performance of its customers.

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