RAND Worldwide Automation Gateway v4.0 Supports Pro/Engineer Wildfire
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RAND Worldwide Automation Gateway v4.0 Supports Pro/Engineer Wildfire

Toronto, Ont., June 6, 2003 - Rand A Technology Corporation [TSX: RND],
operating as RAND Worldwide, announces the release of Version 4.0 of the
Automation GATEWAY programming software, which enables users of
Pro/ENGINEER* mechanical design software to directly integrate other
applications (e.g. the Microsoft Office suite) in order to create custom
interfaces and to automate either individual tasks or the entire design
process. This latest version has been developed specifically to enable users
of the recently released Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire to increase their

"As we have said before, RAND Worldwide is absolutely committed to
supporting Pro/ENGINEER users to get the most from their technology, which
remains a leading software for product design around the world," said Dennis
Visentin, Executive VP of RAND Worldwide's software development division,
ACCURIT. "Version four of Automation GATEWAY not only complements Wildfire,
but this is also a faster version of our technology so that users will see
even greater functionality and performance when they are linking other
applications to Pro/ENGINEER."

By implementing Automation GATEWAY with Pro/ENGINEER, engineers and
designers can also accelerate their engineering design. For example,
Automation GATEWAY helps to automate certain repetitive tasks such as
placing standard components in product models, allowing users to customize
the way in which their models comply with specific design rules. At the
same time, the software simplifies the process of integrating and modifying
CAD models - saving considerable engineering time - by allowing
non-engineering users to select and configure their own design models to
meet different business needs.

Automation GATEWAY, which can now be used to drive more than 175
Pro/ENGINEER functions, was first developed to work with that technology in
1998 and has worked with Pro/ENGINEER since Version 20. With Automation
GATEWAY, users can leverage the Internet to create customized applications,
and make them available to engineering and enterprise users, as well as to
customers and suppliers.

About RAND Worldwide
RAND Worldwide is one of the world's leading providers of services and
technology to companies looking to optimize their product lifecycle
management (PLM) processes. Unlike traditional CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM technologies,
PLM provides collaborative solutions to define and manage information
throughout the complete product lifecycle and across the entire extended
enterprise. As the world's only independent global technology provider,
RAND Worldwide employs over 1,000 people in more than 100 international
sales and client service centres. The Company's corporate head office in
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada can be reached at 905-625-2000 or through the
Internet at www.rand.com.