RAND Worldwide Launches iTools Version 3.0
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RAND Worldwide Launches iTools Version 3.0

Software Suite For Multi-CAD/PDM Environments Provides Enhanced Low-Cost Solution for Engineering Data Management and Distribution

Toronto, Ont., June 6, 2003 - Rand A Technology Corporation [TSX: RND],
operating as RAND Worldwide, announces the launch of version 3.0 of its
iTools suite of software tools, which was created to solve vital knowledge
management challenges facing manufacturers. The iTools software solution
suite complements and optimizes your Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/INTRALINK, AutoCAD
and ME10 system by automating information capture and integrity,
enterprise-wide distribution and connectivity to other business systems.

The iTools suite was developed by RAND Worldwide's ACCURIT software
development division. The Company's research and development team has taken
advantage of RAND Worldwide's experience of over 15 years with Pro/E,
AutoCAD and ME/10 to effectively develop optimal solutions addressing
critical customer needs.

Users who are planning to or who have recently started to use Pro/INTRALINK
can leverage iTools to accelerate and optimize their implementation, setting
the right configuration from the start. As well as providing a
cost-effective solution with easy implementation, iTools reduces operating
costs through its use of web-based technology and open standards.

The suite is made up of four packages and related modules: iLoad, iCheck,
iBridge and iVault. The iTools suite enables companies to effectively
leverage their CAD data by cost-effectively migrating a large quantity of
valuable legacy data into Pro/INTRALINK and ensure consistent data integrity
within the user's Pro/INTRALINK database, as well as integrating
Pro/INTRALINK with a user's ERP/MRP system. The iTools software also helps
to provide enterprise-wide access to important CAD data to a company's
manufacturing, sales, marketing and purchasing departments for viewing and
printing purposes.

With Version 3.0, iTools users have:
        *        An enhanced iView interface;
        *        Secure SSL encryption for an iView session, enabled by a new
Tomcat web server integration;
        *        The new iWatermark module allows for TIFF and PDF on-the-fly
watermarking for iView and iPrint;
        *        New iConnectors to the iVault are available for AutoCAD and
MS Word;
        *        Pro/NC and Pro/CABLING assembly support within iLoad, and
the support of parameter mapping to Pro/INTRALINK system or user-defined
        *        Rules-based checking options and custom error messaging
within iCheck;
        *        A new graphical configuration utility for iBridge and
iConnector to Pro/INTRALINK; and.
        *        The ability to select and process all drawings from a given
assembly in the iPublish module of iBridge.

In addition to Pro/INTRALINK, iTools are also directly accessible within
PTC, Autodesk and CoCreate CAD environments. Future releases will extend the
environment to include CATIA V5 and SMARTEAM.

For more information about the iTools family of software, please visit:
www.engineering.com < http://www.engineering.com>
www.rand.com < http://www.rand.com>

About RAND Worldwide
RAND Worldwide is one of the world's leading providers of services and
technology to companies looking to optimize their product lifecycle
management (PLM) processes. Unlike traditional CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM technologies,
PLM provides collaborative solutions to define and manage information
throughout the complete product lifecycle and across the entire extended
enterprise. As the world's only independent global technology provider,
RAND Worldwide employs over 1,000 people in more than 100 international
sales and client service centres. The Company's corporate head office in
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada can be reached at 905-625-2000 or through the
Internet at www.rand.com.

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