V6.0 MachineWorks Technology to Launch at DMS 2003; MachineWorks Ltd's Major New Software Release to Be Introduced at Japan's Premier CAD/CAM Event
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V6.0 MachineWorks Technology to Launch at DMS 2003; MachineWorks Ltd's Major New Software Release to Be Introduced at Japan's Premier CAD/CAM Event

DMS 2003

SHEFFIELD, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 2003--MachineWorks Ltd, the world's leading developer of NC simulation and verification solutions, announced it is launching the major new release of its leading MachineWorks technology at DMS 2003 in Tokyo, Japan. (June 25-27, 2003. Booth 15-26).

V6.0 MachineWorks technology builds on the success of previous releases by adding significant new functionality to a number of key areas. Foremost amongst these are its increasingly important Full Machine Modeling (FMM) capabilities, featuring clash detection between all moving solids in the machining environment.

Ed Hall, Marketing Manager for MachineWorks Ltd said, "MachineWorks v6.0 is a landmark release for us. We are confident it will significantly add value to our Partners' solutions."

Reaction to the release from MachineWorks' Partners has been very positive:

The Programmers of CNC Software Inc. commented, "MachineWorks 6.0 has all of the tools we requested and more, it's just like getting an early Christmas present. It will save months of development time."

David Plater, Software Development Director of Pathtrace Engineering Systems said, "The support for Assemblies and Kinematics functionality in MachineWorks v6 has proved invaluable in allowing EdgeCAM to simulate advanced machine configurations for milling and turning."

And Chuck Mathews, DP Technology Vice President noted, "MachineWorks v6 will enable us to build on the versatility of ESPRIT by simulating evermore complex machining environments with True Solid accuracy and flexibility."

Enhancements to the Core Machining Package include the following:

-- In-built STL file analysis and verification

Now incorporates a facility to check the accuracy of the CAD data input, automatically fixing certain problems and identifying others. The facility also ensures that MachineWorks solids are accurately generated in the single precision STL file format.

-- Soft clash detection

This allows the user to detect 'near misses' to a pre-defined tolerance, not just actual clashes.

-- Hybrid technology management

Efficient switching enables the optimum technology to be used for any given machining requirement. The information generated can then be exported into another MachineWorks engine for the next stage of simulation.

-- Simulations can now be saved 'mid-session' in all engines

Any simulation can now be halted at anytime and restored at a later date without any loss of geometric data: a feature especially useful for long tool paths.

-- Rendering for the main Visicut engine now 50% faster

By taking advantage of OpenGL hardware acceleration, the Visicut geometric engine has tabled some dramatic performance gains.

-- Turret indexing for turning

The breadth of MachineWorks machining functionality has been increased by now simulating B-axis turning.

-- More 'complex' tools and tool holders can be modeled in the

Visicut engine.

This enables MachineWorks technology to simulate more machining scenarios.

Enhancements to the Die/Mold Machining Module include the following:

Numerous wide-ranging improvements have been made to the patented Multicut engine, including quicker rendering performance.

Enhancements to the Multi-Axis Simulation Module include the following:

A particular achievement of v6.0, the following three advancements together represent the cornerstone of all complex full machine simulations.

-- Clash detection between all solids

Whether moving or static, a tool, holder, fixture or stock, clashes between all solids in the machining environment are now detected.

-- Defining complex assemblies

This enables any combination of multiple tools, tool holders and fixtures to be identified as a single object and moved accordingly.

-- Synchronisation of movements including full implementation of

forward kinematics

Synchronous co-ordination of all the solids in the machining environment eliminates the possibility of costly clashes by providing a fully accurate simulation.

About MachineWorks technology

MachineWorks technology is the leading CNC simulation and verification toolkit for manufacturing software developers. It combines unparalleled speed and accuracy with industrial-strength robustness.

True Solid MachineWorks technology is now used in the majority of the World's premier CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems.

By integrating MachineWorks directly into their applications, developers shorten their R&D cycle, and get to market faster with a better solution: one that their customers can subsequently rely on to increase productivity and guarantee the quality of their manufacturing output.

About NC Verify

Based on MachineWorks technology core geometry, NC Verify is an application used by OEMs as a plug-in with their solutions, and by CNC Programmers to simulate and verify their toolpaths.

About MachineWorks Ltd

MachineWorks Ltd is the world's leading developer of NC simulation and verification solutions. Formerly a division within LightWork Design Ltd, the market leader in computer graphics software for rendering, the company has developed NC simulation/verification technology to the benefit of their Partners since 1994.

Further company and product information can be found at www.machineworks.com.

MachineWorks and NC Verify are trademarks of MachineWorks Ltd. All other brand or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Multicut is protected by United Kingdom patent GB2,346,222 and US patent application serial number 09/490,222

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