Informative Graphics Adds Digital Rights, Pro/E, SAT, STEP and XGL To ModelPress
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Informative Graphics Adds Digital Rights, Pro/E, SAT, STEP and XGL To ModelPress

3D Publishing System Now Offered in Free and Licensed Versions, Includes Update of Free Viewer

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 28, 2003-- Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a leader in 2D/3D visualization and web collaboration technology, announced the release of its free ModelPress 3.0 Publisher and Viewer 3D CAD model software, in addition to releasing a "licensed" version (not free) of the ModelPress Publisher.

The ModelPress system is designed to simplify the distribution of 3D CAD models so that they can become more commonplace in downstream business applications. ModelPress' breakthrough compression technology reduces models sizes by 70 -- 98%, making sharing 3D data online not only possible, but also very practical.

The free ModelPress Viewer updates highlights are:

-- Smaller download size
-- More measurement and visualization features
-- Enhanced user interface

The ModelPress Publisher (free version) update highlights are:

-- Support for XGL/ZGL which is exported by Rhino, Microstation,

Inventor, Helix MicroCadam.

-- Support for ACIS SAT for AutoCAD 3D and Mechanical Desktop, in

addition to Alibre, Trace

-- Updated support for Solid Edge v14

The ModelPress Publisher is also now available in a "licensed" version (not-free) that includes more publishing features, including digital rights, export to STL / 3DS, and the ability to process Pro/E, STEP, and VDA model files (using PTC's Granite One). The new digital rights features enables preset expiration dates, password-protected viewing, and on/off control of measurements, cuts, cross-sections, explosions, or viewing of internal parts. Publishing CAD standard 3D models, such as IGES, Inventor 6, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and STL with the ModelPress licensed version allows content owners to establish an onscreen banner that is displayed by the ModelPress Viewer or IGC's MYRIAD product. Authors can use this to show copyright notice, company name, model title, and more.

For complete information on the latest release of ModelPress Publisher and Viewer visit and, respectively.

ModelPress can be downloaded for free from IGC at

"The initial feedback for applying digital rights to CAD model publishing has been exciting. We have addressed some major issues with sharing 3D -- by providing a lot of value for free, making model files tiny to transfer, providing intellectual property protection methods, and by providing a 'Adobe-like reader' to view published models," said Gary Heath, President and CEO at IGC. "We are adding automated Web page creation methods and supporting more formats and we continue to make Viewer enhancements with the goal of firmly establishing ModelPress as the best choice for downstream 3D visualization," he added.

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