DELMIA Delivers the First 3D PLM Integrated Solution for Digital Manufacturing
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DELMIA Delivers the First 3D PLM Integrated Solution for Digital Manufacturing

All DELMIA Applications are Now Built Around the Unique PPR Model, Providing Complete Coverage of the Manufacturing Processes and Seamless Integration Within 3D Product Lifecycle Management.

TROY, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31, 2001-- DELMIA Corp., a Dassault Systemes company (NASDAQ: DASTY; Euronext Paris: No. 13065, DSY.PA) announced today the launch of the Version 5 Release 7 (V5R7) of DELMIA Digital Manufacturing Solutions.

DELMIA V5R7 is the first release providing complete integration between all DELMIA software applications on top of the PPR - Product, Process and Resource model. This unique PPR model, shared across DS' 3d Product Lifecycle Management (3d PLM) applications, ensures the integration between CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA. This release dramatically improves the efficiency of the process planning and process verification activities within the global product development cycle. This makes collaborative engineering of products, processes and resources a reality across the extended enterprise, including the worldwide supply chains.

DELMIA provides both decision support and authoring applications to support manufacturing processes, which have to be planned, detailed and simulated throughout the Manufacturing Engineering Cycle. DELMIA's Digital Manufacturing Solutions are now built around an open Product, Process and Resource model (PPR), which provides a federating hub, connecting the different repositories and applications of the extended manufacturing enterprise. Extending well beyond traditional product data management, PPR enables continuous, dynamic simulation of product performance and manages the effects of change on the product, its processes and resources. It allows anyone involved, from product engineers to manufacturing process planners and production engineers, to have the full, current view of all links and dependencies between Products, Processes and Resources at any point in time. Integrity of the PPR data, optimization of the entire manufacturing processes and a seamless integration with the design world are the main benefits of the DELMIA solution. The PPR model and associated solutions provide the environment to foster manufacturing creativity and innovation, while dramatically reducing development cycles thus accelerating time-to-market.

Leveraging the PPR model, DELMIA is now seamlessly integrated with ENOVIA. DELMIA users can access the configured Product data (product structure, 3d part definition...), and use it to define, simulate and optimize the associated Processes and Resources. Engineering changes can be exchanged easily between the design and the manufacturing disciplines. This establishes a closed loop in the workflow and contributes significantly to the acceleration of the overall development process. Utilizing the structuring capabilities of PPR through "DELMIA Process Engineer" the users can easily generate a Manufacturing BOM consistent with the product definition.

The DELMIA solution for Automotive Final Assembly takes advantage of the PPR integration to provide, for the first time, a true end-to-end solution. This solution combines the power of "DELMIA Process Engineer" for process planning with the power of "DELMIA V5" (V5 DPM Assembly and V5 Human Modeling) for 3d process detailing, simulation and validation.

Adopting the same approach, the DELMIA solution for Automotive Body-in-White is now end-to-end. This solution combines "DELMIA Process Engineer" for process planning, the newly introduced "DELMIA V5 DPM Body in White" for process detailing and sequencing of weld operations and DELMIA robotics solutions for simulation with off-line programming. It covers the specifics of the BiW processes: weld processes, weld allocation and weld gun definitions are created and enriched from the different applications and shared through the PPR Hub. The welding processes and resources are, in addition, defined in the context of the product to enable concurrent engineering and change management.

To support the needs of Airframe Assembly in the Aerospace industry, the "DELMIA V5 DPM Assembly" solution has delivered a number of key enhancements such as the full use of tolerance information in the process planning and better use of the Pert and Gantt charts.

For all the above industry processes "DELMIA Process Engineer" delivers new and enhanced capabilities for process version handling, scenarios planning, and costing. With the new costing capabilities, specific customer calculations can be implemented to assess investments, material costs or labor costs and to compare all of these against targets.

Philippe Charles, chief executive officer, DELMIA Corp., said: " With V5R7, the capabilities of our Digital Manufacturing solutions and their seamless integration around the PPR Hub, bring our customers to the next step in transforming their manufacturing development process. By deploying V5R7, design and validation of the manufacturing processes is accomplished "in context" of the virtual product. This dramatically improves the development quality and reduces the time to market. The ongoing customer implementations of DELMIA solutions are progressing extremely well and clearly demonstrate the value of the integrated 3d PLM."

About DELMIA Corp.

DELMIA provides a comprehensive software solution and expertise for customers to virtually create, monitor and control agile, distributed manufacturing processes geared towards Build-to-Order and Lean Production practices. The DELMIA software suite is containing an alphanumeric and 3D-driven process planning, standard time measurement applications, human being simulations, robot and machine tool simulation as well as solutions for layout generation and material flow simulation. Such software allows development, screen-based simulation and optimization of manufacturing processes for single device, work cell, production line, and factory material flow up to Extended Enterprise production flow. Applications range from concept development phase to shop floor implementation and production management. The DELMIA range of simulation software packages integrates behavior models to be used in simulation, analysis, programming and control applications. DELMIA offers state-of-the-art technology to design factories on-screen, before actually building them. DELMIA serves industry segments where continuous transformation and optimization of the manufacturing processes are critical such as Automotive, Aerospace, Fabrication and Assembly, Electrical and Electronics, Consumer Goods, Plant and Shipbuilding. DELMIA constitutes the core offering for Digital Manufacturing and Production, serving the product life cycle. DELMIA solutions are interoperable with major CAD, PDM and ERP systems. Information about DELMIA is available at

About Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY; Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) is the premier global software developer for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM market, providing companies with e-business solutions to implement their digital enterprise, thus creating and simulating the entire product life cycle from initial concept to product in service. CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA solutions support industry-specific business processes to help unleash creativity and innovation, reduce development cycle time, improve quality, competitiveness and shareholder value: CATIA supports the digital product definition and simulation, DELMIA provides solutions to define and simulate lean digital manufacturing processes and ENOVIA delivers enterprise solutions that manage a comprehensive, collaborative and distributed model of the digital product, processes and resources. The combined integration creates the Digital Product life cycle Pipeline, supporting reuse of corporate knowledge. SolidWorks and SmartTeam, as Dassault Systemes companies, offer respectively 3D design-centric and TeamPDM software solutions based on Windows. Spatial, also part of Dassault Systemes family, is a market-leading provider of world-class 3D software components and services (for 3D modeling, visualization, and interoperability) to meet the requirements of 3D in Internet-based e-commerce and B2B applications.

Information about Dassault Systemes is available at

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