Sescoi’s technical sessions launch WorkNC V20 across the USA
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Sescoi’s technical sessions launch WorkNC V20 across the USA

November 23, 2009 - Sescoi went on tour in the USA to demonstrate the latest version of its CADCAM software, WorkNC V20, to users in some of the most industrial areas of the country. Stopping in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Akron and Cincinnati, the company welcomed a host of engineers and machinists to its October technical sessions. Sescoi’s U.S. customers include General Motors, Roush, Anderson Global, H.S.Die, Commercial Tool & Die Inc., and Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering Inc.

A host of new features make this latest WorkNC version a major step forward in productivity. One such feature is the ability to machine undercut areas of a tool with one cutterpath. These undercuts can be done in either a 3axis or 5axis fashion.

Auto 5, WorkNC’s automated 5-axis programming, has been joined by a new module which automates 3+2 programming in WorkNC V20. Auto 3+2 works in a similar way to Auto 5, the programmer defines a 3-axis toolpath and WorkNC automatically changes the toolpath to 3+2, where the tool is unable to reach the job. The advantages are that it makes the process very easy, enables more of the part to be finished on the same machine, and makes the most of the capabilities of older and larger machines, increasing their efficiency, and reducing cycle times.

A brand new machining strategy combines Z-Level Finishing and Optimized Z-Level Finishing into one toolpath, which considers the topology of the component to completely machine it in one operation. This simplifies and speeds up programming by eliminating duplicate cutterpaths and maximizing productivity.

Users can now define conical cutters in WorkNC V20. These enable them to achieve higher feed rates and an improved surface finish, as well as avoiding rubbing walls with the side of the tool. These new cutter types are particularly useful for WorkNC’s improved Global Roughing/Reroughing strategy. Using small cutters with a matching stepover simplifies the set-up for the programmer and reduces calculation times which is especially beneficial for larger components.

Several changes to the way in which WorkNC V20 calculates toolpaths have improved overall programming productivity. Stock models can now be saved, and toolpath parameters such as lead-in and retract movements can be changed without the need for recalculation.

In addition to WorkNC V20, Tech session participants were given an overview of the MyWorkPLAN job shop management system and WorkXPlore 3D, Sescoi’s award-winning, high- speed 3D viewer.

WorkXPlore 3D enables collaborative working by importing and analyzing CAD data from multiple sources and sharing this around an organization and its supply chain. Low cost and free versions of the software combine to make this a very attractive solution for companies needing to produce the best possible designs quickly and share design data with large numbers of collaborators.

Links to the MyWorkPLAN Estimator module allow the optimized design data from WorkXPlore 3D to be used to create accurate quotations in a matter of minutes. Utilization of historic information, built up both inside and outside MyWorkPLAN, enables users to plan their jobs effectively.

Companies using MyWorkPLAN have reported double digit growth in orders, thanks to the fast response and competitive pricing they now offer to their customers. Combined with the reduction in administrative load and cost control enabled by the software, Sescoi was able to demonstrate to job shop managers at the U.S. Tech sessions how this solution could have a significant impact on profitability, making it a valuable addition to their WorkNC system.

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