Bricsys releases Bricscad V10: Gets CAD teams one step ahead
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Bricsys releases Bricscad V10: Gets CAD teams one step ahead

Gent, Belgium October 7, 2009 - Bricsys announced the release of Bricscad V10, a milestone version for the DWG based CAD market. Bricscad is recognized as the number one DWG CAD alternative by offering a complete and recognizable feature set to professional users. The combination of DWG compatibility, a recognizable interface, real day-to-day support and a reasonable price for new licenses and upgrades were key to its success so far. Bricscad V10 now adds innovation by introducing eBridge for teams.

Bricscad eBridge

eBridge starts where eTransmit ends. Instead of just collecting file dependencies in a folder or a zip file to be emailed, eBridge gives the user file versioning, file history, sharing files with others, control on access rights, the fastest online viewer with annotations history, workflow processing and much more. eBridge is a SaaS service integrated in Bricscad V10 and extends desktop CAD with online CAD management. It makes Bricscad V10 the perfect CAD-platform for teams. Bricsys will soon release a plug-in for AutoCAD®. Companies using both AutoCAD and Bricscad side by side can implement it in their day-to-day job. For more info on eBridge visit

One step ahead

With Bricscad V10 Bricsys confirms its strong determination to further conquer the DWG CAD market. Besides eBridge it offers a whole range of performance improvements and enhancements. Smooth and fast view panning, smart selection highlighting, cycling through entities during selection, snap tracking with parallel alignment to Z-axis, gradient hatches, PDF export using plot style tables are just a few of the many enhancements. To get an overview of all key features visit

“Bricscad V10 shows that Bricsys is not just a slavishly follower for DWG CAD but has the intention for innovation while continuing our strong support for the DWG legacy investments of the CAD community.”, says Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. “eBridge is just the start of integrating new team-collaboration tools into CAD. At the same time we continue to extend our technology offer for application developers and let them use and integrate these new technologies in their software via a SOAP API. And this is just the start.”

All previous versions of Bricscad are upgraded to V10: Bricscad Classic, Bricscad Pro and Bricscad all-in. A new top version is introduced as Bricscad eBridge, including all features of Bricscad Pro + 1 year eBridge service + 1 year updates and upgrades + 1 year next business day response time email support + the e-book “Customizing Bricscad” by Ralph Grabowski. Existing Bricscad users can subscribe eBridge as a separate feature, available in the Bricsys e-store.


About Bricsys

Bricsys is a global provider of engineering software through its network of 70 offices on four continents. The product portfolio consists of Bricscad and Vondle (an extended SaaS platform). Bricscad is the powerful DWG-alternative CAD platform that enables DWG-based applications to serve the growing markets of GIS, AEC, mechanical CAD, and civil engineering. Bricsys products are available in 14 languages, with more languages in development.

Wherever they are on the globe, customers can communicate support requests directly to the Bricsys support team around the clock. Every month, Bricsys transparently reports to its customers on the status and development of its software products. Bricsys is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance, thereby contributing to the interoperability in the engineering industry.

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