MSC.Software Provides Biomedical Market With Industry-Specific Software and Services Packages
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MSC.Software Provides Biomedical Market With Industry-Specific Software and Services Packages

New Offerings Give Medical Device Manufacturers Licensing Flexibility, Custom Software Modules and Professional Services Expertise

SANTA ANA, Calif., May 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MSC.Software Corp. the leading global provider of virtual product development (VPD) technologies including simulation software, services and systems, today announced new software and services packages targeted at the biomedical market and medical device manufacturers. The new packages include custom software modules and professional services packages and are based around the VPD Campus licensing system, which gives customers flexible access to the entire MSC.Software portfolio applicable to the medical device industry.

"Medical device manufacturers spend an enormous amount on R&D and physical testing of new devices and mechanisms," said Frank Perna, chairman and chief executive officer of MSC.Software. "MSC.Software is committed to helping them deploy virtual product development technology to save time and money and meet the strict regulatory requirements mandated by the government. We have several biomedical customers and a very strong presence in the academic biomedical research community and have put together some excellent, price competitive packages that give biomedical engineers the products they need to design and test new devices as quickly and efficiently as possible."

The MSC.Software Biomedical Packages are tailored for specific industry segments within the $175 billion worldwide medical-device market including orthopedic, dental, ocular/ophthalmic and cardiovascular. Under the VPD Campus licensing system, engineers have full access to the MSC.Software VPD product portfolio that relates to the medical device industry including MSC.Fatigue, MSC.Marc, MSC.Patran and MSC.ADAMS.

Each MSC.Software Biomedical Package includes a comprehensive set of design, biomechanics, and finite element analysis (FEA) software and professional services options for a variety of medical applications. Through these custom packages, MSC.Software provides customers with conceptual and detailed design functionality, simulation, and virtual prototyping capabilities for a variety of Class I, II, and III devices.

Each of MSC.Software's Biomedical packages allows immediate access to the right software and services for specific medical applications giving engineers the ability to get up and running quickly and easily. This 'focused' approach to device development and virtual testing helps achieve faster time to submission/approval and time to market. The packages include:

  MSC.Cardiovascular Packages:

      *  MSC.Stent Module
      *  MSC.Catheter Module (Balloon, Guidwire)
      *  MSC.Pacemaker Module
      *  MSC.Defibrillator Module

  MSC.Orthopedic Packages:

      *  MSC.Total Knee Replacment (TKR) Module
      *  MSC.Total Hip Replacement (THR) Module
      *  MSC.Spinal Fixation Module
      *  MSC.Prosthetic Module
      *  MSC.Gait Analysis Module

  MSC.Ocular Package:

      *  MSC.Intra-ocular Lens Module

  MSC.Dental Package:

      *  MSC.Dental Implant Module

The VPD Campus Licensing System is a renewable token-based licensing model, enabling customers to access MSC.Software's complete portfolio of simulation tools from a single, flexible license. Included in this industry- leading portfolio are versatile analysis tools such as MSC.Nastran, MSC.Marc, and MSC.ADAMS; specialized analysis tools such as MSC.Dytran and MSC.Fatigue; modeling systems such as MSC.Patran and MSC.Mentat; industry-specific tools and modules specific to the biomedical industry.

For more information on MSC.Software's products and services as they relate to the biomedical industry, please visit or e-mail MSC.Software at Email Contact.

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