Leica Geosystems Awarded Contract for LTD800 Laser Tracker by Toyota
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Leica Geosystems Awarded Contract for LTD800 Laser Tracker by Toyota

LTD800 Serves a Variety of Automotive Metrology Applications, T-Probe to Expand the Possibilities

Norcross, GA – April 28, 2003 – The Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems announced today it was awarded a contract from Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Inc. for a state-of-the-art LTD800 laser tracking system. Toyota will utilize the laser tracking system for high precision inspection and measurement operations at its facility in Erlanger, Kentucky. Toyota production engineers will use the LTD800 for quality control to bridge the gap between as-built vehicles and nominal design data. The LTD800 delivers the fastest measurement cycle in the industry for high point density (3000 points/second), and the longest measurement distance for large volume work (0 - 40 m). Leica Geosystems leads the industry with more than 1000 tracker systems installed worldwide.

In addition to the LTD800 purchase, Toyota also plans to acquire the T-Probe upgrade, an option scheduled for release later in 2003. A new laser tracking accessory, the T-Probe is an armless and wireless probe providing on-demand inspection and measurement of virtually anything�anywhere. Its touch-and-inspect capability and genuine “six degrees of freedom” is unrivaled in the metrology industry today. The device delivers 0.1 mm length accuracy in a measurement volume of up to a full car size. This ultra-innovative product is destined to become a must have QC tool for the automotive industry and related enterprises.

Toyota engineers will use the LTD800 as an investigative tool and a key component in their overall quality solution. The versatile laser tracker can be used to measure a full auto body on wheels, or inspect a specific component of an assembly. The LTD800’s accuracy and portability features will expedite Toyota’s ability to troubleshoot and maintain its high quality standards in its Erlanger facility and manufacturing facilities in the United States and abroad.

“We are extremely proud that Toyota recognized the high performance metrology standards built into the Leica laser tracker,” states Nicholas Bloch, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communication. “Our laser trackers are renown for their reliability in the toughest, most unforgiving industrial environments in the world. Leica Geosystems also looks forward to exceeding Toyota’s expectations in the future with the release of our groundbreaking T-Probe technology.”

About Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems is an internationally leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of solutions that capture, visualize, and process spatial data using the most advanced technologies in the marketplace. Leica Geosystems holds the foremost position in the world market in several high technology sectors. The company has 10 offices in the United States, and has representatives in over 100 countries worldwide. The firm’s corporate headquarters are located in Switzerland. Leica Geosystems registered shares (LGSN -SWX) are quoted on the SWX Swiss Exchange in Z�rich.

About the Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems
The Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems is a global supplier of comprehensive hardware and software packages to the industrial metrology market. These products integrate with popular CAD programs, various build-and-inspection tools, and reverse engineering software. Using state-of-the-art laser technology, Leica’s industrial measurement products make quality control, part mating, assembly and construction of large and small parts easier and more accurate than ever. Leica’s laser tracker technology is most widely used with 1000 installations worldwide. For more information, contact Nicholas Bloch at Email Contact or visit their web site at www.leica-geosystems.com /metrology.