Magnacad Design Inc. improves native IronCAD Model and Texture Site with new additions and enhancements.
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Magnacad Design Inc. improves native IronCAD Model and Texture Site with new additions and enhancements.

July 3, 2009 - Magnacad Design Inc. has been a certified IronCAD reseller in the US regional northeast since 2000.
Commack, NY, July 1, 2009: Magnacad Design Inc. a leading provider of CAD, CAE and PLM solutions has announced it has enhanced its IronCAD native model repository site. New enhancements include:

• On-Demand Download. Eliminated submitting file requests and waiting period.
• Easier Navigation. Site has been redesigned to make finding files easier.
• Global Icons. Added new icons for downloading and viewing that the global community
can understand easily.
• Faster Downloads. Files have been highly compressed for faster downloads.
• Added IronCAD Support Imagery. Added Bump Maps, Textures, Decals, and Gradients in addition to updated native IronCAD/Inovate catalog files (.icc)

The site was enhanced in response to overwhelming amount of submittals. “We felt it was time to
reduce the burden on our staff to fulfill the influx of requests by allowing IronCAD users to simply
download on-demand” stated Tom Lehnhaeuser, president, MDI. MDI was reluctant to “automate” the
site for various reasons, mainly stemming from file storage and hardware requirements, however in
these economic times, it made sense to make the move and utilize its staff more effectively. In addition
to providing more benefits for the IronCAD community.

“We look forward to adding more IronCAD catalogs and HDRI image collections for IronCAD’s
cutting edge rendering engine very soon” said Tom.
You can access the site at:

About Magnacad Design Inc.
Magnacad Design Inc. is a Long Island based company with over 20-years history of providing
product development. Engineering and manufacturing software solutions. Its customers have benefited
extensively from our expertise, training, and support when choosing a CAD/CAE/PLM component

Magnacad Design Inc. also is the current coordinator for the Long Island IronCAD Owners Network

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