WorkNC 6-Axis Machining Tech Days at Kegelmann (SESCOI)
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WorkNC 6-Axis Machining Tech Days at Kegelmann (SESCOI)

June 5, 2009 - Since the end of March of this year, the new F.Zimmermann FZ 100 gantry (portal) milling machine, seen on display at last year’s EUROMOLD show, has been in operation at Kegelmann Technik in Rodgau-Jüdesheim, Germany. With its newly developed M3 ABC 3-axis milling head and the ability to perform 6-axis machining, this machine sets new standards in the volume machining of aluminum, composite and model making materials as well as in the high speed cutting of steel and cast iron, where conventional 2-axis fork heads with A- and C-axis have long reached their limits in 5-axis simultaneous machining.

To illustrate the benefits of 6-axis machining, Kegelmann Technik, a specialist supplier of prototype components and small series parts in aluminum and plastic, will host two Technology Days on 23 and 24th June at its new high-tech milling center. The Technology Days will include the live machining of parts including a large aeronautical structural component.

In addition to these guided milling demonstrations, there will be a joint seminar illustrating the entire process chain conducted by Kegelmann, F.Zimmermann, Sescoi and Siemens.
F. Zimmermann will provide full details on the FZ 100 machine, which, with its six axis capabilities and complementary features, guarantees perfect quality and supreme accuracy while cutting machining times by 75%.

Sescoi will demonstrate WorkNC G3, the most recent generation of its automatic CAM/CAD system, which allows even the 6-axis FZ 100 machine to be easily programmed - almost at push of a button. Sescoi Engineers will also explain how 5-axis and 6-axis technology can be used most productively.

Finally, Siemens will outline the operation of its Volumetric Compensation System (VCS), which equips the FZ 100. Using VCS, the residual geometrical errors on large 3- and 5-axis Cartesian machine tools, which could only be further reduced by highly technical mechanical means, can be compensated by acting directly on the CNC command. The result is significantly improved production accuracy.

Interested parties may sign up to either of the Technology Days by contacting Kegelmann Technik, Mrs Folds, Tel +49 (0) 6106 / 8507-10 or Email Contact

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