Dr. Edward M. Bennett of Mechanical Solutions, Inc. to Receive Gopalakrishnan-Flowserve Pump Technology Award
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Dr. Edward M. Bennett of Mechanical Solutions, Inc. to Receive Gopalakrishnan-Flowserve Pump Technology Award

— Award Honors Outstanding Achievement in Pump Technology —

WHIPPANY, N.J. (June 3, 2009) – Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI), a leading mechanical engineering firm headquartered in Whippany, N.J., has announced that Dr. Edward M. Bennett, MSI’s Director of Fluids Engineering, has been selected by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Fluids Engineering Division to receive the prestigious Gopalakrishnan-Flowserve Pump Technology Award.

Presented biannually, the Gopalakrishnan-Flowserve Pump Technology Award honors outstanding achievement advancing the world’s pump technology. The award is given out as a way to remember Gopalakrishnan’s dedication to the education of the next generation of expert pump engineers. This year, the award will be presented to Dr. Bennett during the 2009 ASME Fluids Engineering Summer Conference, which is scheduled to be held from Aug. 2 to 6 at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa in Vail, Colo.

“For the past 25 years, Dr. Bennett has been one of the world’s foremost experts on Fluid Dynamics and the aero/hydrodynamic design of turbomachinery,” stated William Marscher, president of MSI. “We are extremely proud to have Dr. Bennett as a member of our organization. With great minds such as his leading the way, MSI will continue to provide excellent mechanical engineering service to the government and industry.”

Nominees for the Gopalakrishnan-Flowserve Pump Technology Award must have at least 10 years of outstanding performance in the pump field documented through publications and the testimonials of peers and co-workers.

At MSI, Dr. Bennett oversees fluid dynamic design and analysis. This work includes preliminary design and analysis, detailed computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis, troubleshooting and validation testing. Dr. Bennett specializes in all types of incompressible and compressible turbomachinery, including blowers, compressors, fans, pumps, turbines, and related system components for industrial and aerospace applications. Dr. Bennett and his group also perform external analysis, such as the evaluation of non-lethal projectiles for the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

Prior to joining MSI, Dr. Bennett served as a steam turbine and axial fan design engineer for Coppus Murray, where he designed steam turbine stages for a wide variety of sizes and services, as well as a series of ventilator fans. He subsequently moved to CONMEC (now a division of GE Oil and Gas), where he designed multiple steam turbines, gas expanders, and centrifugal compressor stages. Dr. Bennett also was employed at Concepts NREC, where he led the development of specialized software for turbomachinery CFD analysis and designed a variety of compressors and turbines.

In 1995, Dr. Bennett founded ASC Turbo, a design house that combined the CFD software from ASC and specialized design software. During this time, he worked on the development of BladeGen, a 3D turbomachinery blade geometry kernel that is now part of the ANSYS software suite. In addition, Dr. Bennett performed a large number of design projects including the starter turbine and vapor cycle compressor for the F-22 fighter, several biomechanical cardiac pumps, industrial pumps, compressors, fans, and turbines.

Also during this time frame, Dr. Bennett spent two years working in Europe designing the LOX rocket engine turbopump now used in the Vulcain Engine (Ariane 5) among other projects.

Most recently, Dr. Bennett served as Director of Turbopumps for the Aerojet division of Gencorp, where he developed the hydraulic design methodology that is used by that organization and has been praised by the U.S. Air Force.

In January 2009, Dr Bennett was also appointed Associate Technical Editor for the ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering.

Past recipients of the Gopalakrishnan-Flowserve Pump Technology Award include Dr. Robert O. Kiesow of the Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corp. (2007), and Dr. John Tuzson of the BorgWarner Research Center (2006).

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