N-trig Teams Up With ISVs to Highlight New Multi-Touch Application Development
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N-trig Teams Up With ISVs to Highlight New Multi-Touch Application Development

SAN ANTONIO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — June 3, 2009 N-trig, providers of DuoSense® technology, combining pen and capacitive touch in a single device, today unveils new multi-touch applications running on Windows 7. SID attendees can get hands-on at N-trig’s booth # 479 and can see a demonstration of various new software applications on YouTube.

N-trig will be demonstrating a number of full multi-touch applications that enable the use of more than two fingers to work and play on their computer screen. These applications were designed using N-trig’s DuoSense pen and multi-touch technology, and can be utilized by consumers and businesses for a wide range of activities, including consumer gaming, multi-media management, retail shopping and high-end engineering applications.

“We are pleased to see how quickly our partners are developing multi-touch applications on Windows 7. This not only speaks to the ease of use in development, but also to the vision that these companies have in bringing people a unique experience and closer to their computers,” said Ian LeGrow, principal group program manager, Microsoft Corp. “N-trig is helping to lead the way for both innovative ways to interact with a PC and promoting involvement with hands-on computing. This is an exciting time for consumers and businesses alike as we get closer to the Windows 7 launch and availability of multi-touch capabilities.”

N-trig is committed to supporting the entire multi-touch ecosystem, as each of the key players strives to expand new multi-touch environments to the consumer and enterprise markets. Today’s users have become accustomed to touchscreens, at grocery stores, movie theatres and cash point machines and users can now interact directly with their own computers, manipulating items on the screen using more than two fingers – a natural and enhanced extension of how we work and play in today's modern world.

“Windows 7 and Windows Touch are giving Corel’s software designers an incredible opportunity to enhance how consumers experience creative software. Whether you’re working with photos, video, or a digital painting, you don’t have to rely on menus and mouse clicks to be creative,” said Joe Roberts Executive Vice President, Products for Corel. “Touch innovation from industry leaders like N-trig is enabling Corel to design entirely new, natural and hands-on creative environments for consumers. Later this year, Corel will be unveiling unique and engaging multi-touch-enabled products that will help people get even more expressive with their PCs.”

Unlimited New Applications

Multi-touch applications on display at SID include the following:

“Multi-touch is the natural progression of how the computing industry is creating and enabling the necessary mobility to offer a more intuitive, natural and personal way of computer interaction in our everyday life,” said Amichai Ben David, CEO of N-trig. “We are working as part of a new ecosystem that will support the launch of Windows 7. It’s impressive to see how ISVs are creating multi-touch enabled applications and taking advantage of true multi-touch capabilities that utilize more than two fingers.”

Video on YouTube Demonstrates Full Multi-touch Applications

N-trig’s newest video shows how new multi-touch applications have been developed in collaboration with various ISVs, including: FingerTapps, Natural User Interface Europe AB and SpaceClaim. The video shows a variety of software, from gaming applications to high end engineering programs. The video can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSY-68YT7f8.

About N-trig

N-trig is revolutionizing the way people interact with computers by providing the industry’s first dual-mode pen and touch input device. N-trig’s DuoSense technology is the only combined pen, touch, and multi-touch interface for today’s advanced computing world. N-trig’s DuoSense dual-mode digitizer uses both pen and zero-pressure capacitive touch to provide a true Hands-on computing™ experience for mobile computers and other digital input products over a single device. DuoSense enables greater mobility and usability in the next generation of computing devices and notebook PCs, enabling new market opportunities for OEMs and ODMs to introduce computer products which offer a more intuitive and interactive experience. N-trig’s digitizers are easily integratable, support any type of LCD, and keep devices slim and light. N-trig’s technology can be implemented in a broad range of products from small notebooks to large format LCDs and can support a variety of applications including mobile, notebooks, convertible and all-in-one computing, gaming, entertainment, multimedia and more. Founded in 1999, N-trig is headquartered in Kfar Saba, Israel with offices in Austin, TX and Taipei, Taiwan. For more information, please visit www.n-trig.com.

About Display Week 2009

The SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, now in its 47th year, is the premier international gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users in the electronic-display industry. The event provides access to a wide range of technology and applications from high-definition flat-panel displays using both emissive and liquid-crystal technology to the latest in OLED displays and large-area projection-display systems. For more information on Display Week 2009, visit www.sid2009.org.

About SID

The Society for Information Display (SID) is the leading international professional society exclusively devoted to the advancement of electronic-display technology, manufacturing and applications. Its international headquarters are located at 610 South Second Street, San Jose, Calif. Visit SID online at www.sid.org.

N-trig ISV Quote Sheet


“Fingertapps is excited to be using N-trig’s innovative multi-touch screen technology. N-trig system’s Windows 7 support is allowing Fingertapps to explore new possibilities with its customers,” said Ben Wilde, Product Manager, of FingerTapps. “N-trig is successfully extending the boundaries of hardware technology and providing us the ability to continue to extend the wide reaching boundaries of our software.”


“Multi-touch technology is dominating the discussion in the area of natural interface (NUI), an area that IdentityMine is focused on for creating engaging user experiences,” said Kurt Brockett, Director of UX Evangelism at IdentityMine. “Partnering with N-trig allows IdentityMine to collaborate with one of the leaders in the hardware space to ensure our software conveys a truly engaging experience.”


“By integrating Keisense’s predictive and gesture based input and keyboard technology with N-trig’s multitouch on touch-based devices, we built a solution that truly senses the user’s input intention. This combined approach offers a superior user experience when interacting with touch screens, resulting in simpler, more intuitive and accurate computing,” said Santosh Sharan, President and CEO, Keisense. “We’re also porting our text-driven navigation and search solution to N-trig's multitouch technology to improve the user experience around search, navigation and data interaction by leveraging the metadata of each specific application.”

Natural User Interface Europe AB (NUI)

"Partnering with N-trig to integrate its innovative multi-touch technology into our Snowflake Suite was an easy choice for two reasons. First, the Duosense technology is already built in and distributed worldwide by both Dell and HP; and second, N-trig's high performance platform is very reliable and easy to use. The simple and flexible multi-touch ecosystem N-trig supports makes it an interesting platform for us to offer our software solutions on as we seed the multi-touch market," said Harry van der Veen, CEO, Natural User Interface Europe AB (NUI). "N-trig's commitment to making multi-touch technology mainstream in the consumer market, combined with our efforts to offer compatible software, opens news channels for us to reach a wide variety of market segments, covering retail, education, gaming and many other verticals."


“N-trig was a strong choice for SpaceClaim to leverage the unique dual pen and touch screen capabilities for our customers who are engaged in 3D solid modeling,” said Frank DeSimone, SpaceClaim’s senior director of research and development. “N-trig has been a great partner working with us to ensure integration between our 3D Direct Modeling solutions and their DuoSense technology, to be supported with Windows 7 availability. With N-trig’s rapid response and turnaround for updated drivers, we’ve been able to define our own gestures and recognition to enable our customers to perform conceptual design, solid model manipulation, and prepare for analysis using a multi-touch-enabled display.”

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