Advanced machining technology at ‘WorkNC Lab2’ seminars
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Advanced machining technology at ‘WorkNC Lab2’ seminars

May 28, 2009 - Sescoi and the OSG Corporation will be running a second series of working seminars, ‘WorkNC Lab 2’ on 11th and 12th June at the Meguro-ku, Tokyo, technical center of the Makino Milling Machine Co Ltd.

This builds on the success of the ‘WorkNC Lab 1’ seminar held in November 2008, which welcomed 140 engineers from leading Japanese companies including Ahresty Group, RYOBI Limited and the Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Sescoi and OSG have been combining forces, over the past year, to develop innovative machining solutions which are both practical and intelligent, and designed to solve common machining problems.

Visiting engineers will benefit from additional collaboration with the MST Corporation and Hitachi Metals Ltd. Presentations will include the surface machining of a water jacket, which has been programmed in WorkNC, on a Makino D500 5-axis vertical machining center. The D500 incorporates three direct drive motors in its rotary axes, one for the C-axis and two for the A-axis - one at either end of the trunnion. The dual motor design provides greater torque and rigidity and eliminates twist and torsion, enabling the machine to achieve greater dynamic accuracy.

Sescoi will be demonstrating how the programming of 5-axis toolpaths is automated in WorkNC. 3 and 3+2 axis cutterpaths are automatically transformed into collision free, 5-axis paths in the software, bringing the benefits of one-hit machining, and the accuracy and quality improvements produced by short rigid cutters, within the reach of every company.

Using the technology gives the Bank the advantages of using short rigid cutters and the ability to reach more of the part in one setting, resulting in improved surface finish and shorter machining times. Sescoi's 5-axis routines include sophisticated collision avoidance algorithms, which consider the limits of the individual machine tool, introducing unwind and flip movements so that machining can continue safely and uninterrupted.

Tooling supplied by OSG will be used during the cutting demonstration, including its variable lead end mills, which provide long tool life and stable cutting in difficult materials. Cutting data from the collaborative efforts between Sescoi and OSG is preloaded into WorkNC, ensuring that optimum machining conditions are always selected, and that machining is done in as close to ideal conditions as possible.

WorkNC has been voted the most popular system in Japan for tool and die manufacturers for the last three years. Three WorkNC users will be sharing their skill and experience, explaining the techniques they use, how it has improved their productivity and profitability and helping delegates to see how the technology can be applied to advantage in their own businesses.

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