Matereality™: The Definitive Solution for Material Data Management
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Matereality™: The Definitive Solution for Material Data Management

March 26, 2003

Matereality™ represents a paradigm shift in material data management (MDM) by permitting:
  1. Organization of public and private material data within a single system
  2. Global, internet-based secure access to data
  3. Owner-controlled access for sharing of private data
  4. Fidelity, to ensure consistent data usage across developmental platforms
  5. Ability to handle highly diverse material data, both simple and complex
  6. Traceability, the means to assess reliability and quality of data
  7. Diverse output formats, including CAD/CAE/FEA material model parameters
  8. Elimination of data mining efforts and necessity to maintain multiple MDM
  9. Highly scaleable and extensible, from single user access to enterprise solutions
Who will benefit?

Companies that work with a variety of materials and seek to securely store and share their material data across a distributed development platform of internal users and external collaborators.

Material suppliers can publish or selectively distribute their data instantly across the globe. Submission of materials for certification by large OEMs becomes automatic and effortless. CAD/CAE companies can leverage Matereality™ to pipe-in application-appropriate data models seamlessly, enhancing ease of use and design confidence.

Material testing companies such as DatapointLabs have begun using Matereality™ for data delivery. Matereality™ is thus pre-populated with design quality material properties, providing immediate high value content.

About Matereality, L.L.C.:

Matereality™ MDM is brought to you by familiar names. CTO and President Hubert Lobo, a pioneer in the field of material characterization for CAE, is also the founder of DatapointLabs– the material properties experts team supporting virtual product design engineers in their materials related issues ever since material characterization and quantification of material behavior became significant. Matereality™ reflects the needs of clients of DatapointLabs, packaged into a single and complete MDM solution for PLM worldwide.