Capvidia Announces Release of FaceWorks 2003
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Capvidia Announces Release of FaceWorks 2003

New Features further simplify the process of mold/tool/die design. Leuven, Belgium, March 25, 2003- Capvidia announces the release of FaceWorks 2003 add-in to SolidWorks® for Mold/Tool/Die Design. FaceWorks extends the SolidWorks solid modeling capabilities with powerful surface operations and structures the mold design process. FaceWorks is a SolidWorks Certified Gold Product. FaceWorks combines the power of standard SolidWorks with functions designed to simplify tooling and manufacturing applications on 3D CAD models. FaceWorks uses the latest SolidWorks user interface concepts (property page) providing smooth integration into the SolidWorks environment. Users benefit from standard SolidWorks functions complemented with specialized easy to use tools simplifying the tool-making process dramatically and minimizing costs and manufacturing times. New Features:
  • Draft Advisor: - Investigates all possible pull directions for the mold opening and automatically performs the draft analysis on them. The user can then examine each result and choose the optimal pull direction for the part.
  • Smart Assignment of Zero Draft Faces: - This option will automatically assign faces with zero draft to the positive or negative draft folders.
  • Editing in Split Animation Mode: - The Split Animation function has been enhanced to allow you to assign faces to the appropriate folders directly in the graphical window. You can select one or a set of faces and assign them to the appropriate folder.
  • Enhanced Parting Surface Generation: - The 2.5 D parting surface algorithm has been extended with control for the sharp edges around the parting line. Simply specify an angle to control the quality of the shutoffs around the parting line.
  • Additional Options for Closing of Openings: - Complex openings can automatically be close in such a way that the surface curvature is consistent with boundaries. Multiple openings can be closed simultaneously.
  • Automatic Adapted for Mold Base Packages - Now the core/cavity assembly is automatically adapted to work with standard mold base packages.
  • Test Injection: - The test injection process can be simulated using SolidWorks solid modeling functions to check the correctness of the mold design. Possible differences between the original part and the part resulting from the injection are automatically identified.
  • Enhanced Associative Capabilities - FaceWorks keeps track of all feature changes introduced to the model and will automatically update the part’s core/cavity assemblies after any modification is made. Darrel Lampley, Concurrent Technologies Inc. ( Senior Application Engineer noted, ”FaceWorks is a phenomenal product. In the 20 years that I have been involved with injection molding, the combination of SolidWorks and FaceWorks is the best solution I have seen. The latest extensions make FaceWorks is even more efficient and easier to use. I especially like the enhancements to the Split Animation Tool. This greatly simplifies the task of assigning undefined faces. The fact that FaceWorks uses a single document and is so tightly integrated with SolidWorks makes this the tool of choice for our mold customers.” About Capvidia Capvidia ( designs, develops, and markets software for 3D CAD modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and other related computer simulations. For more information about FaceWorks visit the following web site: or contact the company directly. North America: Lyle Fischer, technical marketing director, - +1-507-794-5447, Europe: Wojtek Zietak, product manager,, +32-16-40-27-47, Japan: YM3 Ltd. Masaki Saito, president, ###