Framework Technologies Announces Project Execution Template Suite for Faster, Improved Project Completion
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Framework Technologies Announces Project Execution Template Suite for Faster, Improved Project Completion

Industry-Specific Solution Provides Faster ROI by Accelerating Technology Deployment and Team Adoption

BURLINGTON, Mass., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Framework Technologies, the leader in solutions that increase success for product introduction, facilities and construction projects, today announced its Project Execution Template suite, a series of templates with content specific to various industries and situations. This offering will target industries involving consumer products, industrial products, tier one and tier two automotive suppliers, pharmaceutical and architecture/engineering/construction (AEC). The templates define the best practices for executing common projects and processes specific to these markets. By offering industry-specific content, Framework will enable customers to accelerate solution deployment and expand adoption with a proven solution.

"One of our core missions is to help our customers achieve a fast payback from their technology investment because that is most helpful to them in the current economic climate. The Project Execution Templates allow us to offer customers a solution that is already customized to help them perform basic functions and processes, so implementation and adoption is even faster and business benefits are achieved more quickly," said Donald Tomkinson, president and CEO of Framework Technologies. "In addition, because the Project Execution Templates guide project teams in an evolutionary manner rather than force revolutionary shifts, companies can use the software for the processes and projects which make the most sense for their corporate objectives. In this environment, companies can constantly re-evaluate how they use the software to support company strategy, allowing them to follow a continuous improvement paradigm to select, improve and streamline the projects and processes that will have the most impact on their bottom line."

Through its broad customer experience, Framework has developed a keen understanding of the best practices for collaborative projects in the consumer products, industrial products, automotive, pharmaceutical and AEC markets. As a result, the Project Execution Templates offer an online workspace structure that is targeted to these various markets through customized tabs, icons and terminology for each market. The Project Execution Templates synchronize cross-functional teams and guide them during the execution of industry- specific processes and projects for on-time project delivery. Additionally, the Templates keep teams on track by defining all the basic deliverables and metrics that each process or project involves. For instance, the Project Execution Templates can be used for the following initiatives: design-build projects (AEC), compound discovery processes (pharmaceutical) or phase-gate processes for product introduction (consumer/industrial).

With their high degree of industry customization, the Project Execution Templates offer guidance on the best way for teams to execute projects focused on key initiatives in these markets. Project leaders and team members gain a solution requiring little or no customization prior to deployment, so companies can begin using and benefiting from the software in days rather than weeks or months. The templates provide a broad range of cross-functional activities leading to higher adoption and improved team synchronization.

"Framework's experience in project execution across multiple industries is evident upon review of the cost reduction template workspace and process layout, and the associated content. Framework has clearly leveraged its existing ad hoc templates to create the standard templates. I believe these standard project execution templates will accelerate implementation time by guiding globally-located team members to use existing cost reduction terminology and not require re-engineering of methodologies," said Shelley Gilliland, director of corporate quality for INTERMET. "Rapid implementation and wide adoption are keys to considering any technology investment. Reducing costs is critical to INTERMET success and Framework's focus on cost reduction templates is especially appropriate in today's economic environment".

Framework will build upon this offering in the future by releasing additional templates that will address even more complex processes and projects for these markets.

Pricing and Availability:

Pricing for the Project Execution Template suite is $6,500. The software is immediately available.

About Framework Technologies

Framework Technologies is a leader in project execution decision support software, helping manufacturing and AEC companies implement key projects paramount to achieving growth and cost objectives. Framework's solutions, ActiveProduct(TM) and ActiveAEC(TM), help large organizations such as Borg Warner, INTERMET, Moen, Emerson, MACTEC, Valley Transit Authority, Kiewet, and Modern Continental select the right projects and execute projects right.

ActiveProduct and ActiveAEC offer real-time visibility into key project information and support standard, stage gate and design build processes for successful project execution, which enables improved executive decision-making capability to select the right projects. This information sharing is possible through ActiveProduct's and ActiveAEC's ability to synchronize dispersed team members on the tasks, activities, specifications, drawings/models, analysis, and project status data essential to project success. Ultimately, companies achieve a project portfolio that aligns with business strategy and reorients resources to yield maximum results.

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