SAMTECH launches SAMCEF Field 3.2 for Composites
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SAMTECH launches SAMCEF Field 3.2 for Composites

Li觥, Belgium – January 2003 - SAMTECH s.a., the leading European Company for the development of Integrated CAE Solutions, today announced the launch of its SAMCEF Field for Composites product based upon SAMCEF Field, SAMTECH CAE integrated modeling environment.

With SAMCEF Field for Composites, SAMTECH enables SAMCEF Field users to perform advanced linear and non-linear composites analysis using all SAMCEF solvers. This allows designers and composites engineers to predict the complete structural performances of their composite products, very early in the design process and directly from SAMCEF Field environment.

SAMCEF Field for Composites targets design and analysis activities of any customers from the whole industries dealing with composites (Aeronautic, Space, Defense, Ship Building, Energy, Car, Trucks, Railway, Sport industries, etc.)

Completely integrated within SAMCEF Field, these composites analysis features enable SAMCEF Field users to quickly produce linear and non-linear models by adding composites specific features to an existing SAMCEF Field CAD model.

With SAMCEF Field for Composites, users benefit of extended solving capabilities in an integrated environment, speeding up the design work thanks to the use of a single user interface for the geometry definition, the composites data definition (plies, laminates, etc.)and the Finite Element pre-and post-processing.

SAMCEF Field includes indeed a comprehensive library of multi-layered elements dedicated to the modeling of as well laminated composites as sandwich constructions. SAMCEF Field which naturally integrates all SAMCEF modules gives access to a wide variety of thermo-mechanical analyses of composite material structures.

SAMCEF Field for Composites gives the opportunity to SAMTECH to demonstrate to the whole composites designer community its high level expertise in Scientific Software development. Thanks to its characteristics as an open and interactive environment, SAMCEF Field for Composites will allow significant costs reduction of composites analyses.

It confirms the power and the openness of the SAMCEF Field architecture and its ability to support all analysis processes, even the most advanced ones.


Founded in 1986 from the Aerospace Laboratory of University of Li觥 to allow the development and commercialisation of the general purpose Finite Element Analysis package SAMCEF, SAMTECH is now the leading European Company for the development of Integrated CAE Solutions. SAMTECH provides its expertise to industries (SNECMA, AIRBUS, EADS, ALENIA, ESA, SONACA, ABB, PSA, etc.) willing to increase their competitiveness by decreasing design time and costs and optimizing their methodologies. In order to answer this objective, SAMTECH has structured its competences around two main complementary activities:

-        The “Software edition” activity which includes the development of scientific software tools like the general FEA package SAMCEF or the open object oriented optimization platform BOSS quattro.

        The “Engineering services” activity which provides customized solutions such as consultancy, intellectual services and on-the-road projects. It includes also assistance to prime contractors and high-tech subcontracts to engineering offices, which belongs to industries, as well.

For further information about SAMCEF Field for Composites please contact :

Didier Granville, Chief Marketing Officer

Parc Scientifique du Sart Tilman
Rue des Chasseurs-Ardennais 8
4031 Angleur
tel + 32-4-361.69.69
fax + 32-4-361.69.80
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