Farm Irrigation Equipment Manufacturer Manages 35,000+ Drawings with Synergis Adept Document Management Software
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Farm Irrigation Equipment Manufacturer Manages 35,000+ Drawings with Synergis Adept Document Management Software

Lindsay Manufacturing Standardizes Product Development Processes Across Four

Quakertown, PA, March 12, 2003- Synergis Technologies, Inc. today announced
that Lindsay Manufacturing is achieving significant benefits including
reduced engineering time and increased product quality by using Synergis(r)
Adept(tm), the latest version of the industry's most cost-effective document
management solution for engineering and design departments. The company
migrated more than 35,000 AutoCAD and SolidWorks design documents during its
recent upgrade from NFM to Synergis Adept to take advantage of Adept's
Internet capabilities that enable permission-based users to access documents
anytime, anywhere. Lindsay, the Nebraska-based leader in farm irrigation
equipment, chose to standardize on Adept for worldwide engineering document
control, following acquisitions in Europe and in South America that
necessitated an efficient, Internet-enabled solution.

"Adept brings both power and simplicity to our product development process,"
said Chris LaFrancis, engineering software technician at Lindsay
Manufacturing. "Being able to search for drawings, view them, and sign them
in and out is pretty painless. Adept is so user-friendly that the entire
company, both technical and non-technical departments, is using the system
to obtain the information they need to carry out their jobs."

Lindsay has 20 concurrent licenses and 60 users across the company accessing
documents in the Adept database. Employees spanning Engineering, Marketing,
Purchasing, and the Warehouse were able to use the system within five
minutes and retrieve design data needed for their job functions with minimal
training. In addition to increased productivity, which translates to lower
costs, Adept helps Lindsay achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction
by ensuring accuracy and quality in its products.

According to LaFrancis, "With product development efforts spanning four
sites-Nebraska, La Chapelle d'Aligne, France; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and
Capetown, Africa it was essential that all engineers and designers adhere to
the same processes and be on the same system."

"Adept's effectiveness goes beyond companies with one office to those that
have engineers and other employees who need to touch design data working
from separate geographic offices," said Todd Cummings, director of Product
Development at Synergis Technologies.

About Synergis Adept

The award-winning Synergis Adept software is a powerful solution that is
simple to use, easy to implement, and requires less customization than other
document management offerings. Adept offers customers unbeatable
price/performance benefits. It is the only departmental document management
solution to include client/server, vaulting capabilities and Internet access
out-of-the-box, eliminating the need for a dedicated database server, web
server, database licenses, and IT support. Adept is also the only document
management solution to offer automatic importation of legacy data and
preservation of the relationships among AutoCAD-based files and its Xrefs,
or an Autodesk Inventor model and its subassemblies, dramatically reducing
the data conversion process from days to minutes. Further, Adept provides a
single repository of data that is searchable and accessible from any in
house or remote workstation on a LAN, WAN or across the Internet with great
performance even on low-bandwidth networks.

About Synergis Technologies, Inc.
Synergis Technologies, Inc. is an innovative developer of simple, powerful
and affordable engineering document management software for the
manufacturing, architectural design and construction, government, civil
engineering and other industries. The company's flagship document management
solution, Synergis Adept, helps design, engineering and related departments
reduce concept-through-manufacturing cycle time, improve teamwork and
communication between local and distributed workgroups, and eliminate costly
document and revision errors. Companies using Synergis Adept are better able
to manage, leverage and distribute design and engineering information to
support better business decisions and processes. For more information,
contact Synergis at 800-836-5440, or visit
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