Groove Networks and Intel 'Unwire' Collaboration; Groove Networks to Demonstrate Groove Workspace at Intel Centrino Mobile Technology NYC Launch Event
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Groove Networks and Intel 'Unwire' Collaboration; Groove Networks to Demonstrate Groove Workspace at Intel Centrino Mobile Technology NYC Launch Event

BEVERLY, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 12, 2003--Groove Networks Inc., a leading provider of desktop collaboration software, today announced it will participate in the Intel(R) Centrino(TM) mobile technology launch event in New York City on March 12th by demonstrating Groove Workspace on wireless notebooks powered by Intel Centrino mobile technology. The combination of Groove software's desktop collaboration environment with Intel Centrino mobile technology's integrated WLAN and Wi-Fi support enables individuals to work more effectively with others online.

"The marriage of wireless Internet connectivity with powerful notebook computers, coupled with the growth of public Wi-Fi hot spots gets us one step closer to the notion of a global computer, in which every transistor is connected to every other, worldwide," said Ray Ozzie, Groove Networks' CEO. "Yet 'always on' connectivity does not guarantee increased productivity for the road warriors of today and tomorrow. Just as Intel has made it easier to get online, it's up to the software industry to provide intelligent Internet applications that make it easier to get things done online. This has been our vision for Groove from day one."

Groove Workspace is desktop collaboration software that allows end users to create secure "shared spaces" on desktop and notebook computers. Inside shared spaces, individuals can interact with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers using a variety of communication and collaboration tools. Groove shared spaces automatically traverse network firewalls, are available online and offline, and are ultra secure thanks to automatic 192-bit encryption.

Groove & Centrino - "unwired" collaboration

When combined with Intel Centrino mobile technology -- including the Intel Pentium(R) M Processor, the Intel 855 chipset family, and the Intel Pro/Wireless network connection -- Groove Workspace provides an unprecedented level of freedom and flexibility for mobile workers who need to remain connected and productive in transient work environments. Because Groove content is stored locally on notebook hard drives, mobile users can access and update personal and shared content anytime - whether they are connected to a broadband Wi-Fi hotspot at a coffee shop, are intermittently tapping a wireless LAN at a tradeshow, or are disconnected on a plane. Groove ensures changes made to shared content by all users - online or off - are automatically synchronized when members reconnect. No VPN software or replication is required.

Moreover, if a team of co-located Groove users loses access to the Internet, it can continue collaborating in "peer mode" by taking advantage of Centrino mobile technology's Pro/Wireless network connection. Changes are passed wirelessly and synchronized between all team members' notebooks, and then synchronized with other Groove users when one or more team members reconnects to the Internet.

"Always on" security

Despite its obvious benefits, integrated Wi-Fi access can introduce serious security risks when mobile users pass sensitive data over unsecure wireless networks. Groove ensures all incoming and outgoing content is encrypted and secure, whether the data is traveling over the public Internet, a Wi-Fi network, or directly between wireless notebooks. Groove users working in a coffee shop enjoy the same protection as those inside a corporate network.

Mobile awareness

When users are online from any location, Groove Workspace displays real-time awareness of all shared content and contacts. For example, a business traveler logged on wirelessly from an airport lounge will receive context-specific notifications on updates to shared documents, discussions, project tasks, meetings and events. In low bandwidth environments, he can choose to receive updates to critical information only. In addition to content notifications, Groove continually broadcasts the presence awareness of his shared contacts, including how long individual users have been active and in which space they are currently working. The traveler can then chat, collaborate, and make decisions with available contacts in real-time, reducing the cost of coordination.

About Groove Networks

Founded in October 1997 and headquartered in Beverly, Mass., Groove Networks Inc. provides software for secure, intra- and cross-organization collaboration that provides a 10x improvement over email alone for getting work done. For more information about Groove Networks, visit

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