Delcam To Demonstrate Latest Developments in CAD and CAM at MICAD
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Delcam To Demonstrate Latest Developments in CAD and CAM at MICAD

March 11, 2003 -- Delcam will demonstrate the latest developments in its Power Solution range of design and manufacturing software at the MICAD exhibition to be held in Paris from 1st to 3rd April. Particular attention will be given to the company’s unique Total Modelling design solution and to the new five-axis machining strategies in the latest release of its PowerMILL CAM system.

Delcam’s Total Modelling moves beyond conventional solid modelling to include surface modelling, triangle modelling, reverse engineering and decoration techniques. This combination of features from Delcam’s PowerSHAPE, CopyCAD and ArtCAM software gives designers the ability to create innovative products more easily and more quickly. Users can move freely between the different types of modelling and see more rapidly the effects on the overall design of any changes in a single element.

The range of potential applications for Total Modelling is extremely wide. It includes items like packaging, footwear, ceramics and toys, and any other product where complex decoration can add value. Logos, textures and other decorations can be incorporated into designs more readily to help reinforce branding. Similarly, faster and more flexible modification of complex designs makes it possible to create a greater selection of alternatives when presenting proposals for new designs.

Recent tests undertaken by CETIM confirmed PowerMILL’s leadership in high-speed, three-axis machining, both in the machining time needed to complete the demonstration part and in the quality of the final surface finish. With the latest release, PowerMILL 4.5, Delcam is looking to establish a similar leading position in powerful, easy-to-use five-axis machining.

This latest release extends the wide range of five-axis machining options so that it now includes swarf machining, five-axis profiling and trimming, and five-axis projection machining, either from or towards a point, line or drive surface. With all these strategies, the user has full control over the lead and lean angles, to ensure machining is both safe and efficient.

Another important advantage of five-axis machining with PowerMILL is that the software works with the full range of different cutting tools, including end mills, tapered cutters, and ball-nose, tipped-radius and off-centre, tipped-radius cutters. Some of the systems currently available are limited to using only ball nosed or end mill cutters, which are not always the most efficient.

With all toolpaths, PowerMILL undertakes automatic 5-axis collision checking for the tool holder, as well as for the cutter. This is particularly important to avoid gouging when machining inside small cavities in toolmaking applications.
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