Renault F1 Team Signs $1.4 Million Order from VISTAGY, Inc.
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Renault F1 Team Signs $1.4 Million Order from VISTAGY, Inc.

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Renault F1 Team Signs $1.4 Million Order from VISTAGY, Inc.

FiberSIM(r) software for simulating design and manufacture of
composites will ensure tough, dependable parts for the Renault F1 Team racecar

WALTHAM, Mass., March 3, 2003 - Today VISTAGY, Inc., the leading developer of computer-aided-design (CAD) integrated software for composite design and manufacturing, announced the sale of over $1.4 million in FiberSIM(r) software and training services to the Renault F1 Team in Enstone, England. The software will be used primarily to design and manufacture composite body parts for the Renault F1 Team cars. In addition, VISTAGY has become an Official Team Supplier.

Because composite materials are strong and lightweight, Formula One racecar designers use them for the monocoque, nosebox, panels, rear wing, and many other areas of the vehicle. However, shifts in material position and orientation during manual lay-up of composite plies can introduce unwanted weaknesses into the parts. For safety reasons, Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) requirements mandate load and stress testing of these parts.

"The composite parts we design must meet strict FIA standards for strength and resistance to impact," says Alan Duerden, CAD Support Engineer for Renault F1 Team. "FiberSIM helps us to achieve these standards prior to testing and ensure part durability, quality, and repeatability."

"The Renault F1 Team is as fast and reliable as the racecar they create," says Mike Gascoyne, Technical Director. "As part of our commitment to winning, Renault F1 Team provides its engineers with the latest, most innovative design, simulation and manufacturing software. FiberSIM is a welcome addition to that suite of tools."

Renault F1 Team also uses FiberSIM to efficiently export flat pattern shapes to a ply-cutting machine. Over the next year, the team will train nine engineers on the software, which runs on their CATIA platform from Dassault Systemes. Future applications include providing laser-patterning data from the software to a new laser projection machine that guides ply lay-up.

About FiberSIM
FiberSIM(r) is a suite of software that turns major CAD systems into advanced tools for designing and manufacturing composite parts. The software enables engineers to create a complete digital product definition of a composite part within their 3D modeling environment. FiberSIM tools automate design and analysis and generate manufacturing information including documentation, flat patterns, and data to drive laser projectors, automated cutters and fiber placement machines. FiberSIM uses XML technology to share composites data with people and applications throughout the enterprise, such as software for procurement, quality assurance, cost modeling and manufacturing. The most recent release, FiberSIM 4.0, incorporates a powerful new user interface with the look and feel of Microsoft(r) Windows on PCs and Motif(r) on UNIX systems.

About Renault F1 Team
July 2002 marked the 25th anniversary of Renault's competition in modern, top-level motor sport. By 1979, just two years after entering the World Championship, Renault had already established themselves as race winners. Through the 1990's Renault was the most successful manufacturer in Formula 1, achieving six world championship titles as a partner with both Williams and Benetton. 2002 marked the competitive return of a one hundred percent Renault team, with the Renault F1 Team achieving a fourth-place finish in the Constructors World Championship. Renault's track record of success in F1 reinforces the ambition of World Championship victory within the next 3 years.

The philosophy for Renault's involvement in Formula 1 is not just about building brand awareness; it also enables a filter down of technology to their road car products. The Renault F1 Team is a wholly-owned division of Renault S.A. headquartered in Paris, France.

About VISTAGY, Inc.
VISTAGY, Inc., founded in 1991, develops software that is tightly integrated with popular CAD systems to create specialized engineering environments. VISTAGY software enables engineers to increase productivity, improve the communication of product information, and allow better-informed decision making early in design. VISTAGY software is used throughout the world in the aerospace, automotive, marine, medical, and sporting goods industries. The company also offers training and consulting services. For more information, contact VISTAGY in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, at +1.781.290.0506 x 300 or visit

"VISTAGY. Empowering engineers."(tm)

FiberSIM is a registered trademark of VISTAGY, Inc. VISTAGY, Empowering Engineers, and the VISTAGY logo are trademarks of VISTAGY, Inc. All other companies and products referenced herein have trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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