Engineer Search Can Help Employers With Increasing Demand for Engineering Professionals
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Engineer Search Can Help Employers With Increasing Demand for Engineering Professionals

BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Growing demand for engineering professionals will drive hiring in 2009, according to Russ Curtis, CEO of CareerSoft's Engineer Search. "We anticipate increased demand for professionals in civil, environmental and mechanical engineering positions in the coming year," says Curtis.

Curtis says the demand for engineers will grow as anticipated state and federal public works projects are funded. "There is significant interest in, and need for, rebuilding and rehabilitating our existing bridges and roadways," says Curtis. "The federal highway system is aging and much of the transportation infrastructure in the U.S. needs to be replaced. This will create a significant demand for engineers to lead these new projects."

According to Curtis, demand is also growing for environmental engineers. "Low-impact construction, remediation and reclamation are high on the priority list for municipalities that are looking to put their available land to good use," says Curtis. "Cities understand that reclaiming developed land for clean industry is highly cost-effective in the long run."

Engineer Search offers a fast, cost-effective alternative to traditional recruiters and staffing agencies for engineering companies that need to fill open positions quickly. "Employers are looking for a clear alternative to traditional recruiting," says Curtis. Engineer Search uses a combination of the best employment resources, prominent advertising and comprehensive resume research by trained professionals to produce a qualified candidate pool of engineering professionals.

"Engineer Search provides a comprehensive candidate pool from which employers can do their own recruiting," says Curtis. Access to the prospective candidates distinguishes Engineer Search from traditional recruiting and staffing services. "Our goal is to provide as many highly qualified candidates as possible," says Curtis. "This enables employers to choose the professionals who are right for them."

Engineer Search can also significantly reduce the time it takes to hire a new employee, according to Curtis. "Once a contract is awarded, the company may have limited time to assemble the right individuals for the project. Engineer Search can produce positive results in a matter of weeks."


Founded in 1998, CareerSoft is a leading candidate sourcing and resume research firm located in Boulder, CO. Engineer Search is a flat-fee service that combines CareerSoft's unique search and advertising expertise with powerful online employment resources, virtually eliminating the need for employers to conduct independent personnel searches and enabling them to focus on interviewing and hiring the best-qualified candidates. Engineer Search has been successful in locating bridge engineers, land development engineers, manufacturing engineers, mechanical engineers, design engineers, MEP engineers, electrical engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers, transportation engineers, chemical engineers and RF engineers.

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