Leading Aerospace Corporation Snecma Chooses LMS Optimus for Engine Development
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Leading Aerospace Corporation Snecma Chooses LMS Optimus for Engine Development

Leuven, Belgium - February 27, 2003 - LMS International, Leuven, Belgium,
announced that Snecma has chosen LMS Optimus to form the core of their
strategic optimization project. LMS Optimus will drive the diverse
application codes from Snecma's design divisions for aircraft, rocket and
helicopter engines. In addition to streamlining the design process, LMS
Optimus will provide enhanced visualization tools for data interpretation
and make reporting easy and flexible. Snecma's objective is to reduce the
design time for new engines.

Snecma's commitment to a corporate-wide culture of improvement means
methodically upgrading their product technologies and their internal
processes. Snecma will use Optimus to integrate and optimize the numerous
types of software and systems that contribute to their jet engine
development cycle. Optimus will drive a combination of in-house code and
off-the-shelf software that presently operate separately for structural
calculations, aerodynamics, combustion, acoustics and thermal analysis.
Optimus will allow Snecma to run and optimize in a single process.

In the highly competitive aerospace industry, efficient CAE simulation and
analysis is vital to improving an engine design and increasing the
cost-effectiveness of the development process. Snecma's optimization
strategy will contribute significantly to improved product development by
providing the platform needed to free their engineers for value-added
analysis and decision-making.

Engineers at Snecma will be able to investigate and diagnose a design by
selecting from the widest range of analytic methods available, and then
display multiple viewpoints on the data. They will meet target
specifications and regulations more quickly and reliably by quickly
generating and ranking the results of engine performance simulations.

"LMS Optimus was chosen primarily for its usability and the quality of its
functionalities such as design of experiment, response surface modeling,
optimization algorithms and post-processing.", said David
Monteiro-Fernandes, project leader of the Snecma Optimization project. "The
versatility of Optimus appealed to us. LMS Optimus will drive both in-house
codes and off-the-shelf software. LMS Optimus will allow to explore the
design space widely and provide multi-physic solutions. We also expect LMS
Optimus to accelerate our processes as well as to improve our products."

As the LMS Optimus implementation progresses, Snecma will fully consolidate
their systems in such a way that as designs improve, their process will
continue to shorten, and maximum advantage can be derived from the IT
investment that has already been made.

About Snecma
Snecma is one of the world's leading aerospace corporations, specialized in
propulsion, equipment and associated services, with annual sales of 5.6
billion Euros (2000). Customers include Airbus, Arianespace, Boeing,
Dassault Aviation, Eurocopter and other leading prime contractors, plus more
than 1,700 airlines, armed forces and helicopter operators.

About LMS International

LMS enables customers to engineer functional performance targets into their
products, creating and maintaining distinctive brand values. LMS' unmatched
understanding of the product development process is captured through a
unique combination of products and services supporting physical and virtual
product development: Test systems, CAE software products and engineering
services. Critical attributes such as noise and vibration, ride, handling,
motion, acoustics and fatigue are turned from problems to competitive
advantage. LMS, a Dassault Systè­¥s Gold Partner, is a global company with
the vision, resources and commitment to significantly impact product
development performance of its customers.

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